This is just too good to pass up!!! It’s just too good not to share!!! Last night, April 8th, CST 7:30 p.m. and EST 8:30 p.m., Emilie and I went LIVE on Facebook to discuss the unique and rare, ground-floor opportunity with MONAT GLOBAL hair care products. As a Market Partner, we make a commission from our customers purchasing hair care products from MONAT along with earning a commission from our recruited market partners.

Most Market Partners start off as VIP Customers, since a VIP Customer receives a discount for purchases along with a free gift in every shipment. At first, one would think do VIP Customers have to deal with automatic shipments and the answer is no and yes. One does receive an email informing them about their next upcoming shipment and if they want to change what they had last ordered or if they wish to cancel and push the date back.

Recently, my mom had decided to change the shampoo she was using to a different brand that MONAT sells. MONAT has many different hair care products and it’s easy to understand “why” they are number one and they are the only hair care company selling anti-aging products for hair.
Now, many customers go from VIP Customer to Market Partner, because once when they begin using MONAT hair care products, they want the higher discount offered as being a Market Partner. Also, they can make a commission for every product sold to a customer. Now, another thing that’s great about MONAT, besides having great products, is that I’m not under any pressure to sell. Personally, I couldn’t handle the stress of having a monthly quota.
Recently, I discovered that MONAT GLOBAL is offering a unique opportunity for Market Partners to earn shares in the company; shares that pay you quarterly dividends. But, it’s only good for a short time. Obviously, I had to share this ground-breaking opportunity and it was expressed in my LIVE Video last night along Emilie, who is also a Market Partner. She has only been a Market Partner for ten months and has already earn a free trip to Las Vegas (all expenses paid)!!!

Both her and I really love the MONAT hair care products for curly hair and itchy scalp, because these products work! For years, I had trouble with my curly hair. I couldn’t do a thing with it, except to wear it in a braid. Now, I can style it and simply enjoy having all my curls.
Previously, I mentioned about my mother going from VIP Customer to Market Partner because she uses the MONAT hair care products along with a MONAT supplement that works with thinning hair. She’s getting her hair back. Older women are interested in what she has to say and so it’s been more convenient for Mom to become a Market Partner and receive the training needed to help other older adults.

Well, last night was definitely a bit scary. The LIVE video recording froze. You could hear my voice, but that’s all. I had to move around in my home to find a better setting and thank goodness, I DID! The video lasted longer than expected. Emilie was able to join in and give her feedback. All in all, it was fun! I hope to share more information about MONAT in the future. But, for now, check out my video recording.

It was a blast last first, the video froze and then my voice didn't match the visual....finally it, if you missed the great news about's the video...

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