As we grow our businesses, we receive a lot of noise and our day begins to fill with growing “busyness” instead of growing our business. As we head into the last few days/weeks of any month, season or year, we can use the time to plan out how we want to show up next in our business and in our lives. If we don’t begin to clear out the business of “busyness”, our future business growth will be slowed down. Just like clutter builds up in our closets and on our desks, we have clutter that builds up in our email, voicemail, calendar, files and ultimately our bank accounts. Clutter for purposes of this discussion includes anything that creates information overload and hidden recurring drains on our time and our wallets such as time-sucking distractions and cash outflows from bank accounts or automatic credit card charges.

My suggestion is to take small and easy steps to reduce the “busyness”.

• (30 in 3 Rule) Schedule 30-minute time blocks on your calendar for at least 3 days each week to check email and unsubscribe from unnecessary newsletters – declutter your email box and quiet your mind. Studies show that a clean email inbox reduces stress, opens up creative thought and increases overall productivity. One additional rule for this timeframe is to set your notifications on your phone and computer to “do not disturb” for this 30-minute block of time.

•(10-6-3 Rule) Schedule 10 minutes on your calendar each evening, write down 6 things you must get done the next day and circle the top 3. This will help create a roadmap for your morning.

These key steps are areas to practice and build new muscles. Read full article...

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