Shiny, lustrous hair is a source of beauty. Modern treatments like smoothening and straightening make the hair look attractive. However, it is equally important to find out how to make the hair healthy and lustrous.

Tips for healthy hair

Oil Up: Girls often turn up their noses at the concept of hair full of sticky oil. However, Castor oil and olive oil are beneficial for health. They prevent hair fall. Many modern shampoos do not have proper PH balance and strip the hair of its natural oil balance. So, it is mandatory to apply hair oil at least once a week.

Maintain a healthy diet: Smoking needs to be eliminated at all costs. Also, food full of vitamins and minerals needs to be incorporated into the diet. Milk, eggs, fish are needed for healthy hair.

Conditioning: People who have dry hair may rub a small quantity of organic sesame oil or olive oil on the split ends. After that, the hair needs to be covered with a shower cap for 45 minutes. It may also be left overnight. Then, it needs to be shampooed well.

Bad hair habits to get rid of:

Hair is an asset for women. Style has changed over the years. However, long and strong hair has remained an asset across generations. A few bad habits are giving rise to hair loss in teenage girls. Bad hair days are on the rise because of these bad habits.

So, let us find out the bad hair habits. Once we identify them, we may get rid of them and maintain healthy tresses. The bad hair habits are as follows:

  1. Excessive cleaning: Many women suffer from a phobia that their hair has become dirty. So, they go in for frequent shampooing. The harsh chemicals that are present in the shampoo lead to hair fall.
  1. Lack of oiling: A few girls think that sticky hair oil makes them look rustic. They forget that an oil massage at least once a week strengthens the hair.
  2. Exposure to sun: Many ladies go out amidst harsh sun and pollution. The purpose of a headdress is not only to demean them. A functional hat protects the hair from harsh sun and smoke.


What is the best hair care routine?

It is natural to feel envious of heroines who strike stunning poses in front of the camera. Their lustrous tresses are awesome, indeed.

However, it is a given that nothing in the world comes for free. We need to take care of our long hair. The older generation was not cursed with pollution. So, maintaining their tresses was simpler for them.

Now, let us learn how to take care of our tresses. The points of better hair care routine are discussed below:

  1. Oiling: The tresses need to be oiled at least once a week. Oiling the hair with castor oil or coconut oil leaves the hair hydrated and nourished.
  1. Covering head while going out: The 21st century is polluted. So, people may wear a hat when they go out. The hat protects hair against the scorching sun and other pollutants.
  1. Healthy diet: Junk food and diet affects hair. So, it is a good idea to maintain a healthy diet consisting of fish, curd and green leafy vegetables.
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