People have been so obsessed with age that they have set limitations as to what one can do at a certain age but age is just a number and for as long as you take care of yourself there are no limitations. Have you seen people who look years younger than their real age? And people who look so much older than their real age? People who can do so much even at the age of 70 while some are already tied to a wheelchair at age 40? This just goes to show that age is just a number; it doesn't limit your capabilities what limits you are your thoughts.

Think young

Stop stressing over getting old and getting wrinkled. That is a phase of life no one can skip unless you die young but we all want to live our lives to the fullest and so think instead of what you want to do and what you can do. Remember when you were young and you can climb trees and run wild like the wind, you can jump from the rooftop and learn to ride the bicycle not caring if you get scraped or bruised? You can think like that again. Think of possibilities and not of what you can't do, all because society or even medicine said so. It all starts in the mind; how you think will always manifest itself in action and when you think young your brain will tell your whole body that you are young and you will feel young.

Eat right

While being young also means being reckless with diet we have to be wise with what we eat when we reach a certain age. In reality there are no limits as to what you can eat as long as they are fresh and healthy but because our modern society dictates we all go with the flow of change we have embraced the lifestyle change which are mostly unhealthy. Diet has changed so much in that eating has become a means to address hunger and greed not to nourish the body. So if you want to stay healthy, eat the right kind of food at the right amount.


This is the one thing that you can never sacrifice no matter what age you are. Exercise is essential to life. When you exercise regularly you build stamina, muscles and keep your metabolism functioning. You won't have to worry about storing fat because if you follow a regular exercise program you will burn all the calories of the food that you eat.

Exercise is a good way to relieve stress. Because of the demands of a fast-paced life we get stressed wherever we go; we stressed at home, in school, in the office and even when you are just out shopping. So in order to maintain a good balance between a healthy body, a sound mind and spirit, you need to exercise.

There really is no secret formula to the fountain of youth; we already have it in us all we need to do is be responsible and if you are serious enough to live a full life, you have to work on it and not just wish it.

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