Ok so now that summer is coming to an end it may be time to actually take some time to pamper those little puppies walking around in flip-flops and going bare in the sand. Not only are your feet much more visible than they are in other seasons during the hot summer months, but they can also suffer more from increased walking and from less than supportive footwear. This being the case, it might be a good time to think about giving your feet a little R and R.

Basic foot care involves some, well, basic tips. First of all it is important to wash your feet every day in order to insure that bacteria and fungus don’t get a chance to grow. Even when you are not showering, you should take the time therefore to wash your feet.

This is even more important when walking around in flip flops or sporting bare feet on the beach because your feet will be exposed to a great deal more of these unpleasant germs. Germs and bacteria can begin to grow when you walk around with your feet exposed. Always be sure to wash your feet after a day at the beach and make sure to get between the toes as well.

Next, toenails should be cut straight across rather than circular or on an angle. Likewise they should never be cut too short. Although curved short nails might be more aesthetically pleasing, these can cause ingrown toenails which can be painful and difficult to cure.

You also should avoid trimming or shaving off calluses no matter how tempting that little shaver at the pedicurists might be. While your feet may be smoother than ever for a few days, thick layers of dry skin will grow back and you may be exposing yourself to a risk of infection.

When dealing with corns or calluses there are a variety of over the counter medications that you can try. Using a soft bandage or mole skin wrap can help a great deal. These bandages can protect your feet allowing the affected area to heal even while you’re walking about. Be sure to keep feet covered if you have any open sores or wounds, for you could risk an infection otherwise.

Always consult a doctor if you are having trouble with stubborn corns and calluses. This also applies when you have any rash or infection or sores that won’t heal on their own. Infections can be dangerous and can spread quickly.

Next, always wear shoes that fit properly. Walking around in the heat of the sun in tight fighting shoes will leave you running, or at least hobbling to the nearest shoe store. Because your feet swell and sweat in the heat, shoes without socks can become especially uncomfortable as your feet slip and rub against the shoe.

Make sure you have broken in your shoes before taking a long walk and make sure that they fit before buying them. No matter how cute that little pair of ballet flats might be, if they don’t have your size then do let them go.

When in doubt, ask for help at the shoe store and don’t leave until you are sure that these shoes fit. Although you can often return them, if you’ve worn them outside it can be a hassle and making a return might not be as easy as you’d hoped. Take your time trying shoes on in the store and go in when you’ve already been walking around for a bit. This will ensure that your feet are slightly swollen when you’re trying on your potential new ones.

Insoles can also be a great way to protect your feet and back from injury. Insoles offer support in shoes that might be lacking it. Especially with summer sandals or light weight shoes that are likewise light on the support, insoles can make a huge difference. Find a variety that works well with your shoes and that lends support to your arch.

Having perfectly manicured toes can make for a nice beach time public display but if you forget to follow these basic guidelines your feet will be more disaster than delight. If you ignore your feet for too long, not only will they start to look a little messy, but you may also be putting yourself in harms way. Although not usually lethal, bacteria, infections, and ingrown toenails can be both unsightly and painful to cure.

Always remember then that those dogs are important so to treat your feet to a little basic pampering every day. A good bath and trim and a nice pair of insoles in your favorite shoes should help keep the podiatrist away. Not to mention you’ll be shamelessly flaunting those beautiful toes at your next beach barbecue.

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