Hiring for the first time can be really exciting. It is something new and probably something you always dreamed of doing once you started off on your own. Well, the time has come. You need to hire and you need to do it right. Trust me, you do not want your excitement to get the better out of you.
Hiring is actually a very delicate process that needs thought and time. Hiring is also a tedious process that will require a lot of deliberation. Doing it twice for the same position will push you into loss. Thus, you should get it right the first time and hire the best candidate. To start off with, you should sketch out the job description clearly so that only the right candidates apply. After that, follow the steps given below:

Fit Matters
Experience and skills are great, of course. Skills and experience are surely very important but that is not it. You have to check whether the person will fit your work environment. If she is your only employee for the time being, this aspect becomes even more important. Finding the right fit matters because you have to be able to work together. Great skills and experience will barely come handy if you are rubber and she is glue.

Don’t ever take a resume for granted. If someone looks great on paper, you should spend some more time and check out her references and background to get an insight of who the person is and whether she is actually speaking the truth. Some people don’t think twice before lying in their resumes. I am sure you don’t want to hire someone like that.

No Risk
You can take a risk and hire someone you are tentative about in later stages. This is the time for you to play very safe and not take any risks. Check the experiences, check the skills, and check the fit. If possible, go a step further and take a test so that you are absolutely sure that you are hiring an expert for that particular job.

Find Balance
It may be your first hire but you should be careful about the future too. Your hire should be flexible. Why? Because her role might change as you expand your business. You don’t want someone who can’t adapt to these changes. Keep this factor in mind. It is very important.

Once you hire, you should ensure you get all the paperwork underway immediately. You should know of all the laws related to wages and hours. You might want to talk to a lawyer about this just so you are sure you are doing everything right.

Follow these steps and you will increase your chances of finding an excellent first employee who will stay with you as you expand.

Entrepreneurial Learning
Hiring for the first time can be very daunting because it a huge step that needs to be taken with a lot of care. Make sure the person you hire is the right fit and is open to adaptation in the future. This is not the time to take any sort of risk. Hire an expert.

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