Home fitness equipment is much different today than it ever was in years past. Treadmills and basic exercise bikes have always been a dime a dozen, but today there are some very unique features and technological advances that have changed the quality of exercise that can be accomplished in your own living room. There are even some innovative types of machinery beyond a standard treadmill or bike.

Let's start with the newer features that are being offered on all types of machinery across the board. Today, almost all equipment comes equipped with mechanical or electronic consoles and preprogrammed workouts which actually change settings and resistance levels for you. That means you can simply sit down on an exercise bike, punch a few buttons on a nicely lit console, and allow the bike to automatically change resistance levels for you at the appropriate moments for the workout you have selected.

It is also easier than ever to operate these machines because everything is automatic. You no longer have to pull out pins and stop mid-workout to change resistance, or go through any of the movements that used to make working out at home on machinery inconvenient and ineffective.

One of the best innovations today is the ability to tie your best forms of entertainment directly into your fitness equipment. You can purchase workout cards that plug into your machine and allow top trainers to take control of your machine. Or, just plug in your iPod or watch TV right from the console of your treadmill.

When it comes to exercise bikes, the big fans on the front of the machines have gone out the window for the most part. There are a couple of those older style models still on the market, but they tend to be passed over for models that include mechanical resistance that changes according to pushed buttons, rather than you simply pedaling harder.

Also, many people are going with the newer spin bikes or recumbent bikes instead of a basic upright bike. Spin bikes are especially a good deal because they offer a more vigorous workout and are even being used in all fitness clubs and gyms these days.

For treadmills, you can expect to find longer lengths on the belts so that your full stride length can be accommodated. Most models are also made more durable to accommodate running as well a walking.

Many consumers who want a really challenging workout are trading in their treadmills for the new incline trainers. Some of them allow you to go up to extreme inclines and really shock your body into dropping a lot of calories and stored fat. They offer lower body and core training as well as a very intense cardiovascular workout if you do them correctly.

Then, there is always the elliptical and many different types of machines that are similar to it. It has been a very popular option for those who want a lower intensity workout that is safe and effective.

There still are some basic machines on the market today, but the technologically advanced models are by far becoming the most popular options.

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