Face lift surgery definitely help to give you back a youthful look and wipe out the signs of aging dramatically. It is a cosmetic surgery, which is medically proven and thus, safe to undergo. However, it may not be recommended for all. Most importantly therefore, you have to find a dependable and experienced plastic surgeon to ensure that you are a candidate for the surgery and that you are in safe hands.

With aging, a few common symptoms such as wrinkles and lines start to appear in the face area. Face lift surgery or rhytidectomy effectively removes the wrinkles and excess skin that make you look older. It addresses major concerns such as surplus facial fat, loss of jaw line, loss of neck line, sagging fat pockets, poor facial skin tone and slack underlying muscles. Face lift can be mini face lift or lower face lift,

  • Skin-only lifts
  • Dual plane lifts
  • Composite lift
  • Midfacial lifts
  • Subperiosteal lifts
  • Short scar face lift or mini face lift

Patients can undergo the surgery on an outpatient basis or stay overnight in the plastic surgery facility depending on the procedure chosen. You may experience slight bruising and swelling for a few days. Normal activities can be resumed within one to two weeks.

Achieving the Look You Desire

A face lift helps in:

  • Removing excess skin and fat, and effective tightening of skin and muscles
  • Redistribution of facial fat
  • Skin redistribution
  • Raising of the ptotic facial muscular tissues

Now if you want to know how exactly you would look after face lift, then you have to consult your cosmetic surgeon. A dedicated surgeon always sits and talks with his or her patients before providing the surgery. It is important for the doctors to be aware of the expectancy level of the patients. As a patient, you must disclose your aesthetic objectives and the doctor’s job is to inform you what results you can expect and why it is important to maintain realistic expectations.

Emotional and Psychological Benefits

Many people are very much affected by the visible signs of aging that appear on the face and make them look haggard. In such cases, loss of self confidence and self esteem is also a possibility. Effective face enhancement surgery will make you look much younger, restoring your youthful appearance. Thus, face lift surgery definitely provides some special benefits, not just rejuvenating your face, but also making you psychologically fit.

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Experienced plastic surgeons in Houston, Texas, Dr. Sean Boutros and Dr. Jason Hall offers facelift surgery including mini face lift and lower face lift for patients who wish to regain a wrinkle-free, youthful facial appearance.