How can I reconnect with my wife? It's one of those questions that you find yourself asking now even though a year or two ago you never could have imagined it. Marriages are like any other relationship. Over time they do change and a couple that was once happy and couldn't imagine a future without each other may find themselves questioning why they got married to begin with. If your wife has pulled away from you emotionally and you feel as though you're living with a roommate as opposed to a life partner, you need to take some steps to change that. Marriages can be brought back to life with the right attention and guidance. It's up to you to take action and help your wife to see that you're still the man who adores her.

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Many men are surprised to learn that the reason their wife has withdrawn is more about her dissatisfaction with herself than her not being happy with the marriage. Marriage obviously changes an individual. Over time it can bring to light all the things in your life that you never accomplished. If your wife gave up a promising career to stay at home to become a full time mother that can certainly impact her feelings about the marriage over time. If your wife has taken on more of the burden of caring for the children or tending to household chores, that again can shift her feelings about the relationship you two share. Talk to your wife about her fulfillment within her own life. Ask if there's anything you can do to make her feel more satisfied. The simple fact that you've recognized her dissatisfaction and are reaching out to help her will touch her.

When was the last time you took your wife out on a date? If you're like most typical couples it was before your children arrived. That's common and understandable but it can certainly impact the marriage. If a married couple doesn't work on keeping the romantic flame alive it is sure to burn out. You can take the initiative by being the same man who swept her off her feet before you popped the question. Take her out to dinner every now and again and if you two are living on a budget, cook her favorite dinner instead. Rent a movie that you know she'll enjoy and bring home some flowers to brighten her day once in a while. Small gestures like this can help your wife feel appreciated again and it will definitely lead to her feeling connected to you again.

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In this write up, we shall be discussing how to effectively resolve your marital intimacy problems. There is no doubt about the fact that the root of most marital problems that many couples face today stem from the bedroom. Marital intimacy is the single most important factor or ingredient necessary for successful marriage sustenance. Where this is lacking in a marriage, then it would just be a matter of time before such a union will totally crumble.

Marital intimacy is made up of a combination of several factors; it does not just boil down to having sex with your spouse. Sex of course is one of the dominating factors in building a healthy and intimate marital relationship with your spouse but it can only effectively play its part when both parties actually take the most pleasure out of it. In most cases, the males are the ones who are satisfied after a particular sexual session while the females who take longer to reach their peak point of pleasure come out of it feeling short changed.

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In order to effectively resolve your marital intimacy problem, you have to first of all change your view about marital sexual intercourse, you have to view sexual intercourse as not only been an act of procreation but equally an act of recreation and as such both parties involved must come out of each session with a feeling of utmost satisfaction.

Like I said above, marriage intimacy does not have to begin and end whenever you and your spouse are about to have a sexual encounter, you should endeavor to make your daily communication with your spouse ooze with intimacy. Apart from having a mutually pleasing sexual encounter with your spouse, there are many other smaller factors that when effectively addressed would ensure that your marriage is filled with bliss. Such smaller factors that you can also use to effectively resolve your marital intimacy problems include but is not limited to the way you address each other, how you apologize when at fault, how open you are with most of your daily dealings and the kind of friends that you keep.

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In this write up, we shall briefly discuss 3 practical tips to stop divorce and revive your marriage. Divorce is definitely the worst thing that can ever happen to an otherwise happy marriage. Divorce as we know is the end result of the accumulation of many marital vices which were not properly addressed at the time which they arose. Prior to a divorce suit been filed, there most have been many signs that were heralding the arrival of such an action. However, that your marriage is on the brink of divorce or that a divorce suit has even been filed by your spouse is not the end of your marriage. Many couples have been known to bounce back from situations that are worse than your own to enjoy a married life that they could only have dreamt about. Below we shall look at a few practical tips to achieve this:

Tip 1: Reflection In order to effectively stop your marriage from experiencing divorce and also to go ahead to revive your marital relationship, you have to take some time out to thoroughly review the events in your marriage that could have led your marriage to the state it is in now. By so doing, you can now actually and seriously start thinking of how to acquire a long lasting solution.

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Tip 2: Adopt A Positive Attitude There is no doubt that marital crisis has a way of taking its toll on the morale, attitude and composure of those that are involved in it thereby making them to often under-perform. However, by adopting a positive attitude, it would play its own part in dampening the effects that your marital crisis have had in you morale thereby allowing you to deliver a higher performance in your chosen line of remedial action.

Tip 3: Seek Professional Help The last tip in this write up is to seek professional help from a renowned marriage problems resolution counselor, someone who has successfully dealt with various forms and kinds of marital problems. The best place to go to in order to fulfill this step is online; the online option is by far more advantageous than the offline option. Adhering to the 3 practical tips above will definitely ensure that you not only stop your divorce but also go ahead to revive your almost moribund marriage.

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The rate at which marriages end up in divorce nowadays is alarming, albeit, the rate at which couples that have had seriously troubled marriages which have been successfully resolved is also quite impressive. Well, a lot more marriages could have been saved if and only if the couples involved in such marriages were able to identify some of the indicators that were signaling to them that all is not well in their marriage. For couples who are observant, these indicators are quite glaring and easily noticeable. Before a marriage can totally collapse, it must have been showing signs of failure for some time. Below, I shall highlight a few of the most common indicators that all is not well in your marriage.

Indicator 1: Lack Of Intimacy Lack of intimacy in a marital setting is one of the easiest indications that the marriage is heading towards a negative direction i.e. towards disaster. If a marriage which was highly intimate before suddenly starts losing its intimacy, it goes to show that all is not well.

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Indicator 2: Dwindling Communication Effective communication in a marital union is simply known as the oil which lubricates the various components necessary for the sustenance of a happy and blissful marriage. When the level of communication in your union starts to dwindle, it will in effect affect these various components of happiness. Therefore, a drop in the level of free communication in your union is also a clear indicator that something is definitely wrong with your marital life.

Other indicators include the over elaborating and fighting about issues that would have hitherto been resolved amicably, constantly getting into fights, brawls, yelling and screaming over very small issues. Shrouding your activities in secrecy is also another clear indicator.

As soon as you notice any of the above discussed indicators in your marriage or even any other marriage threatening indicator, the best thing to do is to seek professional help so as to effectively resolve them. In seeking for this professional help, I would urge you to go online. You would find many effective marital problems resolution guides online which are by far cheaper than their offline counterparts and even much more effective.

Saying or doing the wrong thing can actually cause your spouse to feel even more distant from you. You can make your spouse fall back in love with you, all over again.

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