Your marriage is in ruins. You probably wake up some mornings wishing it was all a bad dream. You knew that you and your wife were having problems but you have no idea the depth of those issues. Now she's left you for someone else and you not only feel devastated by the breakup of your marriage but you also feel confused that there's another man involved. It's impossible not to feel rejected when this happens. You wish you could turn back the hands of time so you could address the issues you two were facing before things got to this point. Unfortunately, you can't do that. Instead you need to focus on what to do when your wife leaves you for another man so you can not only get her back from him but rebuild your marriage so it's more secure than ever.

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Understanding what to do when your wife leaves you for another man starts with recognizing the power in staying calm. That seems like a ridiculous suggestion given the fact that the woman you adore has decided that she'd rather be with another man. It's something that you need to try and do though. If you get upset or angry with your wife there's that much more chance that you're going to say something to her that you'll deeply regret. Yes, you're in deep emotional pain at the moment but you must try and refrain from letting your emotions take control of what you do or say. Take a step back and deep breath and focus on the big picture as opposed to what's happening this very moment. Remember that your wife loved you enough to marry you and build a life with you. Draw your emotional strength from that as you start working towards getting her back.

You have to focus on what went wrong in your marriage if you hope to overcome the problems you two are facing now. If you focus all of your time and energy on trying to make her dislike her new man, you're not doing yourself any favors. Instead of attempting to diminish him in her eyes, you instead need to build yourself back up so she sees what she's walking away from. That begins with showing her that you're mature enough to accept that your marriage has changed and that you're strong enough to deal with it. By not being overly angry with her or allowing your frustrations to shine through you'll be showing her the best of you which is very important at the moment.

Work towards being someone she sees as a positive part of her life. Be as supportive as you can be without encouraging her to pursue her new relationship. Tell her that you still love her and miss her and wish she'd give your marriage another chance. Explain that you'll do whatever it takes to make your relationship with her work. If she hears and feels these things from you she'll start to see how much you really do adore and respect her. That will help immeasurably when it comes to getting her to rethink her decision and come back to you.

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The reason most spouses give as the major cause of their marital break up is that they tried to save their marriage but their spouses refused to cooperate with them. The truth is that this is not a good enough reason to give up on your marriage, many spouses have been able to successfully save their marriages alone or at least without their spouses initially cooperating, therefore your case should not be different. All you need to do is to approach your marriage problems resolution strategically and tactically so that within a short period your heart desires will be fully accomplished.

The mistakes most spouses who find themselves in such a situation do is that since they are the ones who have one way or the other realized that something is not right in their marriage, they tend to apportion all the blames to their non-cooperative spouses. This approach is very wrong because if you critically examine the events that have led your marriage to such disarray, you will no doubt notice that you played some part if not the larger part in it.

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So in order to effectively save your marriage in a situation like this, you have to thoroughly sort yourself out first before you even start working on your spouse. Try to redeem every single part you played in the build up of what is now a situation that is heading your marriage to a total collapse. When you are done with sorting yourself out, then you can seriously start thinking and seeking for ways to sort your spouse out. The above is the correct line of action to follow in order to save your marriage alone even if your spouse is not ready to cooperate with you.

In order to successfully and actively accomplish the above line of action, I would recommend that you seek professional help. In seeking for this professional help, it is best if you go online. The online option is cheaper, more efficient and effective than the offline option. Besides, if you were to go offline, it would be required that you come with your spouse and been that your spouse is the non-cooperative type, I do not see the possibility of this happening.

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There are very many how to save my marriage guides both online and offline today with many of them claiming to perform miracles as soon as you access them without even implementing whatever they have written inside. The truth is that you can save your marriage no matter how bad things have gone but the amount of work you will have to do to save your marriage is directly proportional to the depth of corroding that your marital relationship has endured.

Therefore it is quite laughable when I come across guides that still use all those moribund strategies and methods, those guides that can not differentiate the do's and don'ts of saving a marriage. Couples who implemented the strategies found on these guides literally added fuel to the fire burning in their marriages rather than dousing the fire. You know, that's exactly what you will get if you implement the marriage don'ts in place of the marriage do's. I shall highlight a few marriage do's and don't s below.

The Do's

1. The first thing you should bear in mind while trying to save your marriage is that you must not give up on your marriage, thousands of couples have come out victoriously from marital conflicts that are much worse than yours.

2. You should endeavor to develop a better communication habit with your spouse, by better communication habit, I mean you should try to avoid nagging, yelling, screaming and shouting at each other. You should be able to communicate like adults, try to present your view point in such a way that your spouse will be able to understand.

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3. Always ensure that you give your spouse the opportunity to air his/her opinion, do not always see yourself as smarter thus always trying to be more dominating.

The Don'ts

1. Do not give in to everything your partner wants and demands, this will only make your position to be weaker and the whole marital union one-sided.

2. Do not put yourself in a position where you will always have to beg and plead for more chances; bear it in mind that one day the chances will surely run out. Therefore, it is better to simply eradicate whatever it is that you do that puts you in that position.

3. Do not force your partner to understand where they went wrong, most especially when you do not actually know if you are wrong too.

There are many more do's and don'ts but I most certainly can not list them in this write up, however I want to urge you not to give up on your marriage because out there also are many guides which are spot on what and what not to do in order to effectively transform your almost moribund marriage into a marriage filled with marital bliss.

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For a spouse who has one way or the other realized that his/her union is plagued with marital problems, the first and most nagging question that would be in his mind is how can I save marriage from total collapse? It is popularly said that "once there is a will, there is a way", therefore in this case the will is the realization that all is not well in your union and how much work you will do to resolve the problem or problems plaguing your marriage depends on how soon you discover that something is amiss in your union.

What if your spouse already left you? Here's how to get them back.

The reason why some marriages end up collapsing i.e. end up in a divorce is that many couples who find themselves in such a situation did not recognize that their union was heading towards the rocks until it almost hit the rocks and by the time they realize the negative direction which their union is heading to, a lot of water must have passed under the bridge. Though, at this stage they can still save their marriage from total collapse but it will involve much more works than if they had sorted out and properly addressed all the minor and major marital conflicts that built up to this stage as the arose and of course, at this stage the would also have to seek professional help from a counselor who really knows what he/she is doing.

When it comes to seeking professional help in order to save your marriage from total collapse, the best place to go to these days is online. Online marriage problem resolution guides abound and they are much more advantageous and even more effective than going to the erstwhile traditional offline office of a marital problem resolution counselor.

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