Your wife asked for a divorce. Even if you knew that she was leaning towards leaving you, it's still a shock to your heart to hear those words. Essentially it means she's given up on you and any future the two of you may have had. You feel empty, alone and lost. Although you know that many men are in the same position as you it doesn't help soften the blow. The woman you love wants to walk out of your life for good. Allowing her to do that without trying to save the marriage may very well be the biggest mistake you ever make.

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If your wife asked for a divorce don't ignore it. Attributing her unhappiness to a mid life crisis problem or to a passing phase won't help solve anything. In fact, if you do nothing, your wife is going to take that to mean that you don't care either way if she stays or if she goes and she'll likely walk out forever. You have to take this matter very seriously. She told you she wants to end the marriage which essentially means she doesn't love you enough to try and make things work anymore. Unless you do something now, the marriage is doomed.

Talk to your wife and more importantly, listen to her. She has to express what she's feeling if you have any chance of salvaging and rebuilding your marriage. Encourage her to share what she feels is lacking in the relationship and be open about listening to her. If you fly off the handle and become enraged by her criticisms of you or you break down into an emotional mess, she'll shut down and that window to save your marriage will be slammed shut.

You absolutely must make some changes if you want to get your wife to reconsider the divorce. Think about what has been making her unhappy in the relationship. If she has complained about your behavior or things you have done or haven't done, consider what you can do to improve on that. You need to show your wife that losing her is not an option to you and that you'll do anything to ensure that doesn't happen. By taking steps towards positive self change you are actually showing her that your marriage to her is worth everything to you.

If she remains insistent on a divorce, agree to a compromise, for now. A temporary separation may be just what you both need for more clarity. If you take some time apart and allow her to experience life on her own, she may just see that living without you isn't what she wants after all. If you two do agree on a separation, continue to make saving your marriage and improving your connection with her your main priority. Once she sees that you're not ready to give up on her, she may just decide she's not ready to give up on you either.

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While fighting for your marriage survival, there are certain things you must do to in order to win the save marriage battle. The rate at which marriages end up in divorce nowadays is very alarming and even more alarming is the number of people who claim that they fought or tried to salvage their marriages without any success. Mere wanting to salvage your marriage is not the key to resolve marital problem issues, there is much more work to do in order to achieve those aims than a mere wishful thinking.

If you are really fighting for your marriage survival, below are few things that you can do in order to actually win the fight.

1. First and foremost, you should take sometime to reflect and retrace all the events that may have one way or the other contributed to the state that your marriage is in now. Your ability to identify those events would definitely go a long way in helping you to effectively tackle each problem issue successfully and it would of course make the whole marriage salvaging process less cumbersome and complicated.

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2. You should remain positive throughout the salvaging and survival process; tackle all the problems caused by faults arising from you before you start working on your spouse i.e. if you found yourself in a situation where you are the one who is trying to save your marriage while your spouse is acting less interested.

3. You should seek professional help; since marital problems are multi-dimensional you should acquire the best strategy to effectively tackle any particular kind of problem. The best place to seek this professional help is online which is a much better alternative to the traditional and less effective offline marriage counselor option. You can easily download electronic marriage problem resolution packages online which have been prepared by renowned marriage counselors and have been successfully used by thousands of couples. It is very convenient to use and you do not need the consent of your spouse before acquiring it, therefore, you can acquire it and start implementing the strategies you would find inside it before your spouse gets to know about it.

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In this write up today, we shall be discussing about the 2 most effective how save your marriage tips that you can find both online and offline. The rate at which marriages end up in divorce today is alarming but of recent the number of couples who have been able to save their marriages is very impressive, thanks to some good electronic marital problem resolution packages that are available online today. Below we shall take a look at the 2 most effective tips on how to save your marriage.

Tip 1: Acknowledging That There Is A Problem

The major reason why most marriages that could have been salvaged failed is because the couples refused to acknowledge the existence of marital friction at a time when they could easily have resolved it. The need for a divorce could not have arisen overnight; it is a result of a continuous build up of minor and major marital disagreements and problems. Had those minor and major marital problems been tackled as they arose, then of course the need for a marital break up or divorce would never have arisen. Note: Only when you accept that there is a problem can you effectively work towards it resolution and believe me, the deeper the problems goes the more effort you would have to exert in order to resolve it.

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Tip 2: Adopting A Positive Attitude

After realizing that there is a problem, the most logical thing to do is to seek for ways to resolve the problem. Of course, marital problems come in various shapes, sizes and dimensions; therefore there is also a wide variety of solutions that best suits each marital problem. But for any solution that you intend to use to work effectively and properly, you have to adopt a positive attitude towards the result of what you have implemented. Adopting a positive attitude would also go a long way in aiding you to carry out the strategy much more appropriately.

Please, whatever you do, you should never give up on your marriage because you can effectively restore the bliss in your marriage as have many other couples who have had marital situations worse than yours have done. You should seek professional help online; this is because it is more financially friendly and much more effective than going to the traditional offline marriage counselor's office.

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There are obviously various keys to a successful marriage but we shall only be discussing just a few of them. They keys to a successful marriage that we shall be discussing in this write up when properly implemented will surely ensure that you have a successful and blissful marriage.

Key 1: Mutual Respect

The existence of mutual respect between couples can easily be said to be the single most effective key to enjoying a successful marital life. Many problems that could potentially arise in a marital union could easily be averted by the existence of mutual love and respect between the couples. Proper care should be taken also in the maintenance of the mutuality, it may be hard work to do that but it is a hard work that is very much fruitful.

Key 2: Intimacy

Intimacy is another effective key in the maintenance of a fruitful marriage whose importance can never be over-emphasized. Provided a good level of intimacy is maintained, vices such as infidelity and extra marital affairs would be easily avoided. With a good level of intimacy between the couples, it is very easy to detect and address any marital problem that is surfacing at its earliest stage which is of course the point at which it is easiest to solve.

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Key 3: Ability To Concede Your Position During An Argument

The inability to concede your position during an argument even when you clearly know that you are at fault or that what your spouse is saying makes more sense is one of the quickest killers of a once blissful marriage. While I am not saying that you should give in to anything your partner wants or demands, what I am saying is that you should strive to cultivate the ability to concede your position during an argument when you realize that all the pointers and indicators are pointing at you.

Key 4: Do Not Be Over Domineering

The fact that you are the major financier of your marriage or family should not make you to want to become so domineering that your word becomes law even if the word or words when critically viewed does not make sense. It is beneficial to allow your spouse and every other member of your household to contribute to the running of the home, even if it is not financially.

Upholding the above keys and many more keys to a happy marriage that you can find online would definitely ensure that your marriage is better than you have ever dreamed of. Cheers!

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