Don't you sometimes wish you knew what went on behind the closed doors in your seemingly, happily married neighbours' home? We all wish we had a glimpse into the secret life that enables them to be so desperately in love with each other even after being married for a number of years. Marriage isn't a walk in the park, is it? If you've been with your spouse for some time you may feel like taking a long, or maybe even unending, walk in the park just to get away from them sometimes. That's normal. However, when you start to contemplate the idea of divorce, that's a concern. When the burning question running through your mind is, how to reconcile your marriage, you have to give the situation your focus and attention now. Unless you're okay with the idea of separating from your spouse and embarking on a life on your own, you need to take your marriage problems seriously from this moment on.

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Reconciling your marriage begins with sorting through the past. You and your spouse can't move forward toward a happy and fulfilling connection if there are ghosts in the closet. Life has a way of throwing many hurdles in the way of a happy marriage. Sometimes we're able to clear those hurdles without a problem, yet at other times, we stumble and trip right over them. If you and your partner haven't found resolution to some of the problems you've faced, those are the things that are eroding your bond. They need to be addressed, resolved and then put in the past. You can begin this process by making a list of the issues that you two have failed to find agreement on. Once the list is complete, think about where you personally can compromise. You want to present your ideas about how to find a solution to these issues, with some positive ideas in mind.

Allowing your spouse the opportunity to express what they're feeling is crucial to shifting your marriage from a place of fragility to strength. It's very hard to hear the person you adore say things that are hurtful about you. We all have a built-in emotional mechanism that makes us want to fight back if we feel we are being attacked in any way. Hence the reason so many couples end up in a difficult place within their relationship. They can't find a common ground because they're both so concentrated on protecting their opinion. Listen to your spouse and take what he or she says to heart. Your marriage can't find its footing again if the two of you consistently overpower each other verbally during arguments.

When was the last time you really told your spouse how much you treasure and need them? Egos can sometimes get in the way of a couple revealing what they feel for one another. One partner is fearful of being too vulnerable and as a result, they both go through the motions never really expressing what they feel or need from the relationship. Be the guiding light to your spouse in this regard. Tell him or her exactly what they mean to you and how grateful you are that you're working on building a life together. Don't ignore the issues at hand, but be vocal and emotional about the gifts that your partner brings to your life and how you wouldn't want to take this lifelong journey with anyone else.

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Save marriage alone, can I actively save my marriage alone even if my spouse is not working with me? Yes, you can indeed save your marriage even if your spouse is not willing to work with you. The reason why most when the other spouse is not ready to co-operate. The spouse who wants to save the marriage is often discouraged by the fact that his/her partner is not willing to work with him/her.

Having a non-cooperative spouse further compounds the issue because back then, the most popular method of resolving your marital conflict is by seeking professional help. Of course, seeking professional help back then results to going to the office of a traditional marriage problem resolution counselor. It is often required that both couples attend the counseling together and if your spouse is non-cooperative, it simply means that it would be a Herculean task to get him/her to go with you. Even when you succeed in going with your spouse, chances are that he/she may feel humiliated after the first session and may never want to go again.

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However, with the advent of the internet, you can choose to avoid going to the physical office of a marriage counselor thus effectively avoiding all the discomforts associated with it, both the ones I have mentioned and the ones I did not mention. The reason is that most renowned marital problem resolution counselors have packaged all the marriage conflict resolution strategies in an electronic format that can easily be accessed online. You can easily download any of the packages of your choice in the comfort of your home or office during any time of the day that you wish. You can of course do this without the consent of your spouse.

If you access the right package, you will find various strategies that you can effectively use to start working on your marriage alone and by the time your spouse realizes what is going on, you must have amended a lot of problem issues (most especially the ones that were knowingly or unknowingly caused by you). After sorting yourself out, it would be a lot easier to now work on your spouse and with your spouse.

In addition to the above advantages of the online option, it is also far cheaper than the office option and many such online packages have forums associated with them were you can belong to online and discuss with real people who have once been down the road you are now but came out victoriously. You will also enjoy one on one support from the owner of the package who either through email, phone or e-chat consultation will be monitoring the progress of the resolution of your marital conflict.

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Do not be discouraged by the present negative happenings in your marriage, you can actually save marriage from divorce if you really work towards it. There are many couples out there today who have been in situations that were worse than your own but due to the strong belief that they had they were able to successfully rid their marriage of marital conflicts. These were couples who at that time were literally staring divorce in the face and in some cases, a divorce suit had already been filed but somehow they found back that love which led them to marry each other in the first place.

What you must do to save marriage from divorce is to seek professional help and also been willing to work hard so as to effectively implement all the save marriage strategies that you would obtain through the professional help. You can get the best professional solution out there today but if you do not take action, if you do not work hard towards the implementation of the strategy then it is as good as not accessing the strategy as well. You can indeed save your marriage alone (even if your spouse is the non-cooperative type), by simply getting your hands at the right thing to do in each marital problem scenario.

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While seeking this professional help, I would urge you to go online and take advantage of the cheaper yet more effective guides that abound there. They are very convenient to access in the sense that they are in electronic format thus making them easy to carry about and even easier to download. The good ones offer one-on-one support through phone, email, e-chat and it is orchestrated by the owner who is a renowned specialist in the field of marital problem resolution. In addition, to that you can also access a members only forum which should be swarming with couples who have been there and came out successfully, i.e. couples who have had similar marital challenges like the one you are having now and of course couples who have even had worse marital challenges than the one you having now.

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Below we shall take a look at a few of these effective steps.

Step 1: Acknowledge Problem

The very first step towards the resolution of a marital problem or problems is the acknowledgement and acceptance of the fact that indeed a problem or problems exit in your union. By so doing, you will be paving way for solutions to come in and of course when these solutions do come in, you will whole heartedly embrace them.

Step 2: Nature Of Problem

Marital problems come in different, shapes, forms, dimensions and intensity which means that for any particular problem or group of similar problems that there most be a corresponding problem resolution strategy or strategies that best suites it or them. Identifying the nature of problem and intensity or effect on your marital relationship will also go a long way in helping you to arrange them in such a way that you tackle the ones that pose the most threat to your union first before tackling the rest of them.

What if your spouse already left you? Here's how to get them back.

Step 3: Seek Professional Help

By the time you get to step 3, you should have a very good idea of which of the problems in your marital life is the most severe. So if you now seek professional help, it will be a lot easier to resolve the problem because you already know what the problem is but only needs an expert in the field of marriage conflicts resolution to help you resolve it.

I would advice that you seek this professional help online, there are many renowned marital problem resolution specialists who have packaged all their conflict resolution strategies into electronic guides that can be easily downloaded online. Choosing this option is cheaper than any other option and in addition to that it is more effective and efficient. You also enjoy one on one support through phone, email or e-chat. The good ones also have members only forum which is swarming with couples who have been in similar or worse marital situation than you are in now but came out victoriously. You should know what that means as regards saving marriage, unlimited help and interactivity.

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