So How Do You Experience Stress?

We all deal with stressors in our lives but we differ not only in what we perceive to be stressful but in how we experience stress. For example, some people experience stress in the form of worry, tension, irritability, inability to focus and/or difficulty sleeping. These people are clearly in need of more calming influences, however, sometimes the people who need more calm don’t even realize it.

On the other end of the spectrum are individuals who experience stress as fatigue, low energy, lack of motivation, and/or muscle soreness. These people have burned the candle at both ends for too long are experiencing an energy deficit. Although they may be tempted to reach for stimulants like caffeine or sugar, they will only feel worse when they experience the crash that comes after as their energy deficit worsens. These people don’t just need more energy; they need sustained energy support that can only come from an improvement in mitochondrial functions.

So How Does Stress Affect Our Health?

Stress is a complex physiologic response triggered by any situation perceived as challenging or threatening. It is orchestrated in large part by the action of hormones such as cortisol and adrenaline and is designed to enhance our survival by providing a short burst of energy and strength – also known as the fight or flight mechanism.

This type of response places high demands on the body’s cells, specifically structures within the cells called mitochondria, to produce energy. This increases the requirement for glucose as well as micronutrients. And, just as revving an engine produces more exhaust, so do your cells in times of stress…in the form of unstable molecules called free radicals. If there isn’t a sufficient amount of antioxidants available to neutralize them, free radicals will cause damage to cell membranes, proteins, DNA and even the mitochondria itself, accelerating the aging process and compromising energy production.

Other changes that occur in response to stress include an increase in heart rate, elevation of blood pressure, increase in blood sugar, slowing of digestion, and shunting of blood away from vital organs (to the muscles). All of these changes disrupt the body’s normal state of homeostasis or balance. That’s why the stress response is only meant to be activated for a short periods of time followed by longer periods of rest and recovery. The problem for most of us is that too many of the things we face on a day to day basis — traffic, screaming kids, financial troubles, a demanding boss, or even the feeling that we must always stay busy — all register as threatening situations, leaving our bodies in a constant state of imbalance.

If the stressors don’t go away and adaptation does not occur, then the body will not be able to recover or rebalance and health may suffer. The fact that up to 90% of healthcare practitioner visits in the U.S. are stress-related suggests that most of us could use some assistance with adaptation, recovery and energy production.

12 Stress Reduction Tips:

1. Get enough sleep (7- 8 hrs) at the proper times (go to bed before 10 PM).

2. Eat primarily fresh organic fruits, vegetables, and whole grains and healthy sources of protein.

3. Practice an effective stress-reducing meditation.

4. Avoid overloading your senses, especially in the evening before sleep.

5. Listen to relaxing music.

6. Get a massage.

7. Remember to make time to play and relax each day.

8. Exercise regularly.

9. Practice deep abdominal breathing rather than shallow chest breathing.

10. Write out an ongoing list of your “to-do’s” and concerns so you can calm and free your mind.

11. Share your concerns with a friend or loved one, talking about it helps. Also, ask for help when you need it.

12. Supplement with adaptogenic herbs and complexed nutrients that support a healthy stress response, like Perfect Calm or whole food multivitamin formula by New Chapter.

How Do You Deal With Stress? Find Your Perfect Balance

Perfect Calm

Perfect Calm by New Chapter is the ideal organic whole-food multivitamin, mineral, herbal and nutrient formula for those seeking calming and nurturing stress support by combating stress, enhancing calm and promoting overall well-being.

Perfect Calm multivitamin is a certified organic, cultured, and complete whole-food multivitamin containing 23 whole-food vitamins and minerals specifically formulated to provide optimal health and overall well-being, help combat stress and enhance calm. Targeted, whole-food vitamin nutrients including Vitamin A, B-Vitamins, Vitamin C and Selenium help to enhance overall mood and combat oxidative stress. Perfect Calm’s comprehensive formula also includes 1,000 IU Vitamin D3, Natural Vitamin K2 and Plant Sourced Calcium.

Vitamin C is an essential nutrient for health of the adrenal glands where it is stored. It plays a vital role in the production of stress hormones and is often depleted during times of chronic stress. It is therefore important to replenish body stores with whole food forms of vitamin C.

Another important group of nutrients for supporting the stress response, energy production and neurotransmitter balance is B vitamins. Since most B vitamins work together, the greatest benefit is received when they are supplemented as part of a complex.

Immune-supportive and enzyme activating nutrients like vitamin A and Zinc can also help maintain the health of the body during prolonged exposure to stress.

Perfect Calm also contains anti-stress herbs that help to calm and balance. Herbs included are: Chamomile, Holy Basil, Lemon Balm, Turmeric, and Ginger to support your body in coping with stress, fatigue and worry. Holy Basil has been shown in scientific studies to modulate cortisol and ease a worried mind. Chamomile and Lemon Balm offer additional soothing effects by promoting healthy levels of calming neurotransmitters.

Two important functions in our body that can be affected by high levels of stress are our digestive system and immune system. So Perfect Calm includes Elderberry, Eleuthero, and Astragalus for immune system support and Aloe leaf, Peppermint, Coriander, Cardamom, Ginger, and Artichoke leaf for digestive support. Turmeric is included to reduce stress-related inflammation in the body.

Perfect Calm also contains targeted whole-food probiotics minerals for stress support including GTF Chromium, Zinc, Magnesium and Selenium. Click here for more information on Perfect Calm by New Chapter.

Perfect Energy

Perfect Energy by New Chapter is the ideal organic whole-food multivitamin, mineral, herbal and nutrient complex designed to provide all day, enhanced energy, performance and endurance without the crash of traditional stimulants. Perfect Energy promotes radiant health and energy levels; not by over stimulating an already exhausted system, but instead by realigning our own source of energy and removing restrictions to it, providing key catalysts to energy flow. It supports long life by harmonizing functions of body, mind, and spirit.

Perfect Energy contains 23 whole-food vitamins and minerals specifically formulated to provide optimal health and overall well-being, sustained energy levels and enhanced stamina. Targeted, whole-food vitamin nutrients including B-Vitamins, Vitamin E and Selenium provide critical support in natural energy production. Also included are 1,000 IU Vitamin D3, Natural Vitamin K2 and Plant Sourced Calcium to help to provide comprehensive, whole-food nutritional support.

Perfect Energy also contains energizing herbs, such as Organic Maca (increases stamina & athletic performance & promotes feeling of well-being), Organic Cordyceps (enhances liver/kidney chi & supports power & energy), Organic Green Tea (creates thermogenic energy & cell protection), Organic Schizandra (develops primary energies, effortless adaptation to healthy exertion), Organic American Ginseng ((increases physical & mental efficiency & regulates energy systems), Rhodiola (see below), and Organic Cardamon seed.

Perfect Energy also contains Grape Seed Extract to optimize cellular energy production and help sustain energy levels all day. A clinically studied proprietary Grapeseed extract provides powerful antioxidants that help optimize mitochondrial energy production by decreasing muscle soreness and promoting recovery following physical exertion or other stressful events.

Also included is Turmeric to improve circulation, act as an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory, and support cardiovascular health and Ginger to boost energy, support digestive and cardiovascular health.

Perfect Energy contains Rhodiola rosea (Rose Root) which is an exalted herbal stress “adaptogen.” Rhodiola rosea thrives in high altitudes and in nature’s most challenging climates. It is best known for its resilience and delivers the promise of an inner oasis of peace and energy in our fast-paced world. Rhodiola is intensively studied for enhancing concentration and endurance, uplifting one’s mental state, and supporting optimal immune, adrenal, and cardiovascular function even under conditions of severe stress. Rhodiola has been widely used by Russian athletes and cosmonauts to increase energy.

Organic Vital Rhythms Flower Essences act as a conduit for energy flow as they awaken the balancing aspects to respond to physical, mental and emotional influences. Perfect Energy contains five of these organic flower essences including: Indian Pink, Morning Glory, Penstemon, Self-Heal and Zinnia --to awaken the inner spirit, revitalize healthy life rhythms, and uplift to the pure source of intention, purity, focus and joy. Click here for more information on Perfect Energy by New Chapter.

Don't let stress overwhelm you: Following these 12 stress-reducing tips above and supplementing with a whole-food, multivitamin, mineral and herbal complex such as Perfect Calm or Perfect Energy can provide an essential foundation for a healthy stress response.

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