Barcode scanning is critical for inventory management. Barcode technology helps inventory managers stay updated with accurate inventory counts, access historical data, save time, and increase profits. With modern mobile scanning solutions, inventory professionals can transform everyday operations to save time and costs, boost productivity, and grow businesses.

Mobile Barcode Scanner: Scanning on the Go

Mobile scanning solutions can prove to be a game-changer for inventory managers. As smartphone usage is on the rise, it's a great opportunity for them to make the most out of it. Below are some noteworthy benefits of mobile barcode scanning for inventory management.

Ease of Mobility: Why rely on bulky equipment when you can give your workforce ease of mobility? Switching to mobile barcode scanning lets inventory workers scan barcodes using their mobile phones. Today, almost every smartphone can be turned into a barcode scanner using a mobile or web app.

Lesser Costs: When you switch to mobile barcode scanning, you don't have to spend on purchasing dozens of handheld barcode scanners. You can utilize the mobile devices of your workforce for barcode scanning. As a result, lesser costs and more savings.

Access to Information Anywhere, Anytime: Mobile barcode scanning allows inventory professionals to access information anywhere, anytime. They don't necessarily need to have a handheld barcode scanner with them as all it takes is their smartphone and they are good to go.

Scan Multiple Barcodes in One Go: Modern barcode scanner apps use the latest technology to speed up the barcode reading process. Unlike handheld laser barcode readers, leading barcode scanning apps support reading multiple barcodes in one go. Speed is critical for inventory operations, hence, choosing a fast mobile barcode scanning solution is a better option.

Ability to Read Tough Barcodes: Most handheld scanners fail to read barcodes that are incomplete, wrinkled, dense, or tiny. On the other hand, leading barcode scanner apps support reading tough barcodes. In inventory management, where a large no. of boxes and items need to be scanned, you cannot rely on an outdated laser barcode reader.

Support Multiple Barcode Types: Laser-based barcode readers have limited barcode scanning capabilities. They can only support reading linear or common barcode symbologies such as PDF417 codes. On the other hand, the latest barcode reading apps can support linear as well as 2D barcode types such as QR codes, DotCodes, MaxiCode, etc. So, no matter what barcode type you come across, you will not struggle to scan it.

Customization Capability: This might not apply to off-the-shelf software, but if you decide to build your app or choose a barcode scanning SDK, you can customize the features as per your business needs. Every business has its requirements, hence, choosing a solution that comes with limited features will negatively impact inventory workflows. If you don't have the time and budget to build a barcode scanning app from scratch, going ahead with a barcode reading SDK will be the perfect option for you. Not only you'll be able to customize features but also be able to save time, effort, and costs without comprising the performance part.

Whether you pick an off-the-shelf solution or choose an SDK, do not forget to try before you make a decision. Explore all the features and compare different options to choose the best one. Also, make sure the vendor you choose provides good technical support to help you out whenever there's an issue.

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