Being an HR for any organization is never a walk in the park. Be it for a small scale organization or a large scale organization the HR rep in any of these organizations comes along with difficulties. The HR is responsible to maintain a healthy environment for the employees along with compliance.

A small business has a lot to deal with. When it comes to compliance and legal formalities a small scale organization has to maintain a healthy record whereas a huge business has a payroll team who is aware of these changes and in fact is well equipped to handle these shortcomings.  

HR software for small businesses helps in staying compliant with the updates made by the state and federal government.

Even for recruitment purposes a small scale organization has to invest more effort than a large scale organization. As a candidate can easily get skeptical about joining a startup rather than a branded organization.


“Recruiting people or supporting in-house HR activities will often require you to put the company’s interests first and make decisions that are purely good for business. Letting people go and providing tough feedback isn’t a dream-come-true part of the HR professional’s job. But it has to be done. So my advice is to accept the fact that you will be dealing with real humans, different characters and emotions, and you won’t always be able to please everyone.” -Jagoda Wieczorek, HR Manager


As  stated in a survey, it highlights a different page which explains how an HR for small businesses is different from a large scale set up. Here are a few pointers to guide towards the end result:


  • The internal and external perception of capabilities and positivity. For a small scale organization the HR can stay more connected with the employees. With HRMS software in India an HR can easily manage the workforce. But with an increased number of employees the workload of the human resource management team increases. 
  • Human resource management teams can learn a lot from the success of the bigger businesses. The large scale organization has a more experienced team to tackle legal  obligations and employees who have been associated with the organization right from the very first day. 
  • Large scale organizations have policies set since ages. However on the other hand a small scale organization has the leverage to amend the policies more often. It is a fact that by changing the policies in small scale organizations it is easier to implement policies. 
  • It is essential for the small scale businesses to realize there are numerous companies competing on the same scale. Many organizations opt for a third party HR management system. However with HRMS software in India many organizations have their third party issues resolved. An automated procedure for HR management assists in building a bridge between the employees and the employer. The employee can maintain a healthy transparent platform to tap their own performance. The automated procedure ensures an unbiased decision for appraisals and promotions. 
  • Opening a new organization comes along with a huge number of paperwork. It requires the HR team to plan strategically for betterment and growth of the organization. 
  • With the uncertainties the policies have had frequent changes that can increase workload of the HR team. With taxes, changes in EPF policies, and benefits administrations have a major role to play.


A small scale organization has just laid the foundation. Having said that, the structure of the organization has the freedom to be framed in accordance with the perspective of the future. 

Any HR software that is installed by a small or a new organization helps in automating the functions. This allows the HR to focus on hiring new talent to build a better team and plan for employee engagement and enhancement of the experience. 

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