Everybody wants to have whiter than white teeth to dazzle the world with but a conspiracy between genetics and poor dental hygiene, coupled with aging and a not-so-great diet regimen often result in teeth that are less than your ideal white, along with a case of gum disease and tooth decay.

Many, many cups of coffee and tea later, you find yourself in a position where you are unable to smile properly because your teeth are discolored and just don’t jive with the rest of your face. Or perhaps you've smoked on cigarette too many and are now reaping the results of it. Whatever your reason for having discolored teeth, it’s time to do something about it before it’s too late, especially if you have something important coming up like a high school reunion or your best friend’s wedding. Nothing gives off a more positive impression than a dazzling smile. Check this out for ways on how you can restore your pearly whites to their former glory, including teeth whitening.

Just like we have different colors of hair, skin and eyes, our teeth also vary in color. Some are just intrinsically more yellow than others while others yellowed with age. While there is no standard way to measure and determine tooth color, dental experts have divided tooth color into four basic shades: reddish-brown, reddish-yellow, gray and reddish-gray. Determining your exact shade will give you an idea of how white you want your teeth to be. Some patients want instant results while some prefer gradual whitening of one to three shades lighter, such as the results that can be gotten from using whitening toothpastes.

Realistically-speaking, there is no surefire way to whiten teeth. Plus, the success of your teeth whitening also depends on whether you have healthy teeth or not and also if your current shade doesn't come within the reddish-brown, reddish-yellow or reddish-gray shade range. It is also not something you can determine on your own so if you are considering teeth whitening, here are some guidelines on how you can go about it and be able to find Melbourne teeth whitening here.

First of all you must be able to find a dentist who can best guide you towards the best method for you. They will need to do an initial evaluation of your teeth and make sure that you don’t have any periodontal disease or sensitive teeth that can be damaged by the whitening treatments. They will also need to determine if you don’t have any fillings or crowns because the bleach won’t adhere to these materials, making them stand out among a sea of newly-whitened teeth which presents a not very flattering image. Serious tooth or jaw problems may also make the dentist dissuade you from teeth whitening like Zoom whitening and to try alternative methods instead. Check Zoom Whitening Melbourne here and see if you can qualify for this whitening process.

Going online will also help you find the right dentists who can help you with your teeth whitening endeavors, especially when you browse through sites like whitenmysmile.com.au. If possible, call the dentists over the phone and interview them to see if they are a comfortable fit. You can schedule a visit to their office to see what the surroundings and staff are like, as well as to check whether or not they use the latest dental technology as part of your selection process. They can also advice you on the proper use of over-the-counter whiteners if you feel that you’d rather use them than go for an in-office procedure. For more information, check out Teeth Whitening Melbourne CBD at www.whitenmysmile.com.au.

Your diet also plays a huge part in the success of your teeth whitening. Eating foods that contain too much sugar or acid, along with improper brushing and flossing can help demineralize your teeth and hurt your gum tissues. Use a toothbrush with rounded ends and soft bristles, making sure to brush for 30 seconds at each quadrant for a total of two minutes while angling the brush at a 45 degree angle to the gumline.

Don’t forget as well to replace your brush every 30-45 days as old toothbrushes can harbor bacteria that can contribute to tooth decay and gum disease.

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