Substance abuse is defined as the overindulgence and over-dependence on a toxic chemical or a drug. This directly affects the human nervous system, the behavior and the various body functions. These drugs and substances have a detrimental effect on the physical and the mental health of the individual.

Abused substances include tobacco, alcohol, heroin, marijuana, cannabis, MDMA, ecstasy and other harmful substances. People may start using drugs and indulging in substance abuse for fun, due to peer pressure curiosity or other reasons but due to their act they have to pay a somber price for it. The abused substances are the psychoactive substances that can quickly cause dependence. If a person indulges in substance abuse he or she will feel a strong desire to use the drug and will not be able to control its use. The person will also not be able to get over the addiction even after harmful consequences. Substance abuse has the power to change the perception, judgment, physical control and the attention of the user.

The negative effects of substance abuse can be seen at emergency departments and in various rehabilitation centers and hospitals. One can clearly see the poor physical health of substance abusers and the physical trauma that they are going through. The rising amount of substance abusers in jails and prisons underscore the correlation between drugs and crime.

Drugs and abused substances slow down the ability to think clearly, and on top of it the person is unable to distinguish between right and wrong. There are many professionals, ranging from doctors to young students, who after indulgence in substance abuse, deviate totally from their calling in life. Some of them end up committing petty crimes, get a dangerous disease, lose out on close relationships and the like. They fail to realize their true potential in life and forget their missions and their personal goals. In short, they destroy their own lives.

Substance abuse can destroy lives by causing different diseases, impaired abilities, weak judgment and develop criminal behavior. Some drug abusers by violation of laws kill others or themselves. The common problems due to substance abuse include violent mood swings, marital problems, child abuse, rape, problems in school, job problems, domestic violence, loss of friends, divorce, financial problems, suicide and loss of self- esteem.

As a society, we have to understand drug abuse for the evil that it is and step up on programs that can bring the addicted back into the fold. If you have a loved one suffering from substance abuse, look for Drug Rehab, inpatient drug rehab, Drug Rehabs in Houston Texas, Houston Texas  Drug Rehabs, and Drug Abuse in Houston Texas.






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