So, finally, you have decided to buy a foosball table to spice up your gaming life, right? Well, you are in the very right place and I am going to tell what you really need to consider before choosing one for your team.

There is such a huge option of foosball out there that it’s too easy to feel overwhelmed. You will literally find many options and ask yourself – “What’s the difference? All of the tables are looking similar.” This is how if you fall in the trap of only its glance, you will end up choosing the wrong product. A wrong product can cost your team’s playing potential.

So, we’ve prepared this guide with the most important features that you should see first. Read it out and know how to choose foosball table which is perfect for your team. If you want to know more, then visit my blog website  Foosball Table Guide

Type of Application

First set your mind, for which section of people you intend to choose a foosball table. This is what will express that which factor needs to be taken seriously depending on different situation. Suppose, for teaching kids how to play it, a smaller one with colors will do its work perfectly. However, for office or sports room, a durable one will be the best option as the table is going to be used for lots of game while ensuring its stability.

Size of the Foosball Table and Your Space

Once you are decided the type of application, determine what size you need. You can easily perform this task based on your space, budget, and purpose.

As a foosball player, you should know that a standard full-sized foosball table is about 56 inches long, 36 inches tall and 30 inches wide. Besides, there are also rods that will cover some space around. They are great for standard use with lots of games with teams. However, if you have narrow or tight space in your playing room, choose the one that comes with the rod at the stated size. To get a budget-friendly foosball table, you should go for a shorter table. Don’t forget that you have to leave some areas for players to move while playing. The height of the table is also important as a tall table is hard to reach for kids. Check out the honest and unbiased reviews of  Best Budget Foosball Table. 

Goalie Configuration

If you are a beginner and want to have a very fast-paced game must go for a 3-man goalie set up. It’s also ideal for kids as this type is easy to handle. You can also try a single-man goalie foosball table to improve skills. The good news is that some classy model with a 3-man goalie setup can be converted into a 1-man goalie setup.


Never compromise the crafted material of playing tools. The high-quality foosball tables are crafted with solid wood whereas the low-quality models are made of particleboard.

In the case of rods, steel material comes with a durable life. Generally, you will find hollow steel rods more beneficial as they help speed up the gameplay while being light-weight.

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 Counterweighted Men

In a premium foosball table, a counterbalanced men's’ head has a similar weight as toes. It means they will stay in a horizontal position until you rotate the rod. So, they will allow you to pass the ball forward and backward with the same rod, without much effort and preferred by both advanced and intermediate players.

Final Words

Now you know how to choose foosball table. So, just go and bring the foosball table that meets your needs. The price may vary if you choose high-end products with more features and components. Therefore, determine which features you desire most from the gadget and select the one based on your preferences.

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