The following article talks about the top 6 tips to find free moving boxes for your office move according to professional office movers.

Moving an office is tougher than moving a house. From hiring proficient office movers to finding proper equipment(s), there’re lots of things to do. Also, you’ve to look after the business process, making sure that it’s intact during your move. How about you get all your moving boxes for free? Well, it’s possible. There’re lots of places around you that can help you find sturdy moving boxes for free. All you’ll have to do is look for them in the right places.

Wondering how? Let’s learn about that in the following article.

6 ways you can get moving boxes for free for your office relocation

How’ll you feel if you don't have to run for moving boxes? Instead, you’ll get them for free.

Well, YES!

No matter, if you’re moving on a budget or trying to reduce the carbon footprint, it’s easy to find sturdy moving boxes around you and that too for FREE OF COST.

Here’re some tips from professional office removalists,

1. One of the best places to find free moving boxes is your friends and family. Check if any of your friends or family members have moved out recently or not. If yes, ask them if they can lend their used moving boxes for your office move. You can also ask your employees. If any of them or their known ones have moved out recently, they can help you with that.

2. Another excellent hub for free moving boxes is social media. You’ll find tonnes of groups on Facebook about relocating offices/houses. Join any of those groups and post about your requirements. Usually, those groups are popular among movers. Hence, people who moved recently can give you their used moving boxes.

3. You can also check out the online sites for free moving boxes. There’re a lot of sites where you can find people offering leftover containers free of charge near your office. You’ll find citizens who’re more willing to give you moving boxes for free rather than recycling those. Sites like Freecycle and Craigslist can be your go-to destinations.

4. Look around the supermarket near your office area for free moving boxes. Supermarkets and shopping centres are ideal spots for free boxes. All you’ll have to do is chat a little with store managers in person. You can also get free shoe boxes for malls to use to move your office items. Also, you can consider home electronics and home improvement stores for free cardboard boxes. They often have leftover boxes for their products that you can use for your move.

5. Is there any library or liquor store near your office? If yes, then they can also be the ideal source for your moving boxes. They use sturdy cardboard boxes to carry liquor bottles and books when transporting them. Asking them can give you lots of free moving boxes. You’ll just have to adjust them with the measurements for your office tools. You can also check in the nearby copy centre for the same.

6. If you’re aware of any recycling centre near your office, you can also look around there to find free boxes or moving. You may also find cardboard boxes that’re in good condition in the recycling centres.

Can you use any free boxes for moving?

Well, NO.

There may be many sources to find free moving boxes, but not all of them are good ones. Ensure that the boxes match the following criteria before using them,

• Dry

• Clean

• Free from any infestations

• Strong

Bottom line,

Can’t decide how to move your office to another location? Instead of doing everything yourself, hire professional office movers. Having experts by your side can ensure that you’re doing it right.

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The author is one of the professional office movers. For years, he’s helped many people move their offices nationwide. Also, he’s written many articles and blog posts on the same.