Career is bread for everyone. There are instances where career can boost up your life to great heights. If not chosen the best suited for your career also destroys your life.

One can not deny the fact of career importance in Life. Let us have a look at how Indian Vedic Astrology helps you make you a good choice and the major factors of one's job life.

The three main planets which would determine one’s career as per career Astrology Prediction are :

Saturn, a planet
Capricorn, a zodiac sign
10th House and its planet Lord

The positioning of Saturn in different zodiac signs can give an idea of the professional life of a person.
Let us see how it Saturn effects a person career life according to Indian Vedic Astrology

Aries: Saturn in Aries tells us about the identity clarifications.

Taurus: Saturn in Taurus gives us an idea of the material goals especially the wealth possession of the person.

Gemini: Saturn in Gemini placement knows that the person is a wise and learned person.

Cancer: Saturn in Cancer indicates that the person is family-oriented.

Leo: The person with this placement of Saturn would become a powerful and famous person.

Virgo: Saturn in this sign Virgo would tell us about the skills and health conditions of the native.

Libra: Saturn in Libra shows a unified and harmonious partnership.

Scorpio: Saturn in Scorpio shows a person who takes the experiences of the past to create things for the future.

Sagittarius: Saturn in Sagittarius' placement represents that the native would be a spiritual leader.

Capricorn: Saturn in Capricorn shows that the native will be a powerful and authoritative person.

Aquarius: Saturn in Aquarius placement, the native is inclined towards fairness and independence.

Pisces: Saturn in Pisces placement would be an understanding and passionate person.

According to the astrology, the above signs show you the right path of choice when it comes to career. You should also sum up what is your basic instinct when choosing a career.

Author's Bio: 

Sri Tulasi is a professional astrologer, life coach and member of the Indian Astrologers Council. She has more than 15 year’s practical experience in astrology. She is a regular columnist in many leading newspapers in India.

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