The Success Attitude formula makes achieving your Core Desires simple.

The Success Attitude formula shows you how to unlock and open the door of opportunity.

Success Attitude = (Core Desires + Direction) X Proper Action + Persistence

In your journey from your home in California to the Smithsonian Institute in Washington, D.C., you already have the direction you need and are taking proper action as you start the drive. Still, without persistence, you won't make it. After all, it's a long drive, and very real and valid obstacles can keep you from getting there. But if you really want to get there, if it is a Core Desire, you will do what is necessary.

If going to the Smithsonian is a 100 on your Core Desire Scale, you will find a way to get there-even if you are out of money and your car has broken down. You will find a way. Persistence is automatic when you have identified a Core Desire.

In the pursuit of Core Desires, you may not hit the bull's- eye on the first shot. You may have to take several shots and then learn to make adjustments. I failed in four different businesses before I achieved the level of success- and income-I now enjoy. Why did I keep starting over? Because I wanted to be free-and not just financially. I wanted to be my own boss and be in control of my time and money. Had I quit, as so many well-meaning people advised me to do, I wouldn't be free to come and go as I wish, nor would I be speaking to, and helping, people all around the world.

Almost all karate students have a tough time learning the hardest kick-the rear kick. It's so difficult because your body does not easily allow you to kick backward. Students who are just learning this kick have a hard time; they kick only about ankle or knee high and without proper form. After three or four lessons, they still have difficulty. They moan in frustration "I'll never be any good at this," "I'll never learn this kick." But when asked if they really want to learn it, they always say yes.

After I teach the motions necessary to master this kick, I give my students homework: practice the kick with each leg a thousand times a week for at least two weeks. I can usually tell who will become proficient at the kick by their reaction my instructions. Some agree to do the exercise, others protest, and still others persist. Those who persist become experts at the rear kick. All have the ability, but only a few have the heart-set.

After seeing the Success Attitude formula in action over the years, I'm convinced that it works every time. It will produce tremendous results and never fails. By following these simple steps, you can enjoy life at high levels of harmony, satisfaction, and joy. By following the Success Attitude formula, you will benefit greatly.

Mark Lesicka
In 1986 Mark was asked to make a donation to the Children's Hospital fund-raiser. The woman calling on behalf of the hospital told Mark a story about how her child had been cared for in a time of illness. Mark was so touched by the woman's story, he felt compelled to do all he could to make this fund-raiser a resounding success. He wasn't sure how he would do it; he only knew that it was

A few days later Mark was visiting one of several video stores he owns. The store manager told him about an article she had read about the Batmobile. She asked Mark if it would be possible to use the car as a promotional tool. At first Mark laughed, but then he thought immediately of the Children's Hospital fund-raiser.

After many calls to the rare car dealership nearby, Mark was able to convince the owner to donate the use of the Batmobile for the fundraiser, with the stipulation that Mark pay for the advertising and transportation costs, as well as arrange permissions from Warner Brothers. The dealership also requested that any ads make it known that the car was being donated specifically for the Children's

Mark set to work, securing the help of employees and friends. When he contacted the movie studio, he was surprised to learn that this was not the first time the Batmobile had been used in a fund-raiser. And he was pleased to learn that the studio would cover any insurance fees. Next Mark contracted with an agency to draw up an advertisement for the Batmobile. While the final ad was being constructed, Mark left for a short vacation. While on vacation, he received a call from his office saying that the dealership was calling the deal off. It seemed that the advertising agency had somehow failed to mention the Children's Hospital fund-raiser in the ad. Mark immediately called the dealership and promised to correct the advertisement.

Despite the obstacles in his way, Mark was driven by the Core Desire to help raise money for a cause he felt close to. The use of the Batmobile was a huge success-over four thousand people attended the event and, in just two days, raised 10 percent of the funds that were raised that year. Mark received numerous calls from other local hospitals requesting that the Batmobile pay visits to their fund- raisers and visit terminally ill children.

Because Mark was driven to help raise as much money as possible for the hospital, nothing stood in his way. Without ever writing down goals or making affirmations, he overcame obstacles, pursued all avenues, and ultimately persevered in the face of adversity. Once he had identified his Core Desire, his Conquering Force kicked into gear-and anything was possible.

Heber J. Grant
When Heber J. Grant was a boy, he joined a baseball club. He lacked the physical strength to throw the ball from one base to another or hit the ball or run well. He was teased and called "sissy." This painful teasing caused him to make a solemn vow to play on the best team and win the state championship. He bought a baseball and spent hours and hours throwing it against a barn. His arm would ache so badly he could hardly sleep at night. But he kept on practicing and eventually played on the team that won the state championship.

Steve Young
"In many ways I'm not a likely candidate to be a quarterback in the NFL. For starters, I harbored a lot of self-doubt for years. I was like The Little Train That Couldn't. I kept saying, 'I can't do it. I can't do it.' So the secret to my success is just that I knew I had the ability and desire-deep down-and I held on. It seemed like success happened to me. I sat there in a 3-D game, and it kept coming at me. I just kept going ahead, kept improving my game, and somehow never stopped. I just took it a day at a time. And over time, I became The Little Train That Could. My new message to myself is 'I think I can. I think I can.' I overcame my doubts. Somehow you get things done that you never thought you could when you just move forward and hold on. The hard part was waiting behind Joe Montana. When I finally got my chance, the scrutiny was intense. I faced incredible odds. But I was drawn to the challenge. I kept saying, 'I'm sticking this one out. I want to see where it goes.' And one day I woke up as MVP of the league."

This level of persistence exists in all of us if we want something with all our heart. One of my mentors once taught me a lesson on adversity when he asked me what makes a kite fly. I said, "It's the wind." He said, "The answer is, the string. What would happen if, while flying a kite, you let go of the string? The kite would fall. You see, it's that resistance to the wind, provided by the string, that not only keeps it aloft but causes it to soar to great heights."

So when you encounter resistance or adversity, remember that you're like a kite flying in the sky and you need resistance to become strong and to stay up there or soar higher. I know that's true for me. As a result of seemingly negative things that have happened to me, I am where I am today. I sure didn't like them when they were happening, but hindsight shows that these experiences were some of the best things that could have happened to me.

The ability to solve problems is one of the most important elements of achievement in any endeavor. Problems will crop up. Accept that as a fact of life. Solving them is the way to succeed.

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