How To Have Better Ejaculation Control: Techniques To Improve Ejaculatory Control

If you search online for ways to gain premature ejaculation control you will no doubt find many products that include creams, sprays pills and special condoms. All these products claim to help you last longer and have betters sex, but are these products really worth using or is there a better way.

The Truth About These Products

The bottom line on these products is that they are not a wise choice. Mainly because they work by desensitizing your body. this basically makes sex a dull experience with little pleasurable feelings. And the worst part is that many of these products will also dull your partners sensation levels as well. So is there a better way to cure premature ejaculation and last longer during sex, the answer is yes and I will talk more about it below!

Gaining Control Of Your Yourself

The only true way that you are going to gain control over yourself is by conditioning your mind and body into a new behavior pattern. By natures design we are programmed to get the job done as fast as possible in order to reproduce and keep the human race going. While this might work for quick reproduction it is not very good for casual sex or sex for enjoyment and will leave most guys feeling embarrassed and inadequate.

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So How Do You Get Around This

First you are going to have to gain control of your breathing patterns. Naturally your body is going to want to start breathing in short fast breaths. What this will do is send signals to the brain letting it know you are getting excited. Your brain will then determine why you are getting excited and then all of the sudden you get that feeling and then bam you premature ejaculate! The best way to control this is with slow rhythmic breathing. A very simple way is listed below.

- Breath In and Hold for 3-5 Seconds
- Exhale Slowly For 3-5 Seconds
- Repeat

Training Yourself Physically

While getting your breathing under control is one aspect of stopping premature ejaculation you must also teach your body to not be as responsive to sexual stimulation as it is programmed to be by nature. There are two great ways to do this and they work on the same principle, lets go over them below!

Methods To Control Premature Ejaculation

Start Stop Method - This method of teaching your body is very simple and can be done while having sex. All you need to do is stop having intercourse when you feel the urge to climax. Then when you feel ready you can continue with intercourse. This can be awkward if you just pull out and sit there so make sure to make the transition into oral sex or some other form of stimulation for your partner!

Masturbation Training - You can also use the same tactic I mentioned above with masturbation training. The theory is the same and the results will be the same. The nice thing about masturbation training is that its only you and there is no odd feelings or other person to worry about. This allows you to focus solely on the goal at hand!

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How To Blow Your Woman's Mind In The Bedroom And Give Her The Best Sex Ever

First off, let me start by telling you a few things that you must never do in the bedroom.

Sadly, the majority of men make some or all of these MISTAKES...

Never do this kind of thing:

- Asking or begging for sex (how pathetic)

- Asking your woman if she had an orgasm (she just wants you to know)

- Doing the same things over and over again (a recipe for boring sex)

- Thinking your woman only likes soft, slow, delicate love-making (she doesn't, she wants it a little rough)

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So now you know what not to do, here's exactly what to do to give your woman THE BEST SEX EVER...

1. Take Charge And Be The Boss In The Bedroom

Women love strong, masculine, sexually dominant men in the bedroom.

Said another way -- you need to TAKE CHARGE and lead your woman. After-all, she's sexually submissive so she doesn't want to take control.

That's your job.

2. You Have Talk Dirty

Fail to do this and you'll never blow your woman's mind. Period.

For a woman, her mind needs to be stimulated as well as her body, in order to be totally sexually satisfied.

As a man, dirty talk is your most powerful tool in bed. Did you know that it's entirely possible to give your woman powerful orgasms using only your voice?

3. Give Her Vaginal Orgasms

Many guys can give their women clitoral orgasms, but very few give them VAGINAL ORGASMS.

Vaginal orgasms are crucial if you want to give your woman INCREDIBLE SEX.

When you give your woman vaginal orgasms, expect the following to happen:

- She'll want more sex than ever

- She'll come over and over again in one sexual session

- She'll go out of her way to please you

- She'll never even think about cheating on you

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Just knowing a girl, is not sufficient to allow you to take for granted that she will be willing to have sex with you. You will need to know her fairly well to be sure that she is attracted to you.

Once she is attracted to you, you will get sufficient signs that, she is ready to have sex with you.

She tries to contact you and arrange to meet you- Once she is attracted to you she would show positive signs of trying to meet you. If you have not called, she will make an attempt to call and speak with you. She might even be the one to arrange a date much as it may not be a direct proposal from her side.

You don't have to be brilliant, good-looking, or well-endowed to have her think you're a sex god... you just have to be 'dumb' enough to follow these step-by-step instructions

She is open and acceptable of your touch- The first time would be when you try to hold her hand. If she draws it away then you'll know that she is not yet ready for that and more. Go slow and do not rush trying to hold her hands or caress her elsewhere. But if she allows her hand to be held then you can try caressing her arms or necking with her gradually.

She returns your kisses as ardently as you kiss her- This gesture will assure you that she would be ready for more. This is a sure sign that she likes you and will be ready to have sex with you. Once she is acceptable of your kisses, caress her breasts and thighs. If she does not resist you, this will confirm that she is ready for more.

Approach the subject directly- Now is the time to directly suggest having sex with her. But take care not to force the issue on her lest she resists. Maybe she has been prepared for thus far and no further. Only when she gives you her acceptance in as many words should you be sure that she is ready to have sex with you.

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Everybody hears things about the g-spot; it's finding it that is the problem, really. However, if you take some time off to do so, you will come to find that it can be a great pleasure trigger for women and can even help them reach the ultimate peak in ecstasy and bliss.

In fact, the g-spot - all on its own - has the power to give women not only a single orgasm, but multiple ones all in a row. Find out just how this works today...

How To Give A Woman The Ultimate Sexual Satisfaction - With These 4 Earth-Shattering Orgasm Tactics

Tactic #1. Be accurate at finding the g-spot. Although you may have a rough idea of where the g-spot is located, it is much harder than you might think to actually locate it. Since it cannot be seen with the human eye, it isn't exactly the easiest thing in the world to find.

Thankfully, I have several tricks up my sleeve that I am about to share with you that can help you find the g-spot and even ensure that you touch it properly. Basically, the g-spot is at the top of the vaginal opening. You will know that you are touching it if you feel a ribbed texture, quite similar to the top of your mouth.

The best way to find and fondle the female g-spot would be by touching your woman while she lies down somewhere. Again, the g-spot cannot be seen, so you will have to rely on your partner's reactions to your touch in order to find out whether you have hit the jackpot yet. Once you do, there will no longer be a problem, though.

Touching the g-spot on its own can make any woman moan in ecstasy and their facial expressions are sure to contort to those feelings accordingly the more you keep doing the right thing with your fingers.

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Tactic #2. Make her recline a little bit. If your partner isn't in the mood to lie down just yet, another easy way you can find and fondle the g-spot is if she is in a position where she is slightly reclined. Once in such a position, place a finger into her with your palm facing upwards and then move it in a come-hither motion to perfectly hit that tricky g-spot.

Tactic #3. Get her on her knees. If your fingers are getting tired or if you want your penis to do the trick for you instead through actual penetration, the only perfect sexual position to touch the g-spot would be doggy style. Again, your partner's reaction would be incredibly vital at this since the g-spot cannot actually be seen and felt.

If you can keep contorted and ecstatic facial expressions going for some time from her part, though, she is sure to reach climax in practically an instant and after she does, you will know for sure that the g-spot has been stimulated just the way it was meant to be stimulated.

Tactic #4. Let her get on top of you. One other position you could try out during sexual intercourse that could hit the g-spot would be the cowgirl position. In this position, you have to lie down on your back as your woman rides you with your penis inside of her.

Doing this will allow a woman to move the ideal way for ultimate pleasure. Again, you may not be able to tell if there is a difference if you use your penis to touch the g-spot, but after she moans a lot and reaches several orgasms as she rides you, you will know; trust me!

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