This statement changed my life! Most of you know it from Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich.
Faith is a State Of Mind

Wow! What else do I need to say. I have been one to ask of others their opinions, their insights because my childhood was poor and I had very poor role models growing up. I guess I adopted strong role models from the television because I had such poor role models in my households. I can remember selling questionable materials to my “Dad’s” girlfriends and watching another “stepdad” cook up other questionable materials in the kitchen. Thanks Guys!

Needless to say, those people were perfect representations of what I chose not to do with my life. Still, even in amassing millions in real estate, business lunches with Presidents and VPs of banks, travelling the world, I have always questioned if I was “on the right path”. By the way, that questioning has lead me to great success as I adapt and overcome when I decide that I am not doing the right things. When times get difficult by knowing that faith is a state of mind, you are able to completely have it in yourself at anytime. It is our psychology, our paradigms, that shape our existence. Until recently, making millions of dollars didnt really seem practical to me, and why not? Do you think that you could easily become a millionaire? If so, you’re right, if not, why not?

There are people out there making millions a month let alone in a lifetime. I am sure that over a lifetime we will be there too and some people might even call us millionaires now, but in my opinion if it isnt liquid in the bank than you’re not a millionaire. By some definitions, I was a millionaire at like 23, keep in mind though, that isn’t my definition. There will be a party when I have a cool million in the bank or in my safe and you will probably know about it.

Back to the point at hand, you can change your state of mind at anytime, agreed? There are people that are making millions a month, agreed? When you lose faith in yourself, you can still change your state of mind, agreed? Well, if you lose faith in yourself, then you can just regain it by changing your state of mind which will lead you to making millions a month. Its simple.

I have the statement, Faith is a State of Mind, hanging on my mirror. Its that important, when you are an entrepreneur, you are your business and your mind creates wealth or creates defeat. Also, dont take advice from people that arent qualified to give it. Would you take relationship advice from your drunk Aunt that has been divorced three times? If you have, stop, and the right answer is, HELL NO! So why would you take business advice from people who are not successful? Think about it, I am going to write another blog post about that one day soon. That information is from the Richest Man in Babylon, another timeless classic. These timeless classics are timeless for a reason, read them over and over again.

Well, that is enough for now, FAITH IS A STATE OF MIND, thanks a bunch.

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