How To Ignite Passion In Marriage: How To Create Passion In A Marriage

When a couple has been married for years, it is easy for them to lose the 'magic' in their marriage. Here are some ways that you can easily spice up your marriage.

After a long day's work, all you want to do is sit down and relax when you get home. The same goes for your spouse. That's fine, as long as you keep that time short. The longer you relax, the more your body wants to go to sleep. How can anything exciting happen when you're sleeping?

First thing to do is get rid of the television in your bedroom. We're all guilty of it, but a tv really shouldn't be in your bedroom. this is one of the biggest reasons for the loss of a married couple's love life.

When you have a TV in there, you naturally turn it on, and probably get engrossed in a movie, and fall asleep watching it. If you DON'T have it in there, you will find that the two of you look to each other for 'entertainment', if you will.

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You will turn to each other to unwind from your day, instead of the television.

The second way to spice up your marriage is also an easy one. Have you done anything for your spouse lately? By anything, I mean like taking out the trash or doing other chores. Help your spouse make dinner or clean up.

What will that do? It will let your spouse know that they are appreciated. Just bringing that feeling back alone will drastically improve your love life. It will make your spouse feel loved. When we feel loved, we feel better about ourselves. In turn, they will 'reward' you later in the evening.

If sex has become a routine for the two of you, as it does for most married couples, then try to do something different. You don't have to try anything TOO different, but something that both of you are comfortable with.

Doing this will make both of you more interested, and it won't feel like a routine, or even a chore, anymore.

When you want to spice up your marriage, don't think that you have to work at it. These little things will make a HUGE difference in your love life. Physical closeness is just as important as emotional closeness in a marriage. When the two of these are present in your marriage, your marriage will be balanced, and spice WILL quickly return to your marriage.

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Everything seems sweet and perfect when you decide to take your marital vow with your partner, to you, you earnestly want your marriage to last for eternity. Your plan is to share the remainder of your life together with your partner as couples, growing older with one another and sharing every cheery second imaginable with each other.

However, you will discover that things do not always workout that way. This is because couples argue, fight and disagree on certain issues and get all flustered at one another. From my experience, I want to let you know that this is typical to some extent, but you can not let it negatively influence your marriage.

I will show you some magical ways to resolve issues in your marriage when they arise, and the most potent formula to keep your marriage alive.


Always remember with passion those attributes that attracted you to your partner in the first place. Recall those sweet reasons why you chose to share the duration of your life with him or her. Those fond memories can bring back a dying relationship.


I will strongly advice that you put in every effort to ensure that you iron issue out on your own before seeking professional advice.

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Keeping the communication line accessible in your relationship is one of the most critical elements you have to work to improve on a daily basis. Build a platform where the two of you can discuss issues as they truly are without mincing words, because you could be jeopardizing your relationship if you do not build a smooth communication line between you two.


While you are trying so hard to let your partner know how much you feel about them, you should also give them the opportunity to air their feelings too. Your spouse needs to be heard too.


If the two of you are having problem, or feeling of being slighted, I will recommend that you spend time together offering one another a chance to vocalize and tell the other how you feel with all sincerity and unimpeded communication.


Arrange time for both yourself and your partner; make it a date night in a choice location. Make it memorable. Most couples get so engrossed in their busy routine that they do not remember to share time together with one another.


In whatever capacity you find yourself in the history of your relationship, always take the initiative to resolve issues. You never can tell, your partner may just be ignorant and your initiative in resolving the issue at stake could be the miracle that you need.

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What men want in a woman is someone who will protect us. Say what? Yes, men want protection as much as women do. It's a secret that virtually all women and most men don't even know about themselves. If this seems somewhat hard to understand, don't worry. I'll go and explain why it's true in a second. If you want a head start, think about why you married your man. Have your reasons written down yet? OK, below are the two ways your man wants you to protect him and why he can't love you more until you protect him in these two ways.

1. We are successful!

Men are afraid of primarily two things in life: failure and shame. We are always taught to shoot high and reach for the stars. We get married to you because basically you've given us good reason to believe that you with your assistance, you can help us become successful.

You protect us when we're feeling down and consider giving up. As soon as we give up, we fail. If you protect us from ourselves and make sure we keep on trucking, we stick to our goal and keep on trucking.

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2. We are proud.

Men have egos. I'd like to see the evidence for anyone who doesn't believe this. Us men are proud individuals and if we get beaten in something, it's pretty hard for us to feel nothing towards it.

There are actually a few ways wives can protect their husbands from the hurt of shame and a few of the ways aren't what you might initially think of as being helpful. One of those ways is by verbally "abusing" us in a way that shakes us out of our shame, eg. "You can do better than that, you [expletive]!"

3. Do you really care about us?

One of the hardest things to do is to tell off your man when you're really angry at him. Well, my wife does it to me all the time, but she knows what she's doing. Why is it so hard?

Some women are afraid of her husband's reaction. The best wives will put their own fears of repercussions to rest to help their man become better individuals. By telling them off, they actually care deeply about them, so much so that they're willing to cop some backlash to make sure he snaps out of his period of weakness.

What men want in a woman is someone who can protect him from himself. Men can get depressed when they hit failure time and time again. The best wife will make sure he gets back on track, even if she gets a bit shaken up by doing so.

Couples can love one another and yet find themselves drifting apart and headed for a divorce. There are steps you can take, with or without the aid of your spouse to get your marriage back into the loving place it once was.

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There are many people in the world that struggle to keep a healthy marriage. There are also many couples out there that file for divorce. The ones who are committed to saving their relationship refuse to abandon their vows and love that used to be there just because they've fallen prey to human weaknesses. So they choose marriage therapy in hopes of saving their relationship.

The goal of marriage counseling it to help the couple improve their communications. By improving your communication skills, the better chance you have at fixing your marital problems. With therapy, it allows you and your spouse to have more productive arguments without resulting in more pain and anger. Marriage therapy can help couples learn how to fight and argue in a way where both spouses are expressing themselves in a calm manner. You also learn to improve your listening skills.

Many couples who are going through infidelity seek counseling. Marriage therapy can help couples explore their feelings and address what the effect of the affair had on their marriage. Therapy for couples with physical or emotional affairs can help them figure out how to move forward in their marriage and help them learn skills they need to deal with the impact of the affair.

Couples who have a better chance of saving their marriage through therapy are fully invested in their counseling sessions. They are both willing to look at themselves as well as their marriage to figure out what went wrong and what they can do to improve their relationship.

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Here are some pros and cons to marriage therapy.

-You get an opportunity to understand your spouse in a better way and be able to relate to them.
-You can increase the value you hold on your spouse that can be the driving force to help you guys find a solution to making your relationship work.

-Many couples depend too much on counseling. Unless they take what they learn at therapy and apply it to their relationship outside of their therapy sessions, you marriage will not work. You need to exert effort to make your relationship work in and out of therapy.

Marriage counseling can help save your relationship. It allows couples to learn a better way of communicating so they can find a solution to make their marriage work. It helps couples develops, trust, respect and open communication as well as the ability to give and receive constructive criticism. It helps troubled marriages strengthen the foundation of their marriage that has been broken.

These are the things you should know about marriage counseling. Counseling can help save your relationship if you apply what you learn to your marriage.

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