I Can't Talk To My Husband About Anything: When Your Husband Stops Talking To You

Marriage is an institution ordained by God and the purpose is for a man and woman to come together to live as one, to fulfill God's plan.

But it is often difficult for two person from different background to co-habit without any misunderstanding. This is why, it is very important for couples always to seek ways of improving communication in their marriage.

Here are some ways to improve communication in your marriage.

Believe that your spouse is your partner has given to you by God. Once couples are able to see each other as one because the word of God tells us that "for this reason a man shall leave his parents and cling to his wife and the two will become one" As a matter of importance, couples should learn to practice this in their marriage.

Irrespective of what the circular world says about men or women. Because, there some theories that have been established by psychologists about how individuals behave. You do not have to believe all those theories. Your goal is to believe that your partner is different and you start seeing him or her in that light. Whatever you think of your spouse, they become. Make sure your thoughts towards them are positive, envisage change and it will happen. The law of attraction is applicable here.

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Be sincere to your spouse always, whenever there is a feeling of doubt or suspicion, do not allow it creep into your relationship and spoil your joy. Instead, talk your partner about your suspicion. If there is any way you have offended your spouse or gone contrary to some agreed terms between you. Always deem it fit to tell your spouse about it. Do not let your spouses hear about you elsewhere before you explain. Cultivate the habit of telling your partner the truth always. That is one sure way to build trust.

Make yourself accessible to your spouse always. By so doing, your partner will always have the confidence to approach you know matter how ugly the issue may be. Maintain a friendly atmosphere always in your relationship. Always talk things through with your spouse before taking a decision. This shows that you are carrying each other along in the scheme of things.

Do not discuss your partner with a stranger, most couples see this as an act of betrayal. No matter how aggrieved you may be, learn to resolve issues with your partner. Remember, two wrongs do not make a right. Usually, you just have to swallow your pride and be the peace maker.

Finally, make sure you and your spouse knows what you want in your relationship. Once this is established, you will not be easily distracted by any form of misunderstanding whatsoever.

Misunderstanding is bound to come up in a marriage, but couples who prayerfully seek God's guidance will, sustain a good communication in their relationship.

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Are you and your spouse going through a marriage crisis and you want to fix it? Most marriages, if not all, go through the ups and down, because as you should know, relationships are not perfect. Even feelings go up and down. Sometimes, couples are not even aware things are starting to disintegrate. Therefore, it is not wise to ignore something that seems to be going wrong. You need to act fast. Here are five specific solutions that you can do.

Don't Believe the 50-50 Share

Don't believe people when they say that in order for a relationship to last, both parties should give the same effort in maintaining the relationship. Sometimes, you have to give more than that, especially when you are going through a marriage crisis.

Show your partner you can do more than what you used to. Understand his or her ways more than how you used to. Cook and prepare on the table the food that your partner loves. Listen more to your partner now and by all means, get rid of the nagging.


Don't let communication gap rob the best of you. Communication is not just one of the most important ingredients. You can say that it holds the highest position in the priorities of marriage. Couples who don't talk are 100% going to head to a breakup. You start talking and talk gently to your partner and little by little, the bridge between you will slowly crumble.

Talk about the children, about the two of you, and about the future. Joke about the little failures of the past and about the clumsy ways of your partner. Be alone together and for goodness sake, sleep on the bed facing each other.

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Don't Take Your Spouse's Complaint Personally

Your partner might be deriding you for not pressing the toothpaste tube from the bottom or for forgetting to put your shoes on the rack. The truth is he or she is telling something else indirectly. Usually, the reason for that is something personal on the part of the complainer.

It can be that your partner is actually venting out his anger on what happened on you in the bed the night before. Those little complaints have something to do with a bigger problem. By all means, deal with the reason behind the complaining. If you can, ask your partner to sit down with you, every time a complaint seems to be getting more frequent. That way you will not head to a complicated marriage crisis.

Introduce Changes

It is important that you think about changing. It isn't good coming to the same house with the same setting after work. Rearrange the appliances and the furniture more often. Change curtains, change bedclothes, change the dishes that you put on the table, etc. A home setting that does not bore often brings some sense of excitement not only to you but to the rest of the family.

You can also think of doing other activities such as yoga, swimming and exercising in the gym. Do some painting on your spare time. Just make the other person feel that you have more inside that your spouse hasn't seen so far.

Give Your Partner Space

As you indulge in other activities, you will be giving your partner a chance to be on his own. This is very important because of the inherent individuality you and your partner have. Let the other person decide for himself. Let him enjoy his life doing the thing that he likes to do.

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What men want in a woman is someone who has rhinoceros skin. You know, that big animal with two horns on its face? Of course, I don't literally mean that. I'm of course referring to the fact that rhinoceroses have thick skin. If women have thick skin, they are stronger than most women. They can take more pain. They get more out of life because less holds them down. They also have more respect and love from their husbands. If you don't think you have a thick skin, here are three ways to "grow" some.

1. Assume Nothing

This is something that everyone does. We can't help it. Assuming nothing means that everything is uncertain, even if it seems like it's 100% likely to happen. What does this mean for your relationship with your husband?

Don't trust him when he says he'll do something. Don't trust him to be around when you need him. Most importantly, don't trust him to come back home. He might die for in an accident. This might seem morbid, but if you can start off your day thinking that it's the last day that you'll spend with him, you'll see him in a whole new light and appreciate him for the value he brings to you right now.

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2. Ask him whether he's ever considered leaving you

This is one of those things that's pretty taboo in a relationship. Even though everyone says that honesty is the best policy, there is no man that I know of who has the balls to tell their woman that he may have considered leaving her at some point in time.

If the woman can tell the man that she doesn't mind if he tells her this, this will remove a big load from his chest. The man just doesn't want the wife to freak out if he does tell her. It's not that he does want to leave her, it's just that he wants to share the thoughts.

3. Be brutally honest to him

You can force the thick skin to "grow" by being brutally honest. No one said it was going to be easy, but if you really love your man, he'll appreciate you telling it like it is to him. That will make him do the same to you.

What men want in a woman is someone who can take the daily strain of everyday life. If they can tell them anything they'd like, they would be more honest and would choose to stay with them longer.

Couples can love one another and yet find themselves drifting apart and headed for a divorce. There are steps you can take, with or without the aid of your spouse to get your marriage back into the loving place it once was.

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Marriage is a fundamental part of life that will assist in achieving a certain important purpose of life that requires proper understanding.

It is now clearer that life is an enterprise, from whatever perspective you take the issue of life. The number one product with which you are going to trade is the breath of life given to you and everyone. Hence, what you do with this supreme product is a function of insight, environment, revelation and understanding.

Fulfillment and satisfaction derived from marriage are functions of the insight of the couple as well as their level of understanding, and what the marriage institution means to the couple. The resolution to believe and act on their belief devoid of compromise is essential for their success. Therefore, what is marriage? based on the above fact.

Marriage is a union of soul, heart and body between a man and a woman in this basis of mutual respect for one another to bring benefits, love and profits as a reward for their union. It is an enthronement and special initiation to usher you into a phase of life where you start to rule and reign in your own kingdom.

What is the Raw Material of Marriage?

'GIVING' is the major raw material in the marriage enterprise that begins with exchange of love. In other words, the beginning of this everlasting enterprise is the trading of your love to win the love of your choice. The right way to give in any relationship is giving continually, cheerfully and joyfully. It has to be reciprocal for a bountiful harvest/reward in the relationship as one way traffic can lead to stagnation, lack of harvest and frustration.

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What are the Articles of Trade in a Marriage Relationship?

The articles of trade in any relationship are honesty, adjustment, trust, adaptation, affection, consideration, encouragement and caring. As stock trading necessitates studying the market situation before trading your shares, so it is with matrimony. In other to know the article you will trade in the right proportion at the appropriate time, you need to study the situations on ground. However, for effective trading, flexibility is permitted. The growth of the enterprise will be enhanced by appreciating your soul mate for every of his or her investment.

The reality is that life is regarded as a paymaster that will never compromise. Whatever you do with your soul, heart and body, the result will reveal how efficiently and honestly you go about the exchange of your goods and services in a relationship. Therefore, your marriage will depend on whatever is your desire about life. Matrimony is such a stern business where unity and sincerity of minds is so vital.

Nevertheless, not until couples are prepared to believe, trust and committed to their vows, they may not have unity of minds and purpose. Marriage is an enthronement and also an enterprise that you cannot enjoy its benefits, unless you give it cheerfully, sincerely, continuously and joyfully. Make your relationship work by putting all cheerfulness and sincerity at your disposal.

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