How To Bring Passion Back Into Your Marriage: How To Rekindle Passion In A Marriage

Romance in marriage is a very important factor that couples should not toy with it. Rather it should be a major component of their relationship. Considering the fact that couples are meant to spend their lives with each other, it is therefore important that they seek new ways to spice up their romance. Here are some ways to ignite the fire of romance in your marriage.

1. Appreciate your spouse for every good thing they do, it does not matter how big or small. Always show how much you appreciate their effort. It makes them feel loved. Men should learn to do this at all time to their wives. For instance, tell her how lovely her hair looks, tell her how much you love her dress, and appreciate her for the meal. Just appreciate her for everything.

2. There are times when a woman is overwhelmed with house chores, especially where there is no one close to assist. In this case, assisting your wife do some house chores will relieve her of some stress and also ignite the romance in your marriage. You can lend a helping hand in the kitchen and share some of her responsibilities.

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3. Learn to pass good comments about your wife before your children, relatives, friends, colleagues etc. Saying some positives things about your wife in public is a clear indication of your love and appreciation of her effort. In return, she feels more secured and cherished.

4. Show your wife how much you love her by giving her gifts. Let her know you bought her the gift because you knew it will look good on her. It gives her a feeling that you are always thinking about her. The gift could come in any form, just study your wife and know what she love most.

5. Sending your wife some romantic text messages at regular intervals will go a long way to spice the romance in your marriage. There are some men who ignore this aspect believing that it has no meaningful impact on their marriage. On the contrary, sending romantic text messages to your wife will keep her thought always on you. Do these frequently at regular intervals and you will be amazed at her response? A woman looks forward to things that will ignite their passion. Sending them romantic text messages is one of them.

There are lots more you can do to spice up the romance in your marriage. Do something new every day to make your wife feel loved.

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After the honeymoon, romance all but disappears form the marriage. Is this true? It doesn't have to be. Here are five ways to keep romance alive in your marriage.

After a while of being married, life seems to become the same thing, day after day. Do you remember the fun you had when you were dating, or when you were first married? It's easy to bring that fun back into your marriage!

1. One of the best (and easiest) ways to bring back some of that spark is to remind your spouse how much they mean to you. A short, handwritten note is the most romantic. but, if you don't know what to say, then a card will be just as nice.

Find a card that expresses your feelings to your spouse. It doesn't have to be mushy, but enough to let them know they are still the perfect one for you.

2. Go out on a date. A good old fashioned date will surely bring some of the magic back into your marriage. If you can, go to a place you used to go to when you were still dating.

If not, then find a nice, quiet restaurant where you can go and enjoy yourselves - just the two of you.

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3. Treat your spouse to something special. That something special can be anything - anything THEY think is special. Breakfast in bed, doing some household chores, making dinner, or just letting your spouse relax in front of the tv all day.

Simple things like this let your spouse know that you DO think they are special, and that you DO appreciate them. Simply knowing that you are loved does wonders for a marriage.

4. Never forget the compliments! Marriage does have a way of making us feel 'too' comfortable with each other. Often we forget to tell each other the most important things - things that make us feel good.

A simple 'you look nice today', or anything like that will brighten your spouse's day.

5. Keep the physical closeness in your marriage. Intimacy is a huge part of marriage. Intimacy is not just sex. It is when couples feel close to one another via physical contact.

A quick hug or kiss is physical contact. Put you hand on your spouse's hand or shoulder at dinnertime or whenever you are sitting down. A gentle squeeze of your spouse's hand. These are ALL acts of physical contact, and they can bring a lot of the spark back into your marriage!

Bringing the romance back into your marriage isn't that hard. The hardest part is realizing the the spark has faded.

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Marriage does not guarantee spending your whole life with your spouse because there are internal and external factors that may destroy it. The reality is marriages are bound to fail if there is no conscious effort to work on it. In this article, you shall learn the 7 ways on how to fix a marriage.

1. The first thing to do in fixing a marriage is to determine your marital problems and then find ways to solve them. There are different marital problems that spouses go through and these include the in-laws, infidelity, finances and even children. These issues must be worked on so as to fix your marriage.

2. Communication is important in marriage and lack of it can cause problems. Communication is not only about greeting each other and making small talk. It also means sharing your feelings and bringing down the defenses and walls that divide you. This will make your spouse see and understand clearly what your heart and soul carries.

3. Trust is another vital tool in marriage. You and your spouse should trust each other by expressing what goes inside your heart and your mind. While you share your feelings and thoughts, both of you must not be afraid of being judged or laughed at.

4. Another way on how to fix a marriage is for you and your spouse to have frequent quality dates. This will make each of you feel that you are important in each other's lives. During weekends, have dinner outside of the house and do not discuss your problems there. Just enjoy your togetherness to bring back the romance.

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5. You should prioritize your spouse first so that he or she will feel the importance you give. Your parents and children will soon leave you; thus, it is your spouse who will spend the rest of your life with. You can talk to him or her about the events of the day, hear out his or her problems, and attend to the person's needs.

6. If you feel you need external help because you both cannot handle the extremity of your marital woes, you can go to a marriage counselor who can help you in getting through such problems and then eventually rekindling your love. The counselor will show you ways in addressing your issues fixing them together.

7. You should move on. This does not mean you need to separate and will never be back together again. You just need space and time apart to free your hearts and thoughts from frustrations, mistrust, anger, bitterness and pain. This may result to reconciliation, moving on and turning your backs from a miserable married past.

Marriage is a process that needs love, commitment, effort, time, trust, respect, and patience. There are couples who end up in divorce if these are absent in their lives while there are also those who just stay, bear the pain in marriage and live a miserable life. When you follow these 7 tips on how to fix a marriage, there is a huge chance of growing old together with your spouse.

Couples can love one another and yet find themselves drifting apart and headed for a divorce. There are steps you can take, with or without the aid of your spouse to get your marriage back into the loving place it once was.

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What men want in a woman is someone who will acknowledge their input into the relationship. One of the biggest problems is that women sometimes feel that they are raining too much praise on their man, so instead they cut back on all praise, thereby making him feel unloved. We all know what happens: the man goes and finds the acknowledgement from someone else, possibly another woman. He starts getting emotionally involved and then everything starts unraveling. Sounds clichéd, but it does happen. Here's 3 ways to know if you're not giving your man enough acknowledgement.

1. He's a bit clingy

A common sign that a man isn't feeling the love is when he desperately is trying to get more of it from you. A common sign of this happening is if he does so much for you, it's overwhelming. He makes puppy dog eyes at you and to be frank, acts like a girl.

We all know men like that. Heck, I'd be lying if I didn't go through that phase once in my life. How to fix this? Do something for him. Take something he's doing for you and do it yourself. Whatever it is, re-establish that balance, fast!

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2. He doesn't do enough for you

There then the opposite end of the spectrum: men who do something but feel that they're not being appreciated, so stop doing it. Fair enough, there are guys who are mommy's boys and feel like they need to be acknowledged for every little thing, but you should say a word of "thanks" for even small things.

There was a period time when my girlfriend didn't even say thanks for getting her food (this was when we were dating). I couldn't help but feel like I could find someone else who would actually acknowledge me.

3. He talks about people who do acknowledge him

This is a danger sign that you should take heed of. If your man comes back from work and talks about certain people doing stuff for people, listen to what he's saying. He could basically be telling you, "here are the divorce papers, I've found someone who actually respects me."

What men want is a woman who appreciates him. Nice and simple. If you say thanks for even the small things we do for you, we will appreciate the acknowledgement and we'll hang around a bit longer. Don't acknowledge us and we can't help but feel that there are better people in this world to grow old with.

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