You spend enough time trying to impress your girlfriend so why would you want to spend the energy on impressing her friends as well? There are three reasons that you want to impress your girlfriend's friends.

1. Her friends will like you more. They may be jealous that she found such a good guy or they may just be enchanted by your charm and enjoy being around you. Either way they will be happy for her and approve of your relationship. This is a good thing because of the next reason.

2. She will like you more because her friends like you more. She will have her friends talking in her ear about what a great guy you are. She will realize that you are a great catch and work on keeping you around because, as she now knows, there are other girls that would love to be with you.

3. She will work even harder to please you because you because you make such a good impression around her friends and herself. She will be more caring, compassionate, and understanding of things and less critical. If you on the other hand have her friends telling her what a jerk you are then she may be noticing little qualities about you that she doesn't like. It's the power of persuasion.

So how can you make a good impression with her friends? There are many ways, and they will start to come easier to you after you begin winning her friends over. Use the following tips to help get you started.

Help Your Girlfriend Out in Front of Her Friends - Without Complaining

Help her do her hair when she's having trouble, or carry her grocery bags for her while you are out shopping. Essentially, any time you see an opportunity to help her do something or make something easier for her - do it!

Her friends will see you as a guy who really cares about her and her needs and that's a big bonus with all women! Caring and understanding guys are a huge hit and if you take the initiative to help her do things without her asking then you are sending the message of being aware of her needs - which many guys do not send.

Talk Good About Her When She's Not Around

When you tell her friends how great you think she is then you impress them with your commitment to her. They will melt at a guy who cares about their friend so much and they will tell her what you said as soon as they are alone. This is really a double bonus. You impress her friends and make her feel good at the same time.

Let Them Catch You Looking at Her When She's Not Looking

This is simple but it works! Her friends will be watching you to see your reactions towards things she does. If she's looking at herself in the mirror and you give her a loving look then her friends will be impressed by your candid ability to admire her without her having to know. The trick is to not look at her friends afterwards for approval. Just make it look like something they caught without you being any the wiser.

Don't Put Her Down or Make Fun of Her

I hate watching my friends boyfriends make fun of them; even if it's about something silly like enjoying strawberry milkshakes a little too much. It makes me feel bad for my friend that she has to put up with jokes against her likes, character, or beliefs.

If she does something that is hurting herself then take her aside and talk to her about it when her friends are not around, but if she's got little quirks that her friends or other people make fun of don't join in and make fun of her too, instead be on her side and tell her friends that you think it's cute. Her and her friends will both love this move.

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