“We can be sure that the greatest hope for maintaining equilibrium in the face of any situation rests within ourselves.”- Francis J. Braceland
Life balance, work-life balance is a lesson that everyone needs to learn. Having a correct, healthy and sound body is essential for everyone’s happiness and career. A person who comes to have a more balanced life can have time and energy achieve their goals or business success. The question is how to keep a balanced life and have a quality of life and new found equilibrium. Here are tips for you

1. Clean, Clean, Clean
No matter how old, how wealth and how smart you are, try to clean what is deep inside your soul, mind and finally body whenever you think it necessary. That keeps you away from your burden, memory, and experience.

2. Full of love and be grateful
Be grateful for everything, good or bad, friends or enemies, as long as it is around you and he or she influences. Do not take anything or anyone for granted. Be polite and modest to treat people and obstacles you use. Be grateful and say “thank you” for everything and everyone. Help people with unconditional love and say it whenever it is needed.

3. Take good care of your health & lifestyle
Happiness is the basis of a healthy body! We must take it seriously on a daily basis. No matter when we eat, sleep, work, and take exercise, health matters to everyone. Most people do not pay attention to it until they have a disease or maybe people they know have cancer or heart attacks. Health includes every aspect of our lives. We would do everything better and be more satisfied and happier when we have good health. It’s worth investing in your physical and mental health. Having correct health concept such as getting up and going to bed early, moderately physical labor, eating healthy food and getting enough sleep is all important to you and it is never too late to cultivate it.

4. Detoxification
Bad habits – More or less, we all have some bad habits such as staying up late, drinking less water, a late supper or midnight snack, pressure, sitting all day long, insufficient vegetable and fruit and even chemicals can cause toxins. People with negative thoughts, complaints, and poor attitudes are included as well. That is why we need detoxification since we cannot keep poisonous substances away from entering our bodies or being around us. Since it would be impossible to avoid them thoroughly, at least try to minimize the influence or contact they bring you. Try to get yourself in a healthy, positive and supportive environment and system if possible.

5. Take a break & relax
After long hours of hard working, find yourself a short break to recharge, to fresh your head and to calm down. Maybe ten – thirty minutes off to have some fresh air and take a walk or wonder in the park. Maybe picking up a book or magazine to read for some time without thinking of anything. Or putting away your cell phone and laptop for a few minutes’ silence. Or having a cup of coffee in the afternoon and having a casual chat with someone who makes you feel comfortable and easy-going. Even better is that you can have a pedicure or a massage or spa to ease yourself without much cost. Listening to your favorite music or taking a nice bubble bath at home can be very healing. Instead of being tense and nervous all day long, it is good for you to relax for a moment and come back to fight again.

Practicing relaxing daily is essential for your health. It is good and healthy for stress and emotion exit. It can help you find your peace and focus back and stabilize your moods. When you have more pressure and numerous problems, you can take it easy and deal with them more easily, just like your daily routines. Never let your daily frustrations or depression build until a level that is too much for you to contain or stand. Simply remember that everything can be waited and turned around.

6. Sit still & meditate
Sitting still and meditation is a kind of thinking exercise to enhance the concentration of the mind. Focus on a bright, calm goal. What you think, what you become. The appropriate time for meditation exercise is early in the morning and evening. When you do that, remain to breathe naturally to calm your body and mind. You would be released from psychological pressure or compression. More often, to keep practicing it routinely can help you purify your mind and soul and balance autonomic nerves nervous system.

7. Connect and communicate with your god
No matter what kind of religion you believe in, or whether you study the Bible or Buddhist scriptures, these wise words and sentences influence you a lot in the daily life. They can teach us what to do, how to do it and why you should do it. Having spiritual practice regularly like praying or reading the bible can provide you with a stable strength to move on and open your wisdom especially while you have difficulties. Spiritual practice with people who share the same beliefs with you can help you find your sense of belonging to contribute to your life.

1. Set priorities
When you have too many things to do when you wake up in the morning or before you go to bed like family chores or work. Remember that you are a person with limited time and ability. Do not be so greedy to cram all of the things which is impossible and causes unnecessary pressure and disorder. Therefore, you need to exam what matters to you and think about how much time and energy you would like to invest in it. Try to make a to-do list and prioritize them into different categories in order of time and importance. It enables you to make the right decision about what to do first and what to do later. Just imagine that you are having a big feast with your family, many emails come in with a notice and you cannot help yourself check them one by one. It is really not worthy of sacrificing your precious family time unless it is urgent certainly. Stay focused whenever you should so as to manage your time and energy effectively.

2. Your job meets your needs
Everyone has different needs and expectations about jobs and being hired. In the short run like a student, you may think of a part-time job to have extra income to support your studies or to have experiences to get familiar with the employment market. In the long run like a secretary and a mother, you need to think about how to take care of your children and your work as well. Or maybe you are not an ambitious person and do not want to take too much responsibility. You simply want to work in a stable workplace and your colleagues are all easy-going and like friends. Then you would try to find a job or a working environment like that. Or you often work long hours without your personal life, have to stay up without extra compensation and your boss is very much demanding which all leads to unbalanced work life. As you are getting older or have more experiences, you would know much more exactly what you want and would adjust your behavior. The point is that you enjoy your job and have a good time there even though your position is minor and your work is plain. Otherwise, there would be a conflict between your job and the money you earned. No one wants that and everyone wants to be happy.

3. Set boundaries
The top tip about handling your work and your relationship with others is to set boundaries among them.

During the office hours, everyone knows that he or she should concentrate on his or her work. How about when you are off or when you finish your work and leave your office? The boundary is very vague. Of course, you should leave work at work, put your laptop on the office desk without taking it home or take your work home and stop checking your emails and messages on your cell phone. It is really a little bit difficult to separate it so clearly without influencing your personal life. Therefore, set the boundaries to limit how it affects you after working hours is quite essential to you. Maybe after eight o’clock pm, you start another working mode because you cherish your time with your family or friends. Maybe you can get up early around five-six o’clock to prepare for your work or to continue what should be done yesterday. Or you can have some discussion with your boss or leader to have some adjustments about your job content or your salary. Or you may consider applying for another job or transfer to another department.

Regarding the boundaries among your family, friends, colleagues and social media. Try to keep an appropriate distance with them especially when you find out you cannot get along well. You must admit that no one is mature enough to be prepared for all kinds of relationship and conflicts. As a mother of a teenager, you have a stronger desire to control your son because he would face more external and dangerous temptation like drug abuse. As a wife of a rich and good-looking husband, you would fear that your husband would be easily seduced by another woman. As a user of Facebook or Instagram, you would be worried to be cyberbullied or criticized. That’s why the importance to set up the line to minimize the harm to or reduce the damage to the minimum since you know it is impossible to avoid it completely.

4. Establish and maintain a good relationship with people you care
Do spend time with your family and friends, especially those you care about and those who care about you. No matter how busy you are or how occupied you are, try to have meals with them or go out with them to talk about what happens to you recently. Plan some activities to hang out together rather than go home to be a couch potato all night. Or you can go to the sports club to have a beer to watch the final round and to have some fun and relax. Or you can go to KTV to sing all you want with your family to let off some steam. Maybe you can play basketball with your friends to enjoy yourselves. Maintain a good relationship with those who mean a lot to you can bring many good advantages like decreasing your pressure and making you feel being loved and happy.

5. Find a hobby & develop an interest
The world is so big and has so much that you have not tried, except your work, do encourage yourself to make the first step. Or you can explore yourself to know what else you would like to learn to find a hobby and devote yourself in. Go to the gym to work on your muscle or have some classes of painting and sketching or try something different from your job. Maybe you enjoy mountain climbing so that you can join a club. Or maybe you like to play the piano so that you can hire a tutor to teach you once a week. Or you like the good feeling that yoga brings you so that you can watch a yoga film on YouTube and have yoga every night. Just explore yourself and find out what interests you and make it a hobby. Make it a regular activity in your calendar and join a group if possible so that you can have a mutual topic to talk about and work on it together. You would feel more fulfilled and find your life more meaningful. If you don’t have a hobby, you should start to find one.

“A time for everything: A time to relax and a time to be busy, a time to frolic and a time to labor, a time to receive and a time to give, a time to begin and a time to finish.”- Jonathan Lockwood Huie
May you find a way to keep a balanced life, your own balanced life.


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