How To Make Husband Happy When Angry: What To Do When Husband Is Angry With You

Are you still at a loss as to how to make your husband happy? You notice him being a little indifferent and there seems to be a feeling of coldness that you can sense in him, but then you are afraid to ask not knowing how you will react if he says he wants someone else. Really, you just cannot bear the thought of hearing those words from his mouth, oh dear!

For these, it all the more becomes essential that you do everything in your power to make the relationship successful by of course, zeroing in on how to make your husband happy. In that way, he will not have any chance of turning sour about your relationship; or perhaps of becoming indifferent to you and therefore, acting cold towards you. Here are just a few tips that you will need to follow so that you may once and for all be confident that you are indeed, making your husband happy:

1. Start In The Bedroom

Start with the simplest and easiest step to execute as far as how to make your husband happy is concerned. Really, you can do so many things in the room that can make your husband very happy. For after all; it is one place where you can do all the intimate things you do together as husband and wife. Make sure you give him some surprises every now and then so that it will not be the same old boring action today which was the same as last night's or yesterday's and the other day's or perhaps last week's and so forth and so on. See the picture? Be adventurous. Try something different which you know can excite your partner!

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2. Find The Connection

Connecting with your partner is the next best thing you can tackle if you are really bent on making him happy. Make sure you spend a lot of time with him so that you may finally pin down his thoughts, feelings and sentiments about almost anything he would like to share with you.

3. Spend Lots Of Time Together

As soon as you have reconnected, there is no way you should be distant. Even if you have lots of office work to do, make sure you always stay close to him. That way, he will not have the feeling of getting disconnected which is actually the number one reason why husbands become unhappy. This is usually the reason why men opt to just divert their attention to some other women.

4. Pamper Him

In case you did not know yet, men like being pampered. So if you are certain that your husband is sort of showing signs of unhappiness in your relationship; make sure you instantly address the problem and find out about how to make your husband happy. To do it, you can bring him to different places he has never been to or perhaps treat him to a special dinner or if you are apprehensive about the budget, a simple movie watching together can also be an effective way of how to make your husband happy.

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Do you feel secure in your relationship? In a healthy relationship, partners develop a secure attachment to one another whereby each person becomes a safe haven and a solid base for the other. Having this secure connection in place allows each partner to go out into the world with more confidence and self-assurance. If you desire to deepen your connection with your partner, you can begin right now by learning the Language of Love.

The Language of Love is the language of emotion. And the language of emotion is the language of relationship. The Language of Love is based on the words you use to describe and comprehend your emotional world. By learning the basics of emotional language, you can start to create a healthier and stronger foundation for your relationship.

The language of emotion contains two types of emotions - Primary Emotions and Secondary Emotions. Whenever a conflict or disconnect happens in your relationship, either a Primary or Secondary Emotion is at the core.

Primary Emotions represent those immediate, often unconscious, emotional responses that are felt in reaction to a situation. If you've ever experience that "fight-or-flight" feeling in response to a disagreement with your partner, for example, you've engaged a Primary Emotion.

Examples of Primary Emotions:

- Shame

- Hurt, Anger, Sadness

- Alone

- Invisible

- Isolated

- Abandoned, Empty, Hollow

- Unimportant

- Disconnected

- Desperate

- Rejected, Not good enough, Pushed away

- Inadequate

- Afraid of failure

- Overwhelmed

- Numb, frozen

- Not loved, Not Wanted

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Secondary Emotions represent our emotional attempt to manage the arousal we're experiencing as a result of a fight-or-flight Primary Emotion. For example, if your partner has been prioritizing work over you, and you are feeling rejected, you might automatically display one of the emotions below, such as annoyance or depression. Secondary Emotions are reactive responses that obscure our original feelings and block connections. These responses are often based on fear and fuel the behavior that we exhibit in response to a perceived (or real) threat from our partner.Examples of Secondary Emotions:

- Apathy

- Hostility

- Frustration

- Annoyance

- Depression

- Withdrawal

- Anger

- Aggression

When something unpleasant happens in our relationship, we undergo an Emotional Process that we are not consciously aware of. For example, have you ever responded impulsively to something your partner said or did without thinking about whether your response was loving, kind or beneficial?

When we feel threatened in our relationship, the four phases we unconsciously and instantly engage in our Emotional Process are:

- Appraisal - we make a rapid assessment concerning the potential danger or threat.

- Arousal - we experience a physiological activation and prepare to respond.

- Reappraisal - using greater cognition, we reevaluate our initial assessment

- Action tendency - we behave, often by rote, in response to the threatening stimuli

By using the Language of Love, the devastating effects of negative interactions can be sidestepped or avoided altogether. With a little guidance, you and your spouse can learn how to dissolve the triggers, and discover the true yearnings, that hide behind each little upset. The Language of Love will help you to speak to one another and understand each other more deeply. This dialogue will empower the two of you to create the kind of safe and secure bond that represents the foundation of a strong marriage.

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Stop and think before you go to a lawyer to talk about divorcing your partner. The situation in your marriage may seem to be beyond redemption, but stop getting divorce advice from anyone until you are absolutely certain there's nothing you can do to save the relationship.

When you got married you were both full of expectations, but life has a way of quickly bringing problems into your life that cause disruption, arguments and apathy.

Financial problems can be one of the biggest areas of disagreement in marriage. Maybe one partner keeps spending and getting into debt, or jobs are lost and debts are piling up. Whatever the situation, together you can sort it out and get back on the right path. This can only be done however, by talking it over with each other, or with a financial adviser, and tackling the problem together.

The most important word here is 'together', because you will be amazed what you can achieve as a 'team', and by so doing your love and respect for each other will grow.

Letting yourself go can also become a problem with a partnership. Just because you're married doesn't mean you don't have to keep yourself looking nice, and you can let the home drift into chaos. Both partners should ensure that they keep themselves and their surroundings looking the best they possibly can. These are not always easy things to do, but they can be achieved with a little hard work and forethought.

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Laugh a lot. Laughter can see you through so many things in life, and put things into perspective. Making fun of day to day things together can break down barriers and tensions quicker than anything else.

Try to avoid bitterness. It's so easy to become bitter when things don't work out the way you want them to. What you don't realize is that in a way your mindset is helping to create an even worse situation. Therefore coming together with your partner to plan and work towards a goal can give you enthusiasm and a purpose.

Marriage should be about thinking of the other person and what they aspire to, and trying to achieve it together. Participating in things together brings you closer and feeds your soul. Success in anything doesn't come easy, but it's well worth it.

Once you seek a divorce and criticisms about each other are brought about through third and fourth parties, it's very difficult to get back what you once had together. For this reason divorce should be the last resort, when everything else has failed.

If you loved one another once, then it may still be buried deep inside you, and can be revived. Make time for each other, sit and talk, listen, laugh and make love. Take criticism and work with it to create a better understanding of what you both need and want. However busy you are make time every day for each other and learn how it went wrong.

Couples can love one another and yet find themselves drifting apart and headed for a divorce. There are steps you can take, with or without the aid of your spouse to get your marriage back into the loving place it once was.

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Life is not a bed of roses and this saying becomes very evident when your relationship of many years suddenly seems to tumble upside -down and you do not know what needs to be done. At a point of time, when you seem to struggle with your married life, you may realize that steps to amend the relationship seems futile because a new person has entered the life of your spouse who may seem to be the primary cause of this tension. However, how much ever difficult and hopeless the situation may seem, it is always best to try really hard to resolve conflicts and issues so as to heal a troubled relationship.

It may seem impossible to avoid verbal fights and worse even swearing. You must be smart enough to realize that all these will only further increase the gap in the relationship and that is precisely what is wanted by your spouse at this point of time in your tensed relationship. Hence, a rather smart move would be staying calm and not reacting adversely and worsening an already worsened situation. Most of the times, it has been seen that once you know that your marriage is falling apart, you tend to get more and more angry and remorse which only complicated the situation further and the ending is worse. Small issues may be bloated up because all that is required is a reason to run away.

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In such a situation, the best move would be to stay calm and concentrate on self-growth- you should seem unperturbed and confident even in extremely bad situations and that is how you could probably win back you spouse. You should show that you are not dependent on your spouse in any way because once he/she knows, you are independent enough that you could live on your own, that could eventually rekindle interest in you again.

Even if both spouses love each other sincerely, at times they might find themselves getting more and more distant from each other and getting close to a divorce. But like me, you too can take some steps into saving your marriage and turning it into a satisfying relationship.

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