My Husband Said I Make Him Unhappy: Husband Is Miserable With Me

So, you want to learn how to keep your husband happy. It is equally important that both of you know how to make each other happy and not only on one side. Let's look at some things that we can do in order to keep your husband satisfied and happy with your relationship.

1 - Subtle things like cleaning up washed hair from the drain on the shower room so that he will not be bothered when he showers. Men don't like to untangle hair especially long ones on their toes during their relaxing shower.

2 - Keep posted of the schedules in his work but you need to understand him perfectly. Occasional phone calls in his office and ask how he is or what time you will expect him at home. It becomes embarrassing for them if the entire office knows that you will be calling them at exactly 5:00 pm. How to keep your husband happy is to be there for him without demanding too much.

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3 - Allow him to be with his friends once in a while. It is important to set the limitations and the rules but it is also important that you hold him firmly in place without strangling him into the relationship. As long as they are not too good to be true for your husband, he should be safe in their company.

4 - Stay beautiful and attractive. It is always a wrong notion to forget about your self just because you are already married. It doesn't mean you have to spend long hours at spas and salon to maintain your hair and skin but make it to the point that you will remain the prize that he adores from the start. It's one reality. Men love attractive women.

Above all things, learning how to keep your husband happy begins in your self. You both should resolve your issues within your self and between each other. Do not go to bed when you are mad at each other. If possible, resolve things first. Remember, a relationship needs patience and trust. It is up to you to nurture it and make it grow.

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You're looking for ways to save your marriage. Your marriage is in trouble. It is very important that you stay as calm as possible. This is the only way you will be able to think clearly enough to stop a divorce from happening. Here are some tips and advice to help you to save your marriage and build a stronger relationship in the process.

- Don't let negative feelings show. When you act out of desperation, or talk with tension in your voice, it will only add to the problems. When you are trying to save your marriage, it is very hard, but you have to try your best to stay calm.

- Give your spouse (and yourself) some breathing room. When things get heated, go to see a friend or family member for a few hours, and return home after things cool off. This will enable the two of you to talk to each other rationally, instead of fighting.

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- A marriage is a union of two people who love and support each other through good times and bad. When your love for each other is strong enough, your marriage can survive anything it is faced with. Show your spouse that you truly love them, and need them in your life.

- Spouses should learn to communicate well with each other. This isn't always easy, but it is extremely important, especially when you want to keep your relationship alive.

- The saying 'don't sweat the small stuff' really means alot. Try not to complain about every little thing. Let some things slip by. The big problems do need to be addressed, and dealt with. Learn to face your marital challenges together.

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When it comes to saving a marriage, everyone has some sort of advice on what to do to repair a marriage and prevent divorce. However, not all of them are the right kind of advice - in fact, when I personally had marriage problems, I found out that most advice on the Internet was plain wrong. My husband asked me for a divorce and I still loved him and wanted to save my marriage - and I searched for ways on how to make your husband fall in love with you again, but all advice (and guides) I found on the Internet only made everything worse. It's not until I came upon the right advice that I made progress in repairing my marriage. And today I proudly say that I saved my marriage - in fact, it's been over a year and everything is right since. So, I want to be your "right advice" and help you in saving your marriage, so please bear with me.

When my husband asked me for a divorce, since I valued him and the marriage more than anything; my first reaction was to not accept it and fight back as hard as I could. I did everything I could to sway him from his decision. That meant I did a lot of begging and crying. However, it wasn't until I was taught that "That is not the way to go." I understood that made no progress - in fact, it made things worse. When your husband asks for a divorce, it means he wants personal space and time. Don't fight that. I am not saying "agree with the divorce," but you should agree with a trial separation. I know that it seems like "confirming to grow apart from him", but it most certainly isn't. When you say to your husband that you respect his feelings and needs; you can be sure he's going to appreciate that. A trial separation actually gives your husband some alone time in which you can be sure he is going to start to miss you.

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Also, whatever happens, don't blame your husband for wanting to divorce. This means acknowledging your part of the mistakes that led to this situation. Understand what you did that contributed to this, and prove it (with your actions, not mere words) that you won't make the same mistake again. When my husband asked me for a divorce, I tried to make myself remember the fact that my husband married me for a reason and that reason was that he loved me very much. So I thought that through making an effort I could make my husband fall in love with me again - you should think positively like that, too.

Even if both spouses love each other sincerely, at times they might find themselves getting more and more distant from each other and getting close to a divorce. But like me, you too can take some steps into saving your marriage and turning it into a satisfying relationship.

Couples can love one another and yet find themselves drifting apart and headed for a divorce. There are steps you can take, with or without the aid of your spouse to get your marriage back into the loving place it once was.

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Not only have we ushered in a new year, we have also begun a new decade. What a wonderful time to take stock of what we have achieved and those things that we would like to work on. How many of us have made lists of resolutions that we steadfastly work on for the first few months of a new year only to watch them slowly evaporate as time goes on? Too often it is exercise and weight loss that people focus on, but relationships need to be tended to as well. It is far too easy to be busy with other things and not to make a conscious commitment to our relationship.

I am struck by how many couples come to my office in distress because they haven't paid enough attention to their primary relationship. If you do not water and weed the plants in your garden, do not be surprised if they shrivel and die!

Your relationship with your spouse is the underpinning of your deepest need for security and comfort. Neglect your relationship and distance, disconnection and affairs often arise. Couples admit that they are attentive to their children, to their siblings, to their parents, and to their work colleagues, but that they have not been as thoughtful of their marriage. We are beings who need others. We need to be loved. If we don't find a loving connection in our primary relationship we will often look elsewhere.

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One woman in my practice admitted she was getting the warmth and affection she needed from her children. This helped her to overlook the fact that she wasn't getting the love she wanted from her husband. Another person mentioned he would never allow a misunderstanding in his office to go unaddressed without taking his colleague aside and discussing the situation. However, it never occurred to him to address misunderstandings with his wife in the same way.

Why is it easy for us to focus everywhere else before we focus on our spouse? The reason we find it difficult to give our time and energy and attention to our spouse is because we are vulnerable with our partners in a way that we are not with the others in our lives. Our mates know exactly what makes us tick. They know how to push on our vulnerable spots and trip our switches: "Danger, Danger, Danger!" We defend ourselves from hurt by either withdrawing or by becoming aggressive or angry. Before we know it, we are in a destructive cycle with our spouse who responds in kind to our unconscious defense.

So how do you avoid this harmful spiral? Amazingly, the solution is rather simple - spend some time together!

4 Ways To Nurture Your Relationship And Tend The Garden That Feeds Your Very Essence!

1. Commit to taking at least a few minutes each day to talk to one another.

Do not talk about logistics, bills or problems with the kids. Talk to each other to learn about what the other is thinking. Remember what you used to talk about when you were courting? At that time, you were focusing on getting to know each other so that you could unravel the mystery of this fascinating, new person. Surprisingly, bringing this level of curiosity back into your relationship will strengthen your bond - even after many years of marriage.

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2. Create a date night each week.

Create a date to go out on the town or set aside time to cherish each other at home over a glass of wine and a special movie. It is not what you do that counts; your partner needs to know that you care enough about him or her to have set aside a special time that is just for them.

3. Check in with one another during the day.

Leave a voice message, an email or even a text message letting your partner know that you are thinking about them.

4. Create rituals for when you part ways in the morning and when you come back together in the evening.

Creating personal rituals in this manner is especially important for couples where one spouse travels extensively. How do you come back together after a prolonged separation? What can you each do so that each of you feels honored and acknowledged when you see one other again?

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