Husband Talks To Me Like Dirt: He Treats Me Bad But I Can't Leave

So, your husband doesn't love you anymore? Can you save your marriage? There really is hope.

Your problem may be like mine. Anytime I face a failure in my life, I want to avoid thinking about it.

I discovered a secret, though. Could it help you?

Here is the secret, when I quit avoiding the problem and faced it head on, new ideas came as to how to fix the problem.

Here are five ways you can be proactive--even if it seems like your husband doesn't love you.

1. Recognize the problem. Quit avoiding thinking that this might be the case--maybe your husband doesn't love anymore..

2. Look at where you have been part of the problem. Your tendency may have been to just blame your husband (and I'm not denying that he may be largely at fault). If you want things to turn around, you are the one who will have to initiate change.

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3. Be honest when you talk to your husband, but be brief and to the point. Research shows that husbands and wives think differently. I mean that physically the process is different. The husband tends to think linearly and deals with one topic at a time. The wife deals with things on several fronts at one time. If the husband understands this, it will help him to listen to his wife. Things may have progressed to the point to where your husband is not ready to be trained how to listen to you. So, try to communicate like he does. Stay on topic. Be brief. Go in a linear progression from idea to idea. You do not want to bore your husband with your accounts of how you feel.

4. Now here is a key that will help you to take action: Spend some time away from your husband. Dr. James Dobson wrote a book called, Love Must Be Tough. It describes why this process works. When you spend some time away from him, you create some curiosity.. If you create a void, he may even try to win you again.

5. When a prime opportunity arises, flirt with him--just like you did when you were first dating or when you wanted to be dating.

When you feel your husband doesn't love you anymore, it may be that you are overly concerned. However, observe things carefully. If you are convinced that he doesn't love you, don't put your head in the sand. Take action. Read about the subject.

If you take these five steps, and you see signs of interest returning to your husband, lean about six crucial areas of any marriage that must achieve at least some measure of success. When you improve in these areas, your husband may once again want to do what he can to save the marriage. Then the two of you can work on these things together.

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Is your marriage getting out of hand because of negative behavior coming from both of you? If it is, then read this article with urgency. These negative behaviors should be dealt with immediately. Saying to your spouse that "this is what I am and this is who I am" is not acceptable.

If you want to know how to save your marriage, such negative behavior should be eradicated. It should be taken out of the equation as it is going to bring nothing good.

Emotional and Physical Abuse

In all marriages, physical and emotional abuse is a no-no. In fact, it is even illegal. You may justify this by saying that you have control over your spouse. But you are not. There will come a time when your spouse cannot take all of it anymore and will come to say that enough is enough.

If you want this to stop, you should seek counseling.

Breaking Promises and Being Undependable

By breaking a promise, not only are you labeled as a liar but also you will be considered undependable. What family wants a father or a mother that is undependable? The more you lie, the more your spouse will lose trust in you.


Being overly jealous of your spouse up to the point that you spy on him/her means you do not trust your partner. Seek counseling if you want to stop this behavior.

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Inability to Forgive

The best way to get back your spouse is to forgive him if he was at fault. Holding a grudge for a long time is not healthy in your marriage. It will just make things worse for you and your spouse. Forgiveness means you are moving on so that both of you could learn from your mistakes

Taking Romance For Granted

Romance is very important at every stage of your marriage. Even when you are already fifteen years into your marriage, the level of your love and affection should not be diminished. In a marriages crisis, talking about sex and romance is very important. Do not put romance in the backburner of your marriage as this will just hurt it.

Unrealistic Expectations

When a certain expectation of your spouse never materializes, you tend to get frustrated, thus adding up to the problems that lead to failure in marriage. What you should do is talk about all your expectations with each other and weigh the achievable ones with the unrealistic ones. Being able to do this together would help you know just which you can reach for and which you have to set aside.

Limited Communication

Not sharing your thoughts and feelings with your spouse is not good for your marriage. Share you thoughts and feelings with each other.

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Learning how to save a failing marriage is not something you probably ever thought you would need to know. There is little doubt that you married for all the right reasons and you and your spouse have enjoyed many good times together. So what has gone wrong? You can create or re-create the marriage you desperately want by avoiding certain pitfalls and following some proven steps.

First of all, it is important to realize that you probably didn't expect to be at this point with your spouse. Most couples don't get married with the expectation of getting divorced and we aren't usually equipped ahead of time to know the proper way to save a failing marriage. So the confusion and frustration you feel is totally to be expected. When my wife told me that she wanted a divorce, I was completely unprepared for the news.

I reacted the way many spouses do and made all kinds of mistakes; things that at the time seemed like the best way to handle the situation. Boy was I wrong!

Here is what I have learned after nearly losing my wife to divorce. These are time honored and proven steps which can set you on a course for to create the marriage you desperately want:

1. Accept the reality that you probably cannot save the marriage without some sort of help. It doesn't even have to be from your spouse at this point. With the proper help, you can change the relationship even if your spouse isn't trying!

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2. Acknowledge that regardless of whatever pain you are feeling, your partner is feeling pain too, whether he or she is expressing it outwardly or not. Withholding feelings should not be equated with not caring.

3. Keep an open mind regarding perceptions of your marriage, your spouse, what creates a successful marriage, and what you must do going forward. Be open to the idea of a total paradigm shift in the relationship.

4. Become willing to take the action necessary to change the dynamics of your relationship, whether your spouse seems willing or not.

These four steps will set the stage for creating the marriage you desperately want. Statistics have shown that most marriages can be saved and divorce can be avoided. Make the marriage your primary priority. It shouldn't be a 50/50 proposition; be willing to give 100% and watch the miracle happen!

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I sometimes hear from wives who are experiencing very conflicting emotions as it relates to their husband, who had filed for divorce and then changed his mind. On the one hand, they are grateful that he has changed his mind. Because often, they didn't want a divorce and could only watch helplessly as he filed. But, as grateful and as relieved as they are, they are often left wondering what reasons lead to his change of heart.

I heard from a wife who said: "after months of fighting and even a short separation, my husband filed for divorce four weeks ago. I did everything I could to delay him or talk him out of this, including offering counseling and compromises. Nothing worked. When he filed, I was devastated and I grieved. I was so sorry for my kids and for the future that I wouldn't have. Within the last week, I have sort of accepted it. I'm not saying that I'm not still devastated but I realized that there wasn't a whole lot that I could do about it. And wouldn't you know as soon as I had started to accept it my husband came by and told me that, for now, he has changed his mind about the divorce. The first thing out of my mouth was to ask why. And the reason is that I had thrown every argument that I had at him to get him to change his mind and now, he has changed his mind all on his own. He won't give me a straight answer as to what brought this on. And, as a result, I don't trust it. I think he probably decided that a divorce was going to cost him too much money in child support. Because why else would he change his mind like this?"

There are multiple reasons that a man might change his mind about a divorce. And only a few of them have to do with the cost of a divorce. I will discuss some of the possibilities in the following article.

He May Have Simply Had A Change Of Heart: This is difficult for many wives to believe. But as soon as he realizes that this might actually be real, that in a few short weeks he will no longer be living with you or his children, he can have some sobering doubts about whether the divorce is the right call. Also, sometimes men who are considering or who have filed for divorce interact with men who are already divorced. They might notice that the divorced men don't really seem all that happy and may even seem downright lonely. Many men in this situation have admitted to me that they went to one of their divorced friends thinking that this friend was going to tell them how wonderful the newly single life is, only to discover that instead the friend expressed how much he regrets no longer being married.

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Also, men can also begin to think back over the course of your marriage with longing. They can begin to explore the happy memories and this leads many of them to wonder if it's even remotely possible that you could have this again. In short, many start to entertain the thought that perhaps divorce is not the answer and perhaps you have something worth fighting for.

In fact. many men change their mind about the divorce motivated by their sense of family. Children can play a huge role. There can be a real sense of giving up what you are worked so hard for or giving up the dreams that you had. This can be depressing and sad so it's not surprising that some decide that they just do not want to go down this path.

What Should You Do If You Still Don't Understand Why He Changed His Mind About The Divorce: It's understandable that many wives in this situation hesitate because they don't want to get their heart broken if their husband changes his mind once again. They figure it will be even more painful if they get their hopes up only to have them dashed again. This is understandable. But here is the thing. Without any risk, there is no chance and no hope. You have a chance at what you have wanted all along - to save your marriage. If you don't take that chance, won't you always wonder what might have been?

I understand not wanting to be hurt. But you can take some safeguards to make this less likely. You can move very slowly and not put a lot of pressure on the situation. You can seek out counseling. You can address and hopefully fix those problems that lead to the divorce in the first place. And you can rebuild your marriage on a very strong foundation so that you will no longer have any doubts that either of you want to be in your marriage.

So to answer the question posed, there are multiple reasons that men change their mind about a divorce. And some of them are positive rather than negative reasons. I understand that many wives in this situation are hesitant or doubtful.But if you want to save your marriage, why not see this through and give it your all? In short, you've been given another chance so why not see if you can make something of it? If you fail and it doesn't work out, you will know that you tried and you will be back to where you already were, which means that you don't really have anything to lose.

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