How To Make My Husband Admire Me: How Can I Get My Husband To Pay More Attention To Me

Seducing your husband doesn't have to be a complicated affair and woman often overcomplicate things and believe that they have to go to extremes to seduce their man. The truth is that men are pretty simple creatures that behave in a very predictable manner. Your husband is really no different.

It doesn't matter if your husband is a stock broker or a truck driver, he is probably as vulnerable to the same feminine charms that all men are weakened by. The difference between your man and any other woman's husband is that your husband chose you over all the other women on the planet to be married to. This means that at one time he found you more desirable and attractive than anybody else. Think about this and hold onto it because this is a truth that you can use to get yourself through any tough time that you might be having if you are feeling unattractive or unwanted.

Now, to begin getting the attention that you desire and deserve as his wife if things have grown stale the feminine art of seduction comes into play. For some women this comes quite naturally while for others it can be a struggle to learn how to flirt and seduce their husband.

To really win his heart and regain your rightful place as the center of your husband's life you should consider a four prong approach. Stimulate him mentally, visually, emotionally and physically and you will have successfully seduced him in a way that will make him more attentive and more affectionate.

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Mentally - As much as you might think that guys go for ditzy women the truth is that they can only take them in small doses. What might be cute at first becomes quite annoying for most men and if you can keep up with your husband mentally you will earn his respect and admiration.

Ask him about his job or a hobby that he has. Become involved and show a genuine interest in something that he does and enjoys. You don't have to become a competitor with him but showing him that you admire what he does or what interests him will make him feel important as well as help create a bond between the two of you.

Emotionally - Men do like to feel powerful and admired. Telling him that you appreciate what he does for you and how hard he works can make a huge difference in a man's ego. Men often measure their success not only in dollars but also in how well they provide for their family and their wife or significant other.

Make sure he knows how much you appreciate the effort that he puts forth each day and you will help him to feel like a success as a man. Do the opposite and he will feel like a loser and you will see him retreat into himself and grow to mistrust you.

Visually - Men are very visually stimulated. This is why most men go to strip clubs and the like. Strippers art masters at seduction. Strippers are so good at seducing men that they are able to make a living at it. Take a few tips from some strippers and learn what it is that makes them so effective at seducing men.

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Strippers use a combination of revealing their body, seductive dancing and flirting to extract huge amounts of money from men every night. It can be a combination of eye contact, revealing clothing and sweet nothings whispered in a guys ear that cause his mind to disconnect from his wallet and give that woman anything that she asks for. Wouldn't you like to have that power?

Physically - Of course, the ultimate and final act of seducing your husband should include what most men think of when they think of seduction. Keep in mind though that flirting and teasing can heighten a man's arousal level and make him even more amorous than he might typically be. So be sure to flirt and tease... a lot!

As you can see, by using these simple approaches to seducing your husband you can literally have him wrapped around your little finger. Most men won't stand a chance and your husband is no exception. Try these tips out and see for yourself.

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Have you ever wondered why some couples seem to have it together and are in a great relationship while your relationship is slowly crumbling? What do they have that you and your spouse don't have? Here is a few things that those happy couples have in common.

1. Be Friends

People who treat their spouse as a romantic lover and a friend are more likely to be happier. Many people, especially women have an unrealistic view of what a romantic relationship should look like. When you think of romance, what comes to your mind? Walks on the beach, candlelit dinners, slow dancing to music and so forth, right? When reality kicks in and you get married, you learn that life with your spouse isn't going to be a constant stream of romance. You and your spouse are a team, partners for life and hoping that every walk, every conversation, every moment you share with your spouse to be romantic is unrealistic.

There's nothing wrong with romance, in fact a marriage needs romance to thrive but setting unrealistic bars for your marriage is going to be the down fall of your relationship. This is when you are going to have to practice acceptance.

2. Acceptance

Accept your spouse for who he or she is. Accept that your relationship won't always be rosy. Accept your spouse's view of the world. Do not try to force your relationship into something than other what it is because it will only cost you more pain and suffering.

This doesn't mean that you should just accept that your marriage is falling apart. No, that is not what I'm saying. You just need to let go of any preconceived notion to what your married SHOULD be.

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3. Know Happiness Comes From Within

A successful marriage begins with each person. How you feel about yourself will project out into your marriage. With that said, if your marriage has taken a turn for the worse, you're probably not feeling very great about yourself. How's your self-esteem and confidence lately? Have they slowly diminished? What gets in the way of most relationships is toxic and negative emotions from stress.

A lot of people don't know how to handle those feelings in an effective and productive way. Most times, they take those emotions and project it out onto their marriage. Ever came home from a bad day at work and for some reason a fight between you and your spouse breaks out? When that happens, you're most likely using your negative emotions from work on your spouse.

Remember, you and your spouse use to be crazy about each other until the harsh realities of life got in between you both.

When people demand for love and attention, they actually push it even further away. For some reason, when life gets hard, we begin to rely on happiness outside of ourselves to feel complete. When this happens, we put an extreme amount of pressure on the people we think we should rely on to be happy. When it comes down to it, happiness dwells within. If you're not happy with your own life, look at yourself. How you choose to respond to life is going to become your reality. This is why changing your mindset and learning to love yourself will play an important role on whether or not your marriage will survive.

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Sexless marriage forums like ours are a great place to find valuable marriage help. Here are a few tips to help you make the most out of them.

Top Ways to Get Online Help

Here are a couple of things you can do to get the kind of help you need to fix your marriage.

Read articles about marriages and relationships.

There are lots of them - such as this one you're reading right now - and almost all of them are completely free for you to read. Many of these articles offer step-by-step and detailed guides for tackling every conceivable marriage problem in the planet.

Create a blog.

Try to do so anonymously to protect not just your privacy but those of your loved ones as well. By sharing your experiences in your blog, you encourage others to be as forthcoming and maybe, you'll find someone who can empathize with you and give you much needed advice.

Participate in forums.

Again, join forums like this one. Forums are like the Internet's version of Anonymous organizations. They allow like-minded people to find, help, and support each other.

Join chat rooms.

The chat room's name can usually give you a clue if the room you're about to enter is all about dating between men and women in their 40's or it's a chat room that offers advice for couples experiencing marriage troubles.

Download e-books.

Some of these are offered for free by websites and Internet marketers while others have to be purchased from the likes of Amazon

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Watch videos.

Look for videos of recorded sessions of famous marriage counseling shows as well as entirely original videos by both online and real-world counselors and advisers.

How to Make the Most out of Forums

There is an art to forum posting and knowing the essential dos and don'ts will keep you from trouble and make sure you enjoy maximum results at the same time.

Choose a username that won't be associated with you.

Hide behind a secret identity. Try to be cunning with your choice of username. It must be something that your family or friends will never associate with you. By doing so, you've given yourself the opportunity to be as honest and as detailed as you like with your problems. With a hidden identity, you know you don't have to worry about unintentionally hurting those who love you.

State your problem.

Be honest and comprehensive when explaining your dilemma in marriage. Don't try to whitewash things for yourself or for your spouse and children. Say it exactly it is if you want to get the most help out of your readers. If they're in possession of inaccurate facts then their words can't be directly beneficial to your situation either.

If you don't know how or where to start then here are a couple of pertinent things your post should include.

Start by stating the nature of your problem. Try to be as brief and succinct as possible. If there is more than a single major problem then start enumerating. It could be that your problem, for instance, is that you caught your spouse cheating or that you're a recovering alcoholic and your addiction is becoming more and more a significant threat to your marriage.

Explain the state you're in. How are you coping emotionally? Mention as well if workplace stress also adds to the problems of your marriage.

Let them know your objectives. So what exactly do you want to happen now? Do you wish to get back with your spouse? Do you wish to know how to move on or would you like advice about becoming a stepparent to your stepchildren?

Be respectful of other people's opinions.

Once the replies start coming in, there's a chance you'll find some of the replies undesirable. But remember that everyone's entitled to his or her own opinion so respect their rights and move on.

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Return the favor.

If you have good advice to offer to fellow members then don't hesitate to return the favor. Think of it as continuing a chain of good deeds. Sooner or later, that chain will go back to you and it will be your turn once again to receive help.

The Benefits of Asking for Marriage Help Online

Forums, chat rooms, blogs, and other websites are all possible sources for online marriage help. By browsing their pages, you receive all kinds of valuable advice that you might not be able to receive in the real world.

Free Advice

Think of it as free counseling. Instead of paying hundreds of dollars for regular counseling or therapy, you can check out some of the websites that offer free counseling and advice for married couples. Most forums and chat rooms also offer free membership so you can join anytime anywhere.

Unbiased or Objective Views

In the course of your marriage, didn't you wonder even once if the advice you're receiving from your chosen advisors biased in your favor because they know and love you? That's less likely to happen, however, when you come out with your problem online.

The people you'll meet and who'll listen to you don't know you and have no reason to lie to you. These people are more likely to give you the unbiased truth about your marriage and what you need to do in order to save it. They'll tell you like it is and let you know what you did right...and wrong.

Advice Based on Experience

People who had gone through the same problems you did and have overcome them usually lurk online, hoping to share their good fortune by giving them advice. These people are the best to ask for marriage help because they not only know what you're going through but they also understand your fears about your marriage and its future.

Expert Advice

In many occasions, you'll come across experts who are willing to give their two cents for free. Sometimes, they do so through their personal blogs or websites: these experts could be marriage counselors, divorce lawyers, or pastors and they often invite their readers to share their problems. If they pick out your problem to solve then great! You've got expert advice without having to pay a penny.

Couples can love one another and yet find themselves drifting apart and headed for a divorce. There are steps you can take, with or without the aid of your spouse to get your marriage back into the loving place it once was.

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This seems like a somewhat contradictory point, especially when it comes to a relationship, but it will make sense when I explain it later in this article. For now, just accept that what men want is less compassion from their woman. This doesn't mean not to give it at all, but simply to give it out in smaller doses. In fact, if you give it out too much, it may push your husband away. Here's why...

This is another problem which results from being that "perfect" partner. This is a problem that both parties face, though women are known to be the problem-makers, even though they don't intentionally do it.

See, what happens is that women, being the more caring, nurturing and motherly of the two, will tend to give the impression that they're always there to look after the man. Though men do want this, knowing or perceiving that they're always going to be there will ween the man off the woman's compassion, which actually causes the man to be more distant from the woman.

If you're this sort of woman, try doing this. Simply tell your man to harden up, if he's complaining and to "be a man". I mean, if he's a man, he'll stop complaining and just get the job done, right?

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Us guys can be touchy about help. I apologize in advance if you try to help your man out and he ends up snapping at you. We don't mean to be so touchy about it, but it's probably just our ego getting in the way. It really is up to the man, but depending on whatever he's having trouble with, he may or may not be willing to accept help from anyone, even you. That's where knowing your man and what he values most comes into the equation. Obviously, what you want to try and do is only offer him help for things that he wants help on, and everything else, leave it up to him.

A general rule of thumb is to avoid helping him with things that he's been working a long time on by himself and to only help him with things that he asks help from you with. If he really is going through a crisis and it's obvious, that's when you look out for him and help him shoulder some of the burden until he's able to get back on his feet.

So this whole less compassion paradox perfectly matches another popular saying: "less is more". This is better for you really. You do less work, which actually does good for your relationship with your husband!

Now Listen Carefully-

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