How To Make My Husband Admire Me: How Can I Get My Husband To Pay More Attention To Me

Many times, when you ask an ignoring husband what is wrong, he will just state "Nothing". Of course, their wife knows that something is wrong because they are not the same person we have married. Instead of trying to coax the reason he's ignoring you out of him, try some simple bonding with him instead.

If your husband likes to watch the news when he gets home from work to unwind, when he comes home tomorrow, just be sitting on the couch with the news on when he gets home. Watch the news with him until he's done and don't say a word to him unless he says something to you first. Not talking is one of the biggest keys to getting this all to work. Then rinse and repeat often.

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You may be saying to yourself, "I don't like watching the news", but take some time to really think about things here. Does your husband really like to shop? How many times have you dragged him to the mall during the holiday season to help you with Christmas shopping?

What you are doing here is bonding with your husband the same way he would bond with his guy friends. Next time your husband is watching a football game with his buds, watch them. They really don't talk to each other, they just watch the game with the occasional grunt at a bad call a ref may make. When you do this with your man, he will start to see you as one of the guys as well.

This technique will allow your husband to start seeing you more like a friend and less like an obstacle or adversary. You will find that after a while, your husband will be more willing to participate in the things that you like to do and ignoring you less.

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Hearing that your husband doesn't love you anymore is probably on the top three list of phrases that you dread hearing the most. Unfortunately, many of the wives that I hear from have recently heard their husbands say these words. Sometimes, the husband will make this admission in the middle of an argument or fight. And sometimes, he'll sit the wife down and try to break the news as gently as he can. I'm not really sure which is worse.

The bottom line is that no matter how he says the words, hearing that the doesn't love you anymore is not only devastating, but it brings up more questions than answers. The wives who contact me about this often aren't sure how to proceed. Many think that if their husband doesn't love them anymore, then there's really nothing that they can do other than to try to end the marriage in the quickest and most painless way that's possible.

Although this situation is a very difficult one, I've seen it turn around countless times. Just because your husband has said something in the heat of the moment, this doesn't always make it true. And, even if it is, I've seen the right strategy make even reluctant husbands "fall back in love" again. I'll discuss this more in the following article.

Know That Although He May Well Think Or Say That He Doesn't Love You Anymore, His Claim Is Not Necessarily Reality: Your husband may well mean every word that he says and may not even be trying to deceive you. But sometimes, he projects issues he's having in other areas of his life onto what is convenient and there - like your marriage. This is called projection and it's very common. This doesn't mean that he's happy with your marriage or that it's perfect. In fact, his saying he doesn't love you is often reflective of his dissatisfaction with how the marriage is going (at least lately.)

But there's a big difference between being frustrated and wanting to get a reaction and truly not loving you anymore. Many women will try very hard to get at "the truth" about this or to define how he "really feels." They'll pester their husband to define the degree to which he doesn't love them or they've constantly ask if he's changing his mind. The truth is, you're usually better off using this as a wake up call and taking action than worrying so much about specific definitions or clarifications.

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Don't Assume That His "I Don't Love You Anymore" Declaration Means That The Marriage Is Over: Quite a few of the wives who write me give up on their marriage not long after they hear these words. They figure if their husband doesn't love them the next logical step is to go ahead and let him go or get a divorce. The things is, the wife still loves him and we aren't yet sure how he really feels as things are still explosive and fresh. There's no reason to give up until it's clear that you have to. Frankly, you're likely still in the early stages and things really could go either way.

I've seen countless marriages recover from this and I've seen many men "fall back in love" with their wives as soon as those same wives began handling this correctly. One hurtful statement (which was likely meant to get a reaction) does not have to mean the end of your marriage. You can change this, but change can't happen if you just give up or get so discouraged that you don't take any action.

Getting A Husband To "Fall Back In Love" With His Wife: Even if we assume that the husband was 100% accurate in what he's said, this doesn't mean that you can't return "being in love" to your marriage. People seem to want to constantly ponder whether they're in love with their spouse. I probably hear from wives whose husband have told them that they love them but aren't "in love" with them on an almost daily basis.

And, most people assume that when one spouse falls out of love, there's really nothing that either spouse can do about this. An assumption such as this one is not only untrue, but it can mean the end of your marriage when it doesn't have to.

To understand how people can fall back in love, you need to understand why they fell into it in the first place. People assume that it's a sort of chemical reaction or fate, and while these things may factor into the equation, there's many other things that go into "falling in love" as well. What attracts one person to another is quite individual, but it's when the relationship is new and that both people are on their best behavior and pouring their time and efforts into the relationship that "falling in love" takes place.

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And once it does, people assume that it's never going to end and, after they marry, it's easy to become complacent and to take these things for granted. After you're married and have to handle all of your commitments and obligations, it only makes sense that you can no longer pour in the time and effort that you used to where your spouse is concerned.

This is completely normal and it happens in the majority of marriages that I see. But, it's also very detrimental to those same marriage and it's the most common reason that people assume that they don't love their spouse anymore. The good news is that once you change your priorities and time allotments, the feelings will often change as well. As soon as you change your priorities so that you become the spouse that you yourself would want, this is when you see people "falling in love" again. Understand that most men want to feel understood, appreciated, and desired. If you can fulfill these needs in a genuine way, it's possible that you'll see those loving feelings return.

The chemistry hasn't necessarily changed. No one has sprinkled magic or fairy dust onto the relationship. But what you put into it is directly proportional to what you take out of it. And the feelings elicited from it are typically directly proportional to the efforts that you put into it. Understanding this is the first step to returning the love in your marriage.

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Marriage trouble is common in a lot of relationships. The current divorce rate in America is over 50% - that's 1 out of every 2 marriages fail. With a divorce rate like this, you may wonder what's the point of ever getting married if it's just going to fail. If you're thinking this way, then you should know that there's more than enough reason to pursue and persist with your marital plans.

One source of marriage trouble is finances. How money is spent and where it is spent is the source of numerous disputes in a lot of marriages. Some married couples have joint accounts while some have individual accounts. I'm personally a believer of the individual accounts because less arguments can't be fueled this way. Plus, you don't have to worry about your spouse spending almost all of the money that you have in there.

Another source of marriage trouble is infidelity. This issue can stem from a number of reasons. But sometimes, the reason may be just because you picked the wrong kind of person to marry. It's hard to determine whether or not you've selected the right kind of person, and only time will tell.

If infidelity is a problem in your marriage, it's time to sort it out right now. Confront your cheating partner and try to straighten things out. If you can't come to a resolution this way, then marriage counseling may be your best bet. Don't resort to divorce just yet because you never know if the marriage can be saved or not.

What do I really need to do to make my spouse love me again? Is it possible to build massive attraction in my spouse?

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Divorce is an absolute last resort for most couples, but a lot of people resort to it before trying to work things out. You should never resort to divorce as a first option because more than likely the marriage trouble can be worked out. In most cases, divorce can be averted by simple means.

For example, if the stem of your marriage trouble is because of communication errors, you should know that sitting down and talking things out can resolve most issues. I can remember that my lady and I had communication issues and the way that we worked it out was through simply talking to each other.

I brought up the fact that we weren't communicating the way that we used to and I wanted to know if there was anything that I could do differently to make the situation better. She let me know that she wasn't feeling the same way about me anymore and I asked her if there was anything that I could do to change the way she felt.

She told me that if I could pay less attention to my sports and activities and pay more attention to her, that would help. So I took her advice and did exactly that because I wanted to make my relationship last. Eventually we got back on good terms with each other and her simple suggestion made all the difference.

If you want to fix any kind of marriage trouble, simply talk things out. You never know what solution it will lead to.

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Couples that have lived together while waiting for a divorce often stay this way once they sign the final papers. It may be that their arrangement works really well for them and they are happy to continue living under the same roof.

1. One reason is it saves money as trying to maintain two homes and all the expense that goes with it may not be possible.

2. Staying together could make it easier to keep the mortgage, taxes and insurance payments up while trying to sell the house. The housing market has still not recovered so a couple that may have decided to live together while waiting for a divorce could easily be in the same position long after the divorce has been done and dusted. This also applies to a couple in a rental or lease situation. Rents have gone up considerably since the advent of the recession.

3. Thanks to the bite of the credit crunch a lot of couples are heavily in debt. This is called marital debt and if it comprises of home goods, food, clothes and medical bills the courts generally split the debt down the middle at the time of divorce. (This can vary in different parts of a country and the world.) A couple could find it is easier to live together than trying individually to pay their debts. They also get to share their furniture, cars and any other assets they may have.

4. Both parents are on hand to help with the raising of their children and there is no doubt this would avoid them being used as pawns in what can often too often be a messy divorce. Some partners wanting to enact revenge on the other choose to demand sole custody as a way to punish their ex husband or wife for disappointing them in the marriage. If a couple are divorced and living together there can be no place for this kind of behavior as the children will be the main ones to suffer. They need to be treated with respect and valued above everything.

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5. Many older couples have no interest in meeting new partners so the arrangement of being divorced and living together may suit them well. They may no longer share intimacy but after a lifetime of raising children and living together they may be reluctant to part ways.

The issues that caused the marriage to end may not seem as important once a former married couple become roommates. If they are you will have to find a new way to communicate with each other otherwise it will be like living in a war zone.

Throwing verbal missiles at each other in front of the children is not going to be healthy for anyone. If you are divorced and living together you need to find a way through any resentment or anger.

There are situations that seem intolerable to me and that is when divorce lawyers are forced to recommend to their client that if they want custody of their children they need to stay in the family home. The reason is in some states in America it is unlikely that the parent that moves out of the home be awarded custody. If both parents were fighting for custody the atmosphere in the family home could be unbearable.

Another scenario is when an ex partner secretly hopes for reconciliation. Being divorced and living together may suit them well as they never wanted the breakup in the first place. By doing this they are leaving themselves wide open to more hurt and rejection as their former husband or wife may eventually move on. It also leaves the partner who wanted the divorce open to manipulation.

For a divorced couple still living together there needs to be a certain degree of honesty for it to work well.

Once a couple has divorced they often find the issues they were at loggerheads over suddenly seem inconsequential and ironically get back with their ex.

Saying or doing the wrong thing can actually cause your spouse to feel even more distant from you. You can make your spouse fall back in love with you, all over again.

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