Have you tried to meditate but you find it hard to quiet your mind? Maybe you just aren’t getting the results you want to get from your meditation practice? Or maybe you love meditating, but you want to take it to the next level.

Crystals are wonderful tools for meditation because they provide a frequency that our body’s energy system can tune into to get specific results. We can use them to quiet the mind, cleanse the chakras, balance the emotions, feel uplifted, tune into higher consciousness, and much more, depending on the crystal.

What Crystals Can Do For Your Meditation Practice

Crystals are beneficial to the mind, body and spirit in general, but when we meditate, we alter our consciousness, and that causes us to benefit from the healing power of crystals more readily. Here are four ways that crystals improve the meditation experience.

Improves Focus, Clarity & Intention

Crystals help improve focus and bring clarity to what we want to get out of our meditation practice. By focusing on what we want and holding a crystal that helps with that desire, we can receive an energetic boost that amplifies our intention. For example, if your intention is to tune into your intuition, an amethyst can help you do that, while rose quartz can help you experience the energy of love.

Certain crystals work as amplifiers, further amplifying your intention. Clear quartz is one of the best stones for this purpose and meditating with it can boost any intention you have, no matter what it is. It can also amplify the healing properties of another crystal, so if you want to experience more happiness in your life, you could meditate with citrine and then amplify it even further with clear quartz.

Calm Mind Chatter

Meditation is most effective when we are able to quiet the mind, but that is easier said than done. Crystals like amethyst, smoky quartz, and aquamarine are helpful when it comes to reducing mind chatter and relaxing into our meditation practice.

In addition, the use of crystals during meditation can serve to give us a focal point that further reduces mind chatter. For example, by focusing on a crystal itself during meditation, we can experience the energy of that crystal, while at the same time giving us a place to focus our thoughts so that the mind doesn’t run away from us.

Reach Higher States

Certain crystals help open the crown chakra, thereby improving our ability to connect with higher consciousness, spirit guides, and angels. From this higher state, we are more perceptive to the guidance from above, bringing us deeper realizations, a peaceful mind, and a renewed perception that leads to better decision-making.

Provide Grounding Energy

Some crystals, such as hematite, garnet, and tiger’s eye, have a grounding energy that helps us connect with the earth on a deeper level. When we are grounded, we feel more stable, energetic, and excited about life.

Different Ways To Use Crystals During Meditation

There are a multitude of ways to meditate with crystals and no one way is better than any other. Here are three simple ways to get started with crystal meditation.

Hold A Specific Crystal In Your Hand

By holding a crystal in your hand, you access its energy in different ways. Since our left side signifies receiving energy, holding a crystal in the left hand will allow us to absorb the healing properties of the crystal. Alternatively, our right side is about giving energy, therefore when we hold a crystal in the right hand, we can radiate the energy of the crystal outward.

Balance The Chakras Using Crystals

Different colored crystals match the different frequencies of each energy center (chakra) in the body. By placing a crystal that corresponds with a chakra on the area of the body where the chakra resides, we can bring balance and healing to the chakra and enjoy the health benefits that come along with it.

We can take that a step further during meditation by focusing on the chakra and imagining that it is spinning freely and shining brightly. You might also want to lie down and place a crystal on each of the seven chakras to balance them all at once.

Meditate Near A Large Crystal

The energy that large crystals give off is strong and powerful, therefore sitting next to one while meditating can produce some profound results as your energy field is enveloped by the crystal’s energy field.

By meditating with crystals, you can enjoy some powerful experiences and nurture your mind, body and spirit. It can improve your experience and therefore increase your enthusiasm for the practice.

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Faith M. Davis is a writer for Cosmic Cuts, an online crystal shop, specializing in amethyst geodes and high-quality crystals and minerals. Cosmic Cuts makes it easy to obtain the rarest mineral specimens, and every crystal comes with a certificate of authenticity and free shipping.