When I embark on anything, one of the things I’ve got to do is figure out what the smallest steps might look like. That’s partly because dreams and goals are made up of moving pieces that come together to form a whole. Nowadays, that’s partly because I can only do a little bit right now. So, I want my every little bit to count!

You want what you do to make a difference, right?

So, even though you can do more than I can, it’s still important that you figure out what your moving pieces might be. Then you, like me, you’ve got to figure out what parts you might do to get started.

That is, you’ve got to figure out what are the steps that might fit you right now. Because you want your self growth ideas and the business connection to work.

Leadership expert John C. Maxwell said, “Dreams don’t work unless you do.”

The importance of having steps planned is that you can put yourself to work in the right way each day. The right way is whatever way fits you best. Your path has got to be tailored to your abilities, wants and needs of today. You’ve got to choose what fits you and your business right where you are in this moment!

The right way inspires you to keep going. It’s a path that connects with your heart, motivating you as you act. Because, let’s face it, you’re going to need to take lots of action. You’ll need to put one foot in front of the other, repeatedly. There will be many tasks to work yourself through to make your dreams become your reality.

Some of the things in your plan will be things you don’t particularly want to do.

Indeed, some things you need to do, you may feel frustrated by.

That’s part of the reality of getting what you want! Doing the things that need to be done. That’s where the importance of having steps planned includes carrying you through the unpleasant parts.

When you carry yourself through those unpleasant part in ways that delight you… you keep going!

Knowing how a necessary step fits in with your dream helps you dig in and do it. The knowledge of where it fits in your plan urges you to continue.

In fact, it gives you the urgency needed to complete a task. To buckle down and get it done. When you know some of the steps will be rough on you, you plan little rewards for doing them along the way. Delightful treats!

Those treats balance things out. With that balance, you stay motivated. Your plan carries the day. It paves the way through the difficult times.

Having steps planned helps you accomplish your goal. Doing the steps gets the results. Planning down to the level of the smallest steps toward your dreams makes your ideas work. Planning them well keeps you feeling rewarded and noticing your own growth as you go.

So, when you want to head in the direction of a dream, consider what the steps of each task might be. What the bumps might be, too! And remember to choose rewards for yourself along the way.

When you’ve got steps planned and rewards for getting through the bumpier stuff, you can navigate what you need to do. Including being really ready to be rewarding yourself at critical junctures! It’s wise to understand the importance of having steps planned.

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Cynthia Ann Leighton provides inspiration for you to keep moving forward.

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