Learning how to stop drinking is half the battle of alcoholism. Every alcoholic wants to quit. Not all alcoholics know how to empower themselves to quit. Beating the alcohol addiction is something that millions of Americans have accomplished. Alcoholism is destructive and can leave a person homeless and drunk in the gutter.

There are steps that must be taken to quit drinking. While the addiction is not easy to overcome, the steps are straightforward, and will give the drinker the will that they require to stop drinking. The following steps are clear, practical steps that each alcoholic can take to win the battle of the bottle. Stop drinking is a journey and one that there will be ups and downs, and the beginning will be the greatest challenge. With time, the war will be won, and the alcoholic will live an alcohol free lifestyle.

How to Stop Drinking in Seven Simple Steps

Self belief. Self belief is the first step and one of the most important. Yes, it is vital to admit that you are an alcoholic, but, you also must believe that you can stop drinking. Announcing to yourself that you have the determination and the drive to stop drinking is essential. Tell yourself, I can quit drinking, and I will quit drinking, and reinforce yourself each day with self belief. With self belief, you are giving yourself the power to begin the journey of an alcohol free lifestyle.

Determine why you drink and where you drink. Are you a social drinker. One that hides in the closet? Are you a drinker that drinks with colleagues from work each night. Getting to know your pattern will help you to avoid situations that involve drinking.

List the benefits of not drinking. Jot down all the advantages of not drinking. Think how your health will improve. Consider how your family and friends will benefit. Jot down how good you feel when you do not drink. Everything that is positive about not drinking, write it down. Read the list each day and know that you are taking the steps that are necessary to quit.

Positive reminders are also crucial. Each day remind yourself of the positive things that are happening in your life because you are not drinking. Tell yourself out loud how great you feel. Think of how far you have come, even within the first day. Be a friend to yourself, and pat yourself on the back.

Negative reminders are also essential. Reminding yourself of the destructiveness of alcohol is essential. Each day remind yourself the sickening feelings that comes along with drinking.

Change companions. Most alcoholics have friends that drink, as well. Now, more than ever, is the time to distance yourself from friends that drink and find new companions that are living an alcohol free lifestyle.

Get new routines. It is necessary to replace the bottle with new routines. Instead of heading for the bottle, head for the gym, or a social group. Take the time to discover the things that you like and enjoy them.

Overcoming the addiction is difficult. However, by following the seven easy steps, it can be done.

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