Astrology- the study of stars for doing predictions is the only thing that people know. But Astrology is as vast as ocean whose depth can't be counted. It contains a plethora of types, methods, and techniques. Vedic astrology is also one of them. People often get confused between Astrology and Vedic Astrology. But Vedic Astrology is one of a kind that has been originated from the Astrology.

Vedas or the sacred texts are the origins of Vedic astrology that includes both materials as well as spiritual knowledge that was first revealed by Lord Shri Krishna to the rishis or sages of Vedic Culture.
Indian Vedic Astrology is different from Western Astrology as it includes a study of actual stellar constellations rather than western Astrology which is a study of the fictitious zodiac. It can be obtained by spiritual practices and philosophical knowledge to develop the divine vision enabling astrologers experts for the perfect prediction and guide for mankind.

As we all know your natal chart or kundalini which can be generated by studying time and place of your birth is the part of the Vedic Astrology which Astrologers are doing for the thousands of years. It plays a vital role at the time of the wedding and matching kundalini of a bride and groom consider as a key ritual previously solemnizing a wedding.

In Hindu Scriptures, a wedding is a holy union that is planned even before the birth and this method of matching birth Charts of bride and groom done to work out whether their stars are in harmony for a blissful and happy wedding. This is the reason in ancient times with the help of Vedic Astrology the pandits were used to give a divine prediction that was helpful for the bride or groom to start their traditional journey stressfully.

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