The key to improving service is motivated employees. Ensure that all the individuals in your business not only know what you expect of them, but also have a vested interest in the business. Your staff must know why you want to keep customers happy, how to do it and also be motivated by you to perform quality service. Employer should really listen to his employees. This is the most important step in preventing problems and the only way you can solve complaints if they come up. Resolve employees complaints as early as possible. Don't forget to give reward to employees for there good performance.

Try to make them feel that they are important part of your business. Establish a family like environment between employees and you. Make them feel that they are playing important part for your success. Take care about their workplace environment according to their security point of view. Improve their working conditions. Give them good wages for their work. Studies have shown that employee morale is directly tied to productivity – the more stressed and dissatisfied employees are the more productivity will plunge. On the contrary, happy employees mean more gets done in a healthy, fruitful work environment. To recognize the value of your employees is key. Many business have the attitude that employees are a 'dime a dozen'. If one leaves, another can be found to take their place without much trouble on their part. While this maybe true to some extent, the cost of advertising, interviewing and training the new employee can be prohibitive.

Sponsor social events such as office picnics. Give Bonuses and Incentives time to time for their performance. Always appreciate them for there works. This will motivate them to do more better in future. Tell them frankly what do you expect from them and listen them what they expect from their employer. When employee morale suffers, the whole company suffers: profits are down, employees hate their jobs and management loses control of the staff. As a manger or supervisor, it's up to you to handle the effects of low motivation. To boost employee morale, there are a few things you can do that are free and easy to implement. If someone comes to you with a question, explain the answer fully and then ask if he has any questions. If there is a problem with an employee, counsel her on what she's doing wrong and how to fix it, without seeming judgmental. Convey goals that are specific, realistic, and measurable. As long as your employees can see the light at the end of the tunnel, they will keep working towards it with enthusiasm and focus.

When your team is motivated to do a better a job, you are giving them a reason to excel so that your business will prosper. For the prosperity of your business it is necessary to boost up your employees time to time.

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