The largest singular issue with selling in a difficult economy is change. There is change in buying power, change in budgets, even change in decision criteria. However, what is not changed, are goals, annual commitments and a desire to excel.

I am willing to bet that you believe that the economy is holding you back from quota. I am willing to believe that stress is increasing. How bad do you think the economy really is? Do you believe the economy is why you cannot sell anything? Well, here is some interesting information for you.

• Halloween spending this year is $6 Billion.
• Christmas spending on the Internet will increase by 22%
• According to a recent CNN report, Americans save only 1% of their income.
• Review your interstates and local roads; notice all the new automobiles.
• American football stadiums are still selling to capacity crowds.
• Fast food and restaurant capacity has decreased only marginally; people still go out to eat!
• Beer and liquor products are holding up well.
• Seven of every ten firms are holding an annual holiday party!

So, if the economy is down, why is there so much spending? While I do not suggest you ignore the issues, however, media outlets seeking viewers contrive much of the news. Selling professionals need ignore these unnecessary distractions and simply sell. Stop getting distracted and stop listening to the negative. You must find methods that provide the inside track and get your sales into 5th gear.

The following are items you influence to take you from worst to first!

Do not – watch the news and ponder the negative. Rather discover trends that enable you to assist clients. Look at trends that buck recessionary trends. This time of year, there are budgets that still require spending.

Do not – hover around negative people. They only make you negative. Rather discover new associations that build your business. Find networking clubs and associations seeking positive volunteers.

Do not – listen to rumor. Rather only, act on information that proves to be factual. Review statistics and seek honest information sources.

Do not- waste time with unnecessary meetings. Rather, understand objectives and agendas before you attend. Your precious time needs to be spent selling.

Do not – waste time. With extra time yielded by canceled appointments, discover methods to improve your craft. Attend a class or read a book that provides professional improvement.

Do not – sweat the small stuff. You will gain some additional canceled engagements and letters of intent. Do not focus on the negative hold onto relationships for future growth and opportunities.

Do not – treat non-paying and terminating clients badly. Research proves that 40% of every selling situation is based on customer service. The world is flat and the world is small, your present non-pay might become a future long-term prospective client.

Do not – look for the gloom but the gold. The New Year, the new President brings change. Change provides new opportunity. Change provides light in what appears dark.

The current economic issue will eventually become coffee table conversation. Change provides renewal and growth. Within the next several years, growth returns and these issues are past experiences. To maintain perspective and gain the inside track you need to operate in 5th gear. While your competitors downshift to first gear congruent with economic trends, now is the time to press down on the pedal and accelerate past the competition. Begin doing things the others don’t.

2008. Drew J. Stevens. All rights reserved.

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