I Have No Feelings For My Husband Anymore: How To Be Attracted To My Husband Again

The honeymoon phase of a marriage unfortunately does not last very long. The toils and tensions of everyday life are bound to impact the relationship in a negative way resulting in women falling out of love with their husbands. However common the scene may be, the situation requires a solution, and a split or a divorce may not always be the right way to go. Not because there are kids, family responsibilities etc. as they are lame excuses to keep a marriage going, but mainly because you still love your husband dearly. All that has happened is that the physical and emotional distance between the two of you has increased and you 'think' that you do not love your husband anymore.

The first thing which women falling out of love with their husbands need to do is to stop thinking negatively about the husband as well as their marriage. Stop taking that Holier than Thou attitude and blame your husband for all the wrongs that have happened in your life. If you cease to be judgmental about your husband for a change and look at your life with him in a more rational, pragmatic and realistic way, you can actually fall back in love with him again. Keep this in mind: chances are that your husband also has a long list of your inadequacies which could be keeping him away from you mentally and physically. Keep in mind that like your husband, you too could have several qualities which he may not appreciate. That is not making him fall out of love with you.

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Talking about physical intimacy, women falling out of love with their husbands, ought to seriously think about how sexually active they are with their husbands? Physical intimacy can go a long way in bringing a couple closer mentally too. Stop blaming the kids, lack of time, tiredness and general lack of interest resulting in your moving away from your husband. Women falling out of love with their husbands, think, when was the last time you took the initiative to invite him for sex? If he had declined, did you probe further as to the reasons for such denial? Bet you did not go that far. Please realize that physical intimacy is a critical factor to keep the fire simmering in a marriage. So, women falling out of love with their husbands should genuinely try to involve their husbands into physical closeness, if you want the marriage to survive and prevent your husband from falling out of love with you.

There is yet another important thing which women falling out of love with their husbands should do to save the marriage as well as fall in love with their husbands all over again. Concentrate on the good points rather than the ones which irritate you or put you off. Before you make him accountable for all the miseries in your life or perpetually highlight the areas where he is weak, you need to sieve out the good points about your husband. There ought to be several factors which had made him loveable at one time. They are intrinsic qualities and cannot vanish - except that you have ceased to notice them anymore.

For making a successful U-turn from your current loveless feeling about your husband, it is better that you refocus your attention to those parts of his personality which make him adorable and irresistible. Remember all of us have our own idiosyncrasies which may or may not be liked by others - your husband is no different. If you want to save your marriage and raise a happy and content family, women falling out of love with their husbands, should consciously try to pay heed to this suggestion.

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Do you remember what you said when you got married? Those vows you said on your wedding day were powerful, and they really shouldn't be taken lightly.

Of course your marriage developed problems, and of course they're tough to go through. Even if you and your spouse aren't experiencing marital problems you can still be unhappy if the marriage isn't what it used to be.

A dead marriage can definitely lead to problems and of course divorce. After a while of being with the same person for years it is necessary to spice things back up to avoid a boring, bland, and depressing relationship. Take a look at 5 things you can do to save a dead marriage.

One of the best things you can do to spice up your relationship with your spouse is to have a date night at least once each week. Take some time off from the day to day schedule and go out and have spontaneous fun.

Don't do anything that is normal to you two, instead do something out the ordinary where you two can hold an intimate conversation. It doesn't have to be any thing expensive and talk about anything but the kids or work.

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The second thing you can do to save a dead marriage involves doing random acts of kindness for each other. A little extra love and affection may be all you need to better your relationship.

The third thing you can do to spice things up involves eating breakfast together. It's proven that eating breakfast in the morning will put you in a better mood throughout the day. More importantly, eating breakfast in the morning with your spouse will give you time to talk to each other and catch up on what's going on with one another.

The fourth thing you can do to save a dead marriage involves making a list of things that you liked about your spouse when you first got married and then make a list about the things you like about them now. Get your spouse to do the same thing and then read the list to each other.

Finally, if you are in a dead marriage it may be time for some drastic measures. Get the TV out of the bedroom so you two can do more talking and loving without any distractions. Make the bedroom your love retreat, and focus on the relationship, not the TV.

If your marriage is failing there are somethings you can do to better your situation.

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You've fallen in love with the man or woman of your dreams. You knew that you wanted to spend the rest of your lives together. Somehow, marriage isn't exactly what you thought it would be. When reality hits home, and your marriage isn't always perfect, it IS still a great marriage. But how do you keep it that way?

Marriage takes work, from both of you. You have to work to make life the way you want it, married or not. Being married gives you someone to enjoy life with, and to get through the hard times with.

Stay kind to each other. Sometimes, when people are around each other constantly, we forget to be nice to each other. We'll compliment a stranger on the street, but we forget to tell our husbands or wives that they look nice, or that they did a good job, or anything else that might make them feel good. It's definitely not that we don't feel that way, it's only that we have gotten so comfortable with each other that we don't think that we have to tell them.

People need to hear good things about themselves sometimes. It not only gives us self-confidence, but it makes us feel good about ourselves. Support your spouse in whatever they do. Be their biggest cheerleader.

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The next key ingredient in a good marriage is trust. You may not always like what your spouse does, and you may wonder what they're doing, when they come home from work late or go out with their friends. If you don't have trust, you will start to think the worst about them. And that will lead to many things - anger, resentment, hurt feelings, etc.'

And for what? They probably haven't done a single thing wrong. Marriages HAVE to be built on trust. Both of you must trust each other - totally. If you think something is wrong, ask your spouse. Tell them your worries, and encourage them to tell you theirs.

Compromise. You both have to compromise. When you want to do something a certain way, and your spouse wants something else, you've got to meet somewhere in between. Bend a little. So what if it's not exactly as either of you wanted? You can both have what you want, although it may not be perfectly how you wanted it, but you are both happy.

Marriage is give and take. You can't expect your spouse to give and give and give, and you only take. You have to give to your spouse, too. Also, be careful that your spouse doesn't take, take, take. Marriage is both partners living equally, united as one.

Couples can love one another and yet find themselves drifting apart and headed for a divorce. There are steps you can take, with or without the aid of your spouse to get your marriage back into the loving place it once was.

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This is another important aspect that women sometimes overlook. What men want is a woman who listens. It's so often said that the man should be the one who listens in the relationship. This seems to have arisen by default, since women are generally the ones who talk more. In the rare event that we do talk, we do so because we want to be heard, and no by just anyone, but by you. So many times, I wished that my wife would listen to what I have to say, but she was too absorbed in her own story. We could sometimes be telling you something important, like our relationship. Here's how to be a better listener, as a wife.

My wife comes home from work and some days, she's just unbearable. She rants on and on about someone at work who was getting on her nerves. After a while, I just switch off. It's not that I don't care, it's just that she has nothing important to say. In a way, she's more so talking at the air to vent. Having someone there isn't important, since she won't listen to a word I say when she's in that mood.

If either party is ranting, this is something that people just have to weather out. It will pass sooner or later, but while they're ranting they're unlikely to listen.

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What I'm talking about in particular is of course the times when the husband and wife are calm. We listen to you talk about whatever you want; these are the things that men would love if their women paid more attention to them if they talked about it:

· Spending time apart (for the benefit of the relationship, not to break up),

· Exercising together (us guys like to keep fit, in general. We would love it if you guys would exercise with us. Keeps us fit and busy!)

· Money (this is something that all couples have to talk about eventually. If the husband pays the bills, listen to him. Without him, you've got no hot water.)

There's a lot more things, but us guys don't like repeating ourselves. We'll say whatever we have to say once. Whatever it is, it will be important, so please listen out. If you do, just try and stop us from loving you. There are few women who actually listen out to what their man talks about. Women who listen to men are rare and again, we will listen more to what you say if you give us that privilege. Respect begets respect.

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