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When a couple is first married, they think that they will always be happy. Other people may have problems in their marriage, but it won't happen to ours. All marriages have problems. These problems don't have to hurt your marriage, though. They can make it stronger. Here are some tips to help you keep your marriage healthy, even through tough times.

There are a few secrets to a good marriage.

First, you absolutely must stay honest with each other. It is very easy to hide the truth from each other, especially when you think the truth will hurt your spouse. I know from my own experience, that if you don't tell your spouse the truth when something bad happens, it will make your life almost unbearable. Hiding something from your spouse does no good at all, except make them wonder what is wrong.

They DO know you're hiding something, but they don't know WHAT. They start to think of the worst case scenario, and what you're hiding may be a small thing. The longer you try to hide the truth, the worse you will feel and the harder it will be to tell your spouse.

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Next, you have to make time for each other. When you were dating, you probably worked and had other friends, right? You may or may not have had children. What you DID have was time for the one you were dating. You MADE time.

When we get married, we forget to make time for each other. Work takes up time, kids take up time, and even stress takes up time. So, where is the time for you and your spouse? It is proven that couples who make time for each other every day are happier, even when problems do arise.

Spending time with each other allows the bond that you share to continually deepen. This bond is another of the secrets to a good marriage. Your spouse should be the one that you share your dreams with, and the one that you can tell all of your worries to. Essentially, your spouse should be your best friend. Sometimes we forget that.

When two people unite as one, there is bound to be some tension. You've always done things a certain way, and your spouse has, too. You both have to make some adjustments and cooperate with each other. Marriage is give and take. Not all give or all take. This holds true for household chores, decisions, child raising, etc.

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First things first, remember that you married the man or woman of your dreams. Why else would you commit to if you weren't sure your spouse was "the one?" It's very common for many people's relationship to plateau once they are married. It doesn't mean that your relationship is doomed.

Just like with life, we all have our ups and downs. Same goes with our marriage and relationships. There will be days that reminds you why you married your spouse and there will be days that makes you wonder if this is what you truly wanted.

Many people go into a marriage (especially women) expecting the relationship to be on "fire" all the time. That right there is an unrealistic expectation. The person whom you chose to co-habitat with in a committed relationship is not perfect and neither are you. If you have certain expectations on what a perfect marriage looks like, let it go because there is no such thing as a perfect marriage. Marriage will take work and effort to keep each person happy and satisfied. Here are 4 good habits to get into to help your marriage thrive.

1. Share Experiences Together (Even If It's Not Your Thing)

We all have our differences. We may love doing one thing where as our spouse may hate it. Try taking an interest in what your spouse likes. It doesn't mean you have to like it but it's nice to take interest in each other's hobbies. You may be pleasantly surprised at how much fun your having at something you thought you hated. Remember the couple who plays together, laughs together.

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2. Make a Routine Out of Connecting Together

Life can be very hectic. That's why it's even more important to make time out of your day to connect with your spouse. Chat it up with your spouse. Couples who chitchat about small things usually have an easier time discussing about the important things than for others who have a much harder time bringing up the issue.

3. Write In Your Journal

You will be surprised at how writing in a journal can control your anger. When you're upset about something, cool off by writing in your journal. Writing about your feelings is a great way to let go of toxic emotions instead of taking it out on your spouse.

Many times, stress from life puts us in a bad mood. Instead of snapping at your spouse, decompress your emotions in your journal. When your angry and furious at the world, it's so easy to snap at the ones we love.

4. Publicly Praise Your Spouse

When you're out with a group of friends or have people around you, praise your spouse. It's great to hear compliments about yourself from other people. Imagine how AMAZING it would feel to hear your spouse brag about you in front of others. Nurture your spouse's self-esteem. Words of praise can bear as much weight as the hurtful words that leave scars.

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When it comes to what husbands can't resist, virtually every wife wants to know. When you've been married for some time, the excitement of the newness of the relationship can be replaced with familiarity which translates to boredom and complacency. If you feel that your husband doesn't love or appreciate you as much as he did in the beginning of the relationship don't give up hope. There are many things a woman can do to reignite her husband's interest in her.

One answer to the question of what husbands can't resist is surprise. Men love when their wives do things that knock them over. It may be anything from getting a new hair cut to finding a new job. If a woman wants to keep her husband engaged in the relationship she has to keep things fresh and new. If your husband doesn't know what to expect from you around the next corner, he's going to stay to find out. Men are much less likely to stray if they are married to a woman who isn't afraid to make changes and take chances.

Another thing to consider when you are thinking about what husbands can't resist is confidence. Many women become comfortable after their marriage and they may put on a few pounds or they only work part time now instead of chasing the full time career they once did. If a woman can remain confident and happy with herself now she's going to keep her husband's attention. If you complain constantly about how you look, or what you do for a living, he's soon going to tune you out. Show your husband that you embrace and love the woman you are today just as much as the woman you were when you two met and he'll do the exact same thing.

Couples can love one another and yet find themselves drifting apart and headed for a divorce. There are steps you can take, with or without the aid of your spouse to get your marriage back into the loving place it once was.

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What men want is a woman who knows how to build a man up, instead of tearing him down. Not to say it doesn't occur the other way as well, of course. Whoever the instigator is, you will never be able to control what they say. You will only be able to control how you respond to what they say. In this article, I will teach you an effective strategy you can use to redirect an argument that's heating up and diffuse it. In fact, the way that I'm about to teach you how to diffuse an argument started by a man, you'll actually look forward to arguments, since you'll be training your husband to react positively to negative stimuli.

I want to start by using a personal example. This one time, my wife and I got into an argument. It was over the most trivial thing: we just weren't sure whose turn it was to take the rubbish out. My argument was, "I did the cooking tonight, the least you could do is take it out." Her argument was, "I do enough cleaning around the house when you aren't around, why don't you do some cleaning for once!"

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Then I had an idea. Instead of playing "argument tennis", I asked her this, "does I feel like I don't appreciate you?" It completely caught her off guard and she stammered, "yes. I do so much cleaning. I know you're busy too, that's why I try to make sure you can relax when you get home." That was new news for me as well. Touch, I replied, "I didn't know you felt that way. Alright honey. I'll take it out tonight." Problem solved.

The technique I just used has been called "verbal judo" by relationship experts. If you've never seen the Japanese martial art of Judo, it involves redirecting energy that's been thrown at you, instead of throwing your own energy back at your opponent. See how taken aback my wife was? I tried to understand where she was coming from and in response, she told me the reasons she felt that I should take out the rubbish.

This is constructive for our relationship. I ended up "improving" my wife and we have been arguing less ever since that happened. If your man is starting to get heated up, try some "verbal judo" on him. Ask him why he feels that way, without sounding like you're attacking him. Get down to the core of the problem. Then propose a solution after they've calmed down.

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