My Husband Doesn't Support Me Emotionally: How To Get My Husband To Love Me The Way I Need Him To

If your husband does not show affection it can leave you feeling neglected and alone. Affection is an important part of any marriage and when a wife no longer gets that type of attention from her husband she can start feeling as though her future will be loveless. It certainly doesn't have to be this way. If your husband isn't as affectionate as you'd like, you can actually help change that. Most women don't realize that they hold a great deal of influence when it comes to how their husband treats them. You can make him not only more affectionate, but in the process you can get him to love you more as well.

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The first thing you must do if your husband does not show affection the way you want him to is determine why that is. If he was more affectionate at one time and now that's changed, that's a red flag that his feelings for you have likely changed too. Sometimes in a marriage there's an ongoing conflict that starts to undermine the foundation of the relationship. Over time it will affect how one or both partners feel about each other. If your husband and you have been struggling with something and you just can't seem to find a resolution, you need to focus on doing that. He may resent you because you won't compromise or see his side of the issue. If it goes ignored it could lead to more serious problems between the two of you so work on finding a way to get it off the table now.

Another reason why your husband doesn't show affection anymore may have more to do with how you treat him than you realize. When a woman has to face the day-to-day struggles of life including raising children, managing a household and balancing her career, it can take its toll. It's not unusual for a wife to take out the stress she's experiencing on her husband. This can manifest itself in many ways including her being less affectionate, more critical or just nagging him more than she used to. Once this happens, the husband will withdraw emotionally and his attitude towards the woman he married will change. If you've been guilty of allowing this to happen in your marriage, you have the power to change it beginning today. Tell and show your husband just how much you really appreciate him. Let him see that you love him and value him more than anyone else. If he feels closer to you emotionally, he'll start to show it again.

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Are you in a marriage where your husband doesn't love your anymore, and you want him to?

Well you're not alone in this at happened in my marriage, and many in many other women's marriages too.

But it doesn't have to mean strife in the marriage, end of marriage, or even end of good sex in the marriage if you do things right...

Remember that feelings do change. Especially try to remember if you, yes, yourself, had some doubts about your love to your husband (let us say, something like "I love my spouse, I'm just not in-love with him/her"... kind of thing...). How do you feel about it now? This should encourage you.

Why did you lose your husband's love? Can you win it back?

We should first really understand the problem in order to solve it. The fact that your husband does not love you anymore does not say that your relationship is in trouble. I know this may sound strange, but I'll explain more about that in a minute.

Emotions are, as we said... well... flexible. The fact that your husband told you that he does not love you anymore may suggest that boredom has taken over your relationship, and that all you need to do is to spark it and spice it up a little.

There are many ways to do it, you are intelligent and skillful enough to find out about those.

But, in some other cases your marriage might be in bigger problem then you think.
But first, let's get some things straight. Even if you have lost your husband's love, you can get it back. Even if he has or is having an affair with another woman.

I know this to be trough since my little sister's husband was cheating on her and after she have confronted him, he told her that he does not love her any more.

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At the time my little sister and her husband were arguing all day long, they really got on each other's nerve, and become sick and tired of each other. This was the real reason of the affair and the "lost of love".

Many couples lose their love just because they do not know how to get along with each other, and how to maintain the good feelings, the friendship and the good positive approach towards each other.

Although she was emotionally heart, my little sister didn't give up. she has struggled to save her marriage.

She has learned that many of her own behaviors have pushed her relationship to the edge. She has heart her husband and ignored his emotional needs and difficulties.

She did not do this intentionally. She didn't want to hurt him, she just was not aware to what she was doing.

But this made no difference, her husband's emotions made him open to an affair. He got the affection that he needed from another woman.

And this is the dire truth about marriage and spouse love. If you do not sustain a happy and supportive marriage, your spouse will get involve eventually, at some point, with someone else that will give him what he or she needs. If he or she will get involve emotionally with someone else the result will be that you will lose their love.

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Help with marriage problems comes in many ways. But before you look for help, you have to understand what the problems are. If you look for answers to problems that someone else may be having with their marriage, it won't help your situation at all - it may only make maters worse. Here are some ways to help you understand your marital problems, and how to fix them.

Most times, when a couple realizes that their marriage is in trouble, that trouble has been brewing for a while. Problems don't happen overnight, but it seems that way sometimes. Look back at your marriage. Think about things that may have happened that started hurting your marriage. Many times, we see trouble, but look the other way because we are either afraid to deal with it, or we think that if we don't bring attention to it, it will go away on its own.

When you find out what you think is the problem, talk to your spouse about it. They may agree with you, or they may think something else is wrong. If that is the case, then come up with ways of solving both problems.

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Your way of fixing things is probably going to be different than your spouse's. This is one of the good things about marriages - two different people, two different ways of thinking. Try some of your ideas, and try some of your spouse's. If neither seem to work, then combine the two. marriage is give and take, so be prepared to bend a little - BOTH of you.

Every marriage is different. Help with marriage problems cannot be given generically - you have to figure out what the specific problem is that you want to fix, and then do what you and your spouse agree upon to fix it. There is probably more than one thing going on in your marriage right now, so take the problems one at a time.

Think about what you want out of your marriage. Ask you spouse what they want. You will probably get two different answers, but that is good. Find ways to combine them. Marriages become stronger each time a couple has a problem and finds a way to deal with it.

Even the strongest, happiest marriages have their share of problems. What is different about those marriages is that they have solved their previous problems together, and they KNOW that they can handle anything - together. When you are looking for help with marriage problems, you hold the key. Look into your marriage. When the problem is there, so is the answer. Look to each other to solve it.

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What men want is a woman who can say "no" to them. This is a universal law of nature: whatever we want but can't get, we want even more. For some people, saying "no" is one of the scariest things in the world, especially if they like harmony and contentment. Relationships are about compromise; if you don't say no, you're essentially destroying your relationship. If you have trouble saying no to your man, here are a few tips to help you get used to turning your man down a bit more.

1. He's Human: if you're used to your man making all the decisions, he might seem almost superhuman to you. From my perspective, my wife sometimes comes across as being a bit scary. Saying no to her is one of the hardest things to do, but for the sake of my relationship, I have to turn her down. This brings her back to my level. Do the same for your man. If he listens and respects you, he will accept it.

2. Start Small: this is something else that you have to do if you wish to make this work. If he asks you whether you want to take the kids to school this time and feel that that's too big, start small. It could be something like, "could you get some more toilet paper on the way home from work?"

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3. Be Indirect: you don't actually have to say "no" to say "no". For example, if he asks you, "what's for dinner?" tell him, "why don't you make dinner tonight? I've had a big day at work." If you can't manage that yet, how about, "why don't we both make dinner tonight? There's a new recipe I want us to try together." The main thing is to shock him or at least surprise him, just so he'll get used to you saying no.

The purpose of saying no is to balance out the relationship. You don't want to be beneath him (figuratively), but you don't want to appear stuck up or on the other side of the spectrum, dominating.

Us guys have to be told no. You ladies always acknowledge us as the ones that do the chasing, right? Well how can we chase you if you're not running in the first place? Say no and make us work for that yes! Remember, you can also apply this rule to anything you want in life as well. I've done it to get double the fees for my consulting business. Nothing scares a potential client more than them realizing that they need you more than you need them.

Jack Keys is a regular, married man who's far too observant in his relationship. Whenever his wife does something or says something that makes him react emotionally (angry, happy, disappointed), he notes it down.

Now Listen Carefully-

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