The Yes "I am jobless" Camp by Faizan Laghari

Jobless for over 10 years
I can only speak for myself in this regard.
The fact of the matter is that I haven't had a job for 10 years now.

Definition of Job
As I always explain in my presentations, a "job" in my opinion is where I go for an interview, get hired, get a job description, and am told this is my department, my team, my manager and my boss (who I'll probably never meet often). I'm also told that XYZ is my salary and benefits each month.

In this way, I haven't had a job, salary, department, manager, team or boss for the past 10 years.

My Understanding
I'm not talking about English, I'm not trying to be Shakespeare or anyone else. I'm being me, and that’s how I see things and that’s my point of view on my own life. Whether others see it that way or apply it to their lives is not something I can control nor do I want to.

Entrepreneurs are not Employees
Entrepreneurs wouldn't call themselves "employees" so with 10 years of experience, I'm quite credible, quite mature, and very real!

My question:
If entrepreneurs have "regular jobs" then why does the question always come up? "Why did you become an entrepreneur and not get a job like everyone else?"

See What I See
If you take a step back, throw the dictionary out the window, you'd see how I look at things. Opinions are opinions, not labeling them "right" or "wrong". I'm speaking of being an entrepreneur and happily "jobless" for 10 years. And this works amazingly for me!

There is a Difference
I always see a difference between having a "regular job" and being an entrepreneur.

The No Camp by Susan McKenzie

Way to Go
Shakespeare said be true to yourself and Faizan Laghari is being true to himself when he says in his presentations that he is jobless. He explains what his definition is and that is a valid definition. He wants to highlight that being an entrepreneur is a different state of being and I think audiences really see the difference immediately.

If we look at the dictionary there are many definitions of what a job means. Here is the Cambridge University definition – the regular work which a person does to earn money. Thus, no entrepreneur is strictly jobless but I like Faizan’s definition because he is literally saying that he is not an employee and so does not have a job in that sense.

Another Take by Ovais Omer, CEO and founder, Pace International

Many Hats
An entrepreneur has more jobs than others. He's not an employee but having jobs (decision making, analyzing, forecasting, setting business dimension) – the core areas of the business. To answer Faizan's question: If entrepreneurs have "regular jobs" then why does the question always come up? "Why did you become an entrepreneur and not get a job like everyone else?" I don't think, key decision making and the core aspects of the business are "regular jobs".

About Faizan Laghari
Faizan A. Laghari is a technopreneur with close to a decade of management experience in the business world, and a decade of in-the-field experience of the web industry. He’s the Chief Texter at Textualy, and also runs Viaduct, a complete web presence solutions provider. Faizan has a degree in Business and IT from Curtin University of Technology, Australia and has spent years reaching out and researching various business models and delving into the possibilities of new technology-based start-ups for the regional market of Asia. You can find out more about him by visiting

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