I Pay All Bills In My Marriage: Tired Of Financially Supporting My Husband

Money problems in marriage are more common than you think. You might be surprised at how the smallest money issues can erupt into something so serious that they lead to divorce. However, that doesn't mean you have to suffer the same fate as well.

By learning about these money problems in marriage, you'll be able to find a balance between marriage and money. You'll be able to avoid making the same mistakes or getting into the same arguments as many other couples do.

1) When one spends too much and another spends too little.

This is one of the toughest money problems in marriage to face. People who get married to each other don't necessarily have the same values. The best way to deal with this kind of issue is to compromise. How?

Say you're the one who spends more money than your partner and you end up buying clothes worth hundreds of dollars. If said clothes are really a necessity, tell your partner that they could just be their birthday gift to you. It's also important to let your partner have their way once in a while.

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2) When one is constantly in debt and another nags too much.

Nagging rarely ever brings about the kind of results you want. But then again, debts don't really do much for your marriage either.

If you're already married to a person with a lot of debt, it's time for a serious talk. Your partner's debts will affect not only your life, but your children as well.

Help your partner erase his debts by working together on a time line. Make them understand the gravity of the situation and what both of you have to give up for a while. It won't help to have one give up on their hobby, while you go showing your money off in their face. Dealing with debt is a team effort.

3) When one does not share and another wants support.

One of the most common money problems in marriage is the sort of system couples have with money. Some couples like to merge their finances in one bank account. Others like to keep separate accounts. Why don't you talk and see which one works best for you?

However, if you can't come to an agreement, why don't you do it half and half? Sure, you can still have a joint account; but each of you can set up a separate account on the side. Get the best of both worlds.

Money problems in marriage are common, but they need not be responsible for ruining your marriage. There are ways to get around these money issues. Just remember that you're no longer single. You have a partner with whom you should be able to trust and compromise with.

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Are you in the peak of divorce right now? Your world is starting to fall apart. You don't have time for your wife and kids. There are new projects coming and you have to stay late at night in your office just to finish your work. You are thinking that after the project that you have made you would be able to bring your family into a grand vacation. What you didn't know is that Right now you might have realize that money would not save marriage alone, that having a bog house and expensive car will not make your marriage.

your wife and kids are starting to hate you. Their father will leave early and will come back late at night. His phone is always busy. If you are inviting your daddy to have a walk at the park, he always refuses because he is saying that are important things that he has to finish.

Then the marriage is hanging on a thread. And you are asking yourself what would be the thing that you could have done in order to save the marriage. Right now you might have realize that money would not save marriage alone, that having a big house and expensive car will not make your marriage last for a lifetime, that having a grand vacation will not make them truly happy. What they needed is not money or any things- but you. They want to spend time with you. They don't care whether you'll go to an expensive resort or just at the park, what matters is that you are with them.

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If you want to the save marriage alone what you can do is to prove to them that you are willing to change. You can win them back by spending ample time for them. You have to make them see that they are far more important than your work. Of course, the thing that you are spending most of your time would be your highest priority. If you are spending 14hours in your work per day and just 2 hours for your family, then you love your work more than your family.

To save marriage alone would be willing to make up for the wrong things that you have done. You already know what you did wrong. It is important that you are able to accept the fact that you did a mistake. You have to tell them that you accept your wrongdoing, and you are asking for a chance to patch it up. It would be hard at first especially to build up the trust again, because if the trust gets broken, it is not something that can easily be put back from the way it were before, You have to earn for it.

Once and for all, you have to prove to them that you are sincere to them. What you can do is to lessen your time in your work. Do not accept projects that would be eating too much of your time. You can accept projects that would just be enough to support your family. Ordinary house would be okay to them, as long as they will feel comfortable. What is important inside the house is that love, respect. Trust and understanding is there. These are the essential things that you have to remember to save your marriage and have a lifelong relationship with your wife or husband.

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Gone are the days when wives were confined only in the homes to take care of their children and husbands. The situation of married women in the olden days no longer applies today, at least in the urban centers around the world. Most of us are aware that women have come out of their shell to do things that they want to accomplish. It is this reality that has actually prompted a call for equal rights for both men and women.

Equality may not be totally achieved in the different segments of society but in marriage, this can be observed by both husband and wife. If both spouses truly love and respect each other, they can come to an agreement to ensure equal treatment in their marital relationship as well as in their relationship with their children. However, this is not really necessary in order to achieve a successful and lasting marriage.

Not all people are open to the idea of equality in marriage. Attitude has a lot to do with it. If both spouses are conscious of giving each partner equal rights, that one is not superior over the other, then perhaps a fair relationship can continue going forward. For some, it may be okay at first to have an objective view but sometimes, attitudes can change overtime and what you've agreed initially can be ignored.

Equality in a marital relationship can only be possible if you have come to know deeper the traits of your partner even before you tied the knot. If openness and transparency existed during the dating stage and engagement period, then there is a chance for equality to exist in marriage. But since our society puts men above women in many aspects of life, the responsibility of determining whether equality should be called for in marriage lies mostly on the wives.

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The financial aspect is oftentimes the part where equality is difficult to attain. Money has been a major source of conflicts in marriage which can even lead to divorce if not resolved properly. However, if both of you are committed to raising a happy family and have successful children in the future, you will find a way to ensure stability in your financial situation. Joint accounts of your earnings and other assets are an ideal solution.

Communication is also essential in any relationship. Maintaining an open communication line can greatly help in resolving issues sooner than later. Effective communication does not only entail expressing your views, thoughts and emotions but being able to listen to what your partner has to say as well. There has to be a two-way interaction.

Being generous of positive words is an important part of communication. Give praise to your partner's looks, achievements and other endeavors. Say "I love you" to each other often. By doing this, you are providing your partner with encouragement and inspiration. Isn't it that you get a good feeling when you're praised and when you know that somebody loves you dearly?

So there, getting a fair treatment from your spouse need not be insisted. You can earn your equal rights in marriage when you work for it and you are consistent with what you do.

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