My Husband Is Always In A Bad Mood With Me: Husband Mood Swings Anger

Karen dreads those days when her husband Steve is moody and out of sorts. She knows that his job is very stressful and, to make matters worse, he's having a difficult time getting along with his new boss.

At the same time that Karen feels empathetic toward Steve, she resents that she and the kids have to tiptoe around him when he gets like this. It doesn't seem to take much-- when he's in one of his moods-- for one of them to accidentally set him off.

None of them enjoy it when Steve has a meltdown!

Your spouse may seem to be easily triggered and angry from time to time. Or, he or she might silently fume and skulk around the house when in an "off" mood.

Regardless of how that moodiness comes out, you probably are well aware that something is bothering your mate. You know from your partner's words, actions and even body language that your partner is just not him or herself.

So, what can you do about it?

It's unlikely that you (and possibly your kids) will vacate your home until your mate works through whatever is bothering him or her. In fact, because you love this person dearly, you probably feel compelled to help make things better in some way.

The trouble is, it may seem that your efforts to help your moody partner fall short... they may even backfire and appear to make his or her mood worse!

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Stay centered.

The very first thing that would be beneficial for you to do when you realize that your mate is out of sorts is to go within your own self.

When someone close to you is upset-- especially if you don't know why-- it can be a trigger for your emotions such as fear or anger. You might worry that you've done something wrong or that your partner's "off" mood is somehow connected with you.

We encourage you to take several slow and deep breaths and focus your attention on your center. You can even gently rest your hands on your heart or your belly and feel your breath moving through these areas and the rest of your body.

This practice will not only help you calm down, it can give you a clearer view of what's going on rather than the confusion that you may have been feeling before.

Be curious... but willing to give space.

Of course, you probably would like to offer support to your struggling partner. Don't assume that you know what's really bothering your mate. Instead, ask in a loving way.

You might say to him or her, "I sense that you are upset and I'd like to help you. Is there something that I could do to support you right now?"

Really listen to what your partner says in response. He or she may open up and share with you about what's going on or this might not happen at that moment.

One thing that your mate might request is some space. Many of us feel like we need some time and space to ourselves to work through difficult emotions or situations. This doesn't necessarily mean that your partner is shutting you out or that he or she isn't interested in your support.

Resist the urge to make up stories about your moody partner and, instead, stay open to helping however he or she needs you to help.

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The top tier of the wedding cake has been safely stored in the freezer, awaiting the first anniversary celebration ritual. The wedding dress has been carefully preserved and packed away. Duplicate gifts have been exchanged and thank you notes have been written. You wake up next to the person you have promised to love "'til death do you part" and wonder, what now?

As children, we develop vivid dreams of our perfect wedding day and read again and again the story of the princess and the prince who "live happily ever after." As adults, we realize "ever after" is a very long time and wonder if it can only happen in a fairy tale.

Your mother talks about your "wifely duty" and keeping a clean house. Your dad talks about providing for your family. Your married friends tell you all the awful things that are wrong with their marriage and your single friends just smile.

Good news: there's hope!

One important key to developing a strong marriage is recognizing, building on and adding to the strengths that already exist in the relationship. A marriage isn't stagnant - it's a vital, growing, living thing that requires attention and has great potential for growth.

We believe that the quality of our relationship and our marital satisfaction lie in our own hands. Early in our relationship, after the honeymoon, we made a commitment to educate ourselves in ways that would empower us to develop a strong, healthy marriage.

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We also joined an ongoing small group of couples, all who were committed to developing a strong, healthy, satisfying marriage. As couples, we learned to trust each other and to share openly with each other about our struggles. What a relief to know we weren't alone!

Here are 10 answers to the "What Now" question:

* attend a marriage enrichment retreat

* learn communication skills

* learn conflict resolution skills

* spend 15 minutes every day sharing with each other

* join an ongoing small group for couples

* schedule a weekly date night - write it on the calendar in ink!

* schedule a monthly getaway for a day or a weekend - keep the adventure and fun alive!

* read books together on relationship topics

* spend time with an older couple whose relationship you admire

* accept your partner for who he or she is - don't waste time trying to change him or her

Now that the wedding's over, it's time to focus on the relationship, answer the 'what now?' question, and learn to live happily ever after!

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