This article is a chance to reflect on your answers. There are millions of people that walk our busy streets; many are right next to you. Do you take the time to notice them?
If I was crying, what would you do? Would you carry on about your business or would you care to find out why?
If I was lost and all alone would you help me or walk by like you never saw me?
If I was broke and living on the streets, would you feed me or leave me all alone?
If I was using drugs would you pretend you didn’t see me, help me, or just walk away?
If I was loud and obnoxious would you calm me down, call for help, or continue on as if you saw nothing?
If I asked you for money would you help or walk away?
If I lost everything and had nothing, would you simply walk away or help me get back on my feet?
If I just lost my job and felt lost, would you notice?
If I received a promotion that I had dreamed about, and I was jumping up and down with excitement, would you notice?
If a child was all alone, crying, would you stop to help them?
Would you spend time with a child that needs your attention, to help them learn to play ball or ride a bike, even if it wasn’t your child?
Would you mentor a teenager who is going down the wrong path?
Do you go out of your way to help someone in need?
These are simple questions, and for many they are a no-brainer. This is much deeper than karma; it is a way of life which many do on a daily basis.
This article is for the unnoticed. In short, life happens and sometimes it is good and other times it is not so good. We walk crowded streets together, stand in line at the grocery store, and are in our parks together. To me, the people who “notice” and “help” can be called our heroes or angels that walk among us. It only takes a second to notice someone or something that is amiss. Our actions, or lack thereof, can sometimes mean the difference of life and death to someone else. Take the time to notice.

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