Your life is not controlled by circumstances; you are blessed with success. You are exceptionally filled with ability to effect great results; you make progress that is making profit for you. You are in charge! You have a mindset that is not subject to being questionable.

Your appurtenances, impedimenta and paraphernalia are increasing your ability, creativity and capacity to do well and roll in money. You play by different set of rules. You create a lifestyle you could do with, you empower yourself with all you need to manifest the greatest power in the totality of physical entities.

You can be who you want to be and achieve what you want. You move mountains, you move Heaven and earth. You put your best foot forward to live upward and forward life only. You make all things good and make good name for yourself. You are in control of your life and the time to come belongs to you; put a course of sprouts on your time and be on top of things.

Few years ago, I got wise to how beautiful life could be! As a young man full of intense enthusiasm to create state of having much money and valuable assets, it was amazing to find out that I can actually become rich and be characterized by abundance. I discovered I can live the life of ease by producing unusually excellent and distinguishing results. I got wise to the fact that I can really live the good life by increasing my status symbol and changing the way things are being done with status of services that takes what the next person does to the next level of all-round success.

Looking at a busy world, I thought of motivating men and women to aspire, not minding the lies around them. I thought of maximizing my time by putting my ability to write and get something in return. The more I write, the more I got something out of it. I got recognition, respect, money; getting richer without working for it. I leveraged on books; fostering sale after sale, earning money each someone buys the books.

You can come up with your own technique. You can come up with new ways of doing what you know and create value for yourself. Discover things you can do to achieve more in this day and age. You do not need to work for wages all your life; be committed and dedicated, have good start-up you can leverage on.

Copyright, Anyaele Sam Chiyson

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Chiyson is Author of many Best-Selling Books, including The Sagacity of Sage. Get your copy at Chiyson is also a poet, Inspirational/Financial Speaker and Business Consultant who set his gaze lucidly and his wit sharply to issues that affects the economical, social and spiritual development of individuals; enabling them live a beautiful life in this wonderful world. He is the Chairman/CEO of Chiysonovelty International, Founder/President of Chiysonovelty BookClub and a trained Computer Scientist and Electrical/Electronics Engineer who empowers the REAL youths to greet the GENIUS in themselves. His New Released book - It is TIME to get Very RICH, published by AuthorHouse is all you need to be ahead of the game in the business world. Order your copies at