Breast cancer is a menace but it was more dangerous in past with less knowledge and more fear though fear is still their new technologies have made things a bit easier. Apart from all the other technological advancement personal knowledge and preferences are more important as well as play a significant role to fight against the disease. You need to get aware of the disease and for that, you need to examine your breasts. You may make it possible by breast cancer detection device or screening at some prescribed place. The most important element is the detection of the disease after that if you, unfortunately, come to know about the confirmation of the disease your doctor will suggest the treatment accordingly.

Surgery and breast cancer:
Women with breast cancer usually have surgery. The surgery is usually done to remove a tumor. This is done by choosing from two options. Options included for the breast surgery are breast-conserving surgery and mastectomy. Surgery can also be used to check the lymph nodes to check the spread of cancer.

Breast-conserving surgery:
This is also called segmental mastectomy. In this type of breast surgery, only the specific parts of the breast that are affected with breast cancer are removed. The purpose of this type of surgery is to remove the breast cancer containing area as well the surroundings that can later develop breast cancer. The removal of breast depends upon the size of the affected area.

Lumpectomy is a breast preservation surgery. It can be said as partial mastectomy surgery. In this type of surgery, only the tumor and some surrounding tissues are removed.

In this type of surgery, the entire breast is being removed. This type is further divided into more types that are selected as per the stages of the disease as well as the requirements.

Simple mastectomy:
This procedure can say to be a total mastectomy. In this, the surgeons use to remove the whole breast even nipples but they don’t remove underarm lymph nodes or the other tissues of the breast. This is the most common type of surgery Simple. This is prevention in fact against further damages.

Skin-sparing mastectomy:
This is the surgery in which most of the skin over the breast except nipple and areola are left intact with the body. This and simple mastectomy are almost the same sorts of surgeries.

Radical mastectomy:
This is a less extensive surgery in which surgeons use to remove axillary lymph nodes and the chest wall under the breast. This surgery was very much in practice but now it is done rarely.

Modified radical mastectomy:
This is also a simple mastectomy surgery in which axillary lymph nodes are being removed.

Side effects of the surgery:
Like many other treatments such surgeries also have few side effects.

• Post-surgical pain
• Change in the shape of the breast
• Infection
• Seroma
• Swelling

Don’t be worry about the side effects as the importance of the surgery and benefits are more important than the side effects.

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