Marriage is a contract between two partners. When this contract is voided, a prenuptial agreement can make a couple’s divorce less painful and stressful. However, many couples find topics on prenuptial agreements uncomfortable and tough, possibly making a divorce even harder. 

A lot of people think that prenuptial agreements set the groundwork for divorce. But, the truth is that they provide spouses with protection and a sense of security. Many marriages remain strong despite having these agreements in place. 

Should a couple decide to separate, a prenuptial agreement can make their divorce easier and less painful. A Sandy divorce lawyer can review the terms of the agreement and make it work for the couple’s current situation. It offers reasonable terms for how marital assets should be divided, give protection from ulterior motives, as well as safeguard the spouses’ financial future and reputation. 

Understanding How Prenuptial Agreements Work

Prenuptial agreements are written contracts that two partners draft before they commit themselves to marriage. Such a contract is composed of a list of the properties every partner owns and specifies individual property rights when the couple divorces. Typically, prenups cover issues like supplement payments such as alimony and settlements, finance division, possession of certain items including the marital home, child custody, children inheritance, and others. 

A prenuptial agreement becomes valid and effective when executed voluntarily by the partners without coercion. Their respective attorneys will ensure this.

How It Reduces the Stress Associated with the Divorce Process

During a divorce, the spouses may not be on speaking terms, making discussion on property division difficult. But, such a discussion must be done. Without a prenup, the couple’s negative emotions and anger can impact their ability to make the right decisions. A prenup takes the emotion out of the divorce proceedings because the issue has been addressed earlier. 

Moreover, a prenup makes sure all parties are well protected during a divorce. A couple can avoid costly and emotionally-draining court battles. When there is a prenuptial agreement in place, couples can save significant amounts of money in legal fees and ensure their reputation stays intact. The agreement makes the divorce process more affordable, painless, and smoother. 

Without a prenup drawn before marriage, partners can put the future of their family at risk. When they divorce in the future, the state will make decisions on who gets the property the married couple acquired during their marriage and what happens to the assets when one spouse dies. 

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