Being able to remember the many things that you need to do in generating sales leads is a mark of a good appointment setter. And if you are doing business in Malaysia, memory may mean everything. If you answer the phone and someone says you called them previously, it means you just got a potential deal in the making. But if you answer blankly because you honestly cannot remember if you called the prospect or not, then you are in for trouble. While there are post-it notes and other memory aid tools at your disposal, nothing beats you remembering at a flick of a finger these potential sales leads, instead of having to shuffle your Rolodex or Notepad regarding that particular prospect.

Jenna Goudreau’s interview with Nelson Dellis, current U.S Memory Champion, for reveals a few tips that you and your appointment setting team can use to facilitate business transactions.

1. Put it in pictures. People better remember things when used in picture. For example, a prospect with a surname of Brando could be memorized by picturing the actor Marlon Brando.
2. Construct a Memory Palace. This is a Greek memory technique that has proven to p very powerful. Once you know the basics and you can memorize tons of data.
3. Turn it into a story. We all like good stories, and we tend to remember them. Putting details together in a simple tale facilitates memory retention of the details.
4. Be wacky. For routine tasks that you might forget, try doing or saying something weird to help you remember. By repeating the activity, you activate your brain’s memory muscles, as well as make it easier for you to recall what you did along with that weird action.
5. Use your senses it name recall. If you use your many senses, you tend to remember names better. For example, the name Julian could be associated with you making “julienned” pepper. The shape and smell of peppers in your memory will do the trick.
6. Sleep well. Yes, that is the most important part. Six hours of sleep is good for your body, but if you want to give your brain added memory power, then eight hours is the minimum.
7. Eat the right foods. Remember that antioxidants from fruits and Omega 3 DHA from fish can help juice up your brain’s ability to process, as well as store, information in the long term.
8. Exercise your body. “A sound mind and a sound body” has never been more appropriate than this. By engaging your body in exercise, you also exercise your mind.
9. Put an effort. By actively engaging in activities that will make your mind work harder. If you meet someone, take note of the name by asking for it spelling and using in your conversations with your prospect.
10. Review. And that does not consist of cramming. You need to start remembering things in stages. In this way, you engage your cerebral cortex, which is the best part of your brain in memory.
These tips are very handy if you need to remember just who was the owner of that hardware store located somewhere. Simple enough, yet are very effective.

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