The key to innovation, invention, and any kind of success is in thinking clearly and effectively when faced with a problem, or a situation requiring a decision or resolution. In other words, creative solutions come from cool-heads and clear-minds - not from people who freak-out when faced with a challenge. If you're ready to take a giant leap forward in your business - and personal - life, I'll give you the number-one secret to mastery and success in any endeavor - and something even better...

The secret to success, and the key to innovative and creative solutions, is emotional self-management - or emotional-state management. It is said that the one who keeps his head, while everyone else is losing theirs, is the one who will prevail; the one who keeps his or her head is the one who has learned to master - or at least manage - their own thoughts and emotions. That's the secret. Emotional self-management is the secret to making clear, cool, wise, and effective decisions; and those are the kinds of decisions that create success. But I promised you something even better, didn't I?

That's right; I did! What's the point of knowing a secret if you don't know how to use it? They say that, "Knowledge without wisdom is a dangerous thing;" but I have just given you something arguably as impractical - "wisdom without knowledge." The simple answer to the problem of self-mastery is the simple wisdom: "Master your thoughts and emotions." If you're like me, and I'm sure you are, you're probably thinking, "Thanks a lot for that... If I could control my thoughts and emotions I wouldn't be searching for articles on how to improve my life! Could you give me something I can use? Now? Please?"

Here's the knowledge that goes with the wisdom - an actual "tool" that will help you turn-off the distracting emotional states that negatively affect our lives, performance, decisions, and relationships. That tool is Gary Craig's Emotional Freedom Techniques, or EFT. EFT is a simple tool that can be used anywhere to immediately manage the stress response and help you restore calm, cool, centered thinking - the kind of thinking it takes to get ahead honestly in life. Life is a "thinking game;" the better you can manage your thoughts and mental states, the better outcomes you will experience. With EFT, emotional states such as anger, worry, doubt, and fear, can often be safely and easily discharged within seconds or minutes - freeing you from the performance-inhibiting effects of the stress response.

If you've ever been in an airport, you've seen stressed-out people innately rubbing their eyes, temples, neck, forehead, and other points commonly rubbed, tapped, or otherwise stimulated by people in stressful situations. Those points, people instinctively stimulate to help relieve stress, are essentially way-points between your thoughts and the emotional and physiological responses caused by your thoughts. By applying the EFT process to these points, "negative" thoughts can often be discharged before you experience the limiting and weakening effects of those thoughts - giving you a tremendous performance advantage in all situations. And, best of all, there are now many free resources on the internet with which you can learn this amazing technique and start removing the obstacles between you and your dreams.

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